5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wristwatch for Your Man

Out of the few things which men often obsess about, watches are the best example. A man’s watch is one accessory he really flaunts, and it goes without saying that a decent time teller makes for a fantastic gift for a man. However, there are several factors that need to be considered when you are purchasing a wristwatch for your man. What are they? Let’s have a look!


  1. How’s His Lifestyle?


    The wristwatch you are choosing needs to go along smoothly with his lifestyle. What’s more, stainless steel straps also tend to last longer. A good example of a material is titaniumOn the other hand, a sports enthusiast needs a watch having several functionalities, such as digital displays, water resistant features, heart rate monitors, measuring distance, etc. Men usually prefer having separate watches for work and play; a classy leather strap version for the formal occasions and a metallic finish for routine usage.


  2. Size of the Dial


    The dial on many wristwatches for men is relatively bigger as compared to the one on ladies’ watches. This is because the size of the dial needs to be proportional to the size of the wrist. Most men prefer big dials rather than small ones. As such, you need to choose a watch with a larger dial. A 34mm to 40mm dial can suit men with thin wrists very well. For men with rugged wrists, the larger 46mm dial works best. The thickness of the dial also determines its size.


  3. Automatic or Quartz?


    Automatic and quartz are the two mechanisms which drive a watch. The former is the automatic caliber. In these types of watches, the principal spring in the watch is winded and powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. The latter is quartz, which uses a quartz crystal for regulating the oscillator. These types of watches are powered by a battery. A wristwatch having quartz movements doesn’t require manually winding. Quartz wristwatches are rather more accurate as compared to automatic wristwatches. Apart from that, there are mechanical wristwatches as well in which the pendulum needs to be winded manually.


  4. Analog or Digital?


    Digital watches are equipped with LED and LCD dials and as such, they display time in a numerical format. Other than that are the traditional watches for men, which we call analog wristwatches. These have the minutes and hours hand and also consist of markers in Roman numerals and numbers.


  5. Colors


    Tan, brown, and black are colors that suit men the most. Men prefer platinum, gold, and silver-plated watches  in terms of appearance, as they are dressier. They go along well with slacks and dress shirts.