An Honest Review Of The Bestseller Citizen Eco Drive AT9037-05E

Ok, first things first. I have two confessions to make. Firstly, I am not a fan of Citizen watches, I mean really, what kind of monsters don’t name a watch and leave it to be referred to as a code like AT9037-05E, how’re you supposed to remember that while using it in a conversation.

Putting my serious issues with Citizen’s marketing team aside; this watch is the equivalent to being begrudgingly set up on a blind date by a friend, only to find you scored dinner with a super model.

I suppose that is my second confession; the AT9037-05E (see what I mean about how difficult that is to work into a sentence?) has honestly put me at risk of becoming a Citizen fanboy.

Now, let me save you some time and say, this first portion of my review focuses mainly on my personal user experience of  the watch. How it looks and feels, all the sexy superficial stuff (I mean, as a man, isn’t that really what we notice first). If you’re one of those people who believe that its what’s inside that counts go ahead and jump to the bottom; I’ll go through some of the more technical aspects of the watch, specific features, and how it measures up to some similar models.  

Kicking this off, let’s start with what made me fall in love with this piece of horological beauty. The overall visual design of the watch is pretty impressive. If I had to boil down what this watch means to me in one word, it would be versatility. Starting with the strap, which is made from a super soft calf leather that honestly feels about as soft on the skin as my girlfriend’s hands do. The leather allows for you to wear the watch in more formal settings but the racing perforations on the top end of the strap coupled with the aggressive red trimming on the strap made me feel like I could rock this while speeding on a Ducati and it would be completely acceptable.

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The whole color scheme really allows for this watch to be used in almost any setting, the beautiful steel body complemented perfectly by the black bezel and accentuated with red details actually reminded me of something that the brilliant minds from the Tudor brand might come up with.

The watch is no bimbo either, for what is really set at an extremely affordable price point this watch packs a punch about as heavy as Mike Tyson in his prime if we’re considering pure functionality. The lume on this watch is a gorgeous mint green (I’m a bit of a lumophile, don’t judge me, deep down I know you probably are too), the Eco-Drive tech is pretty cool too, because unless the sun goes super-nova (which isn’t likely in our lifetime), this time piece is going to keep on working. The face is designed in an easy-to-read way that doesn’t make it overly busy despite the perpetual calendar, dual time and am/pm indicator (not even mentioning the 26 world cities listed across the bezel).


Overall this watch is a homerun for Citizen who have really outdone themselves, from functionality, design and affordability there really is no reason to pass up on it. If you’re like me and have a pretty large collection, its worth having for those days when you really don’t know which time piece to throw on your wrist, because you know it’s a safe bet to still look fantastic. If you’re one of those monogamous watch wearers (let me say, I don’t understand you people, monogamy is for marriage, not timepieces) this watch will keep you looking trendy every damn day whether you’re on your way to the gym, at the greens doing 18 holes, or reading this review at the office instead of doing your work, this watch fits in beautifully.


Now for all the technical geeky stuff…


I know I’ve been slobbering all over the AT9037-05E like a pre-teen at a One Direction concert, but honestly, can you blame me? It’s an amazing watch both visually and functionally.  If it doesn’t quite get you there, you should check out the Citizen AT9031-52L. It basically has all the same features but is designed with a gorgeous deep blue face and a full steel band that will have you speaking to yourself in a British accent while secretly pretending to be James Bond (don’t deny it, we know you’ll do it). Another great option is the AT9080-57E who’s face is graced with Roman numbers and features a grey & black color tone that makes it perfect for you to show the ladies how classy you are without being showy.




Let’s go back to picking the AT9037 apart. The watch is equipped with a deployment clasp featuring a push button. Honestly, its pretty great for preserving the leather band, and means that you don’t need to keep readjusting it constantly. The downside of this is that the first time you put it on can be a bit of a challenge and seem a little awkward as you fiddle and stare at the clasp to figure out how it works (I’m sure you’re smarter than me though, so you’ll be just fine).

Not just pretty, Citizen has built this watch with a bit of body armor. Scratch resistant sapphire glass means you can do all those manly things like chop wood, use power tools, and conquer Everest while not leaving your watch much worse for wear (that’s important, because we all know you have Everest on your bucket list).  The watch is also water resistant down to 200 meters, in case you want to reenact the Titanic and toss it to the bottom of the ocean, Nemo will be able to keep the time just fine. The bottom line is, if you’re living an active lifestyle, or travelling frequently, this watch is about as reliable as it gets.

Obviously designed with precision and functionality in mind the light-powered timepiece receives radio waves to automatically correct to local time and date, and the perpetual calendar ensures that month and leap year are adjusted for. All of that, along with the 8 month power reserve (you know, in case you decide to become a polar bear and hibernate) make this watch pretty damn impressive.

The H820 caliber is not a chronograph movement, but at this point, with all the amazing features and tech specs, does it really matter? Citizen has delivered a watch that is gorgeous, tough, and has got brains to go along with all those sleek curves and edgy colors; if it could cook I’d probably introduce it to my parents and buy it a ring.


Written by Olinto Oliveira