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 BN0100-00E (BN0101-07E) - Citizen Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive 200m ISO Cert. Divers Watch

BN0100-00E (BN0101-07E) – Citizen Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive 200m ISO Cert. Divers Watch

An experienced diver relies upon skill and proficiency to maneuver through underwater adventures and encounters. The thrills a diver should look for, would be discovering a world of unknown sites and animals. The one thrill any diver should avoid is the danger from defective or inferior quality equipment as the risks to safety and well-being can be deadly.

There are countless choices for divers to choose from when considering a Divers Watch. A good diver should not fall for the hype of just any diving watch. One of the most important qualities to look for when buying a quality divers watch is the company that makes the watch.

The Citizen Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive Divers Watch (BN0100-00E) has a solid history of craftsmanship behind the name.  Citizen’s stellar reputation as an established global brand has brought them to be the largest watchmaker in the world – a title they have held since 1986. As the largest watchmaker, they have the greatest leading edge technology available today.

This model is ISO certified for dives up to 200 meters (666 feet). This certification assures any diver that their diving experience will allow them a full range of investigation and surprises without fear of damaging an expensive investment.  This amazing timepiece has the Citizen technology Eco-Drive; an innovative improvement that can save you money over the lifetime of ownership by reducing or eliminating the need for costly battery replacement and the possibility of product failure at just the wrong time. The Eco-Drive technology uses any  artificial or natural light source to charge the battery.  More importantly the materials used in constructing this watch have become slimmer, more efficient and compact in design. Look carefully at the Ultra-Luminous hands and face markers and you will see they have been designed for underwater and night visibility –  offering increased safety and enjoyment of any dive experience. The crystal of the Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive has a mineral crystal glass that guarantees water resistance to that 200 meter level.

The BN0100-00E has calendar date feature, along with a rotating elapsed time bezel for added safety and precaution.  The durable construction of this watch includes a screw case back and screw lock crown. This model has a solid rubber strap, most divers prefers this type of band.

As you swim through your underwater experience you don’t want to be bothered by something cumbersome or bulky. Citizen Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive Divers Watch BN0100-00E has the perfect dimension of 41 mm diameter, 12 mm thickness, and just 80 grams weight.  The classic black and silver design is perfect for diving and also for daily wear as well.

For experienced divers who have become accustomed to digital displays (depth, temperature, dive logs, etc.) and other functions such us chronograph, tachymeter and alarm, the BN0100-00E might take getting use to or a return to the classic style of a divers watch. But still a better alternative than the pricier more advanced Aqualand Series.

You can look at other brands of watches including the Seiko Automatic 4R36 Black Monster Professional Divers 200 M Watch ( SRP307K1) or the Orient Quartz Japan Submariner Blue 200 M Divers Watch -FUNE3005D (UNE3005) but you will find that whether you are a man or woman, the Citizen Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive BN0100-00E watch is a great product for the experienced diver, but most importantly the first time diver.

Similar models in the Excalibur Promaster Collection includes –  BN0104-09 – Gold Tone case, BN0100-51E – in Stainless Steel, BN0100-18E – Orange, BN0120-02W – with Luminous dial, BN0100-26E -Yellow, BN0100-34L -Blue for Men and Women’s models  EP6040-02E, EP6044-01E – in Gold Tone case,  and EP6040-53E – Stainless Steel, you are sure to find the perfect color and style for you.  The DutyFree Island offer many of the Citizen Excalibur BN010 series divers watches with a free Nato or Zulu watchband of your choice.

Doing any underwater adventure can be exciting and wondrous; it may even become a bit exotic or thrilling. With the wrong equipment and especially the wrong divers watch—exotic and thrilling can instantly become dangerous and deadly. Buying the Citizen Excalibur Promaster Eco-Drive divers watch should be the first piece of diving equipment you should consider buying.  When you begin evaluating its features the true excellence of this timepiece comes shining through.  Not only will you enjoy the benefits of ownership; you will enjoy the price for $157 at The DutyFree Island