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Citizen AT9071-07E Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled World Time AT Perpetual Gents Watch
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Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled World Time AT Perpetual Gents Watch

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Glass Type
SapphireVirtually Scratch Proof
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Strap Material
Solar Powered
Manufactured In
Japan Made Movement
Eco-Drive Technology (Recharged by any light source; Never Needs a Battery)Citizen’s advanced technology, the watch is powered by artificial and natural light.
Radio Can Be Activated on Demand or Automatically
Indication of Radio Reception Level
Radio Controlled in Europe; North America; Japan (East/West) & ChinaReceives signal from Radio towers for time accuracy
Perpetual calendar (until February 28th 2100)A fully automatic calendar which automatically adjusts at the end of each month, including the months of a leap year.
Accuracy of +- 15 Seconds Per Month
Power Reserve Indicator
Calendar (Day & Date Display)
24 Hour Display
Power Saving Switch
8 Months Eco-Drive Power Reserve
Insufficient Charge Warning
Overcharging Prevention Function
Alarm Function
Luminous Hands and Markers
Dial Color
Case Width
Case Depth
Water Resistance
This product is supplied with:
  • Genuine Citizen Watch
  • Official Citizen 1 Year International Warranty Booklet
  • Multi-Language Instruction Manual
  • Original Citizen Giftbox (Small Charge Applies)
  • Why do we charge for the watch box?
citizen box

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The brand Citizen has been synonymous throughout the years with high quality, reliable, well-crafted, stunningly luxurious watches. Since 1930, Citizen has given us classic designs as well as innovative techniques that is constantly evolving. They have pioneered in groundbreaking watch technology which they continue to improve upon, year after year. Perhaps the most important breakthrough was the development of solar powered watches, which they launched and named as Eco-Drive. Using electrical power converted from virtually any light source (artificial or natural) to charge and power the watch.

Citizen continues to be one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world. They persist on expanding their own ideas on innovation thus improving function, style and durability.

Here at we strive to bring you the latest Citizen watch collections at affordable prices!

Customer Reviews (4)

Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled World Time AT Perpetual Gents Watch AT9071-07E - Review by from Slovakia
Review by <span>Jakub</span> from Slovakia
5 out of 5
I own several watches but since I’ve started collecting I’ve been interested strictly in mechanical pieces. I ran into Citizen online ale I’ve read an interesting article about their eco drive and radio technology and its history. I had been amazed so I decided to try that.

I must admit I was a little bit sceptical about this watch and also about Citizen as a brand. But I was shocked by the quality and feel of this watch. When I handle different quartz watches owned by member of my family they usually feel super cheap, light (but not in a good way) and just not finished very nicely. This watch is far from that. One of my friends has Seiko Solar chronograph and that watch is really not the same quality as this Citizen. What I like the most about the looks of this piece is that the dial has a lot of details, but I don’t mean complications in this case. What I mean is that hands and indexes are super nice, they work together perfectly. Also the subdial on 6 and power reserve on 12 are cut away perfectly and it gives this watch nice 3D look.

I love the fact that this watch comes with sapphire, it’s always good to have that and it gives the watch a luxury feel and look. Sapphire crystal is always preferable choice of mine and I think it should be on most sports watches.

One of my concerns was the size, but as attached picture shows I think it is just fine. This is my second 44mm watch (seiko turtle is the first) and I must say it fits nicely. My 17 cm wrist is ok with this watch
Mr. - Review by from Sri Lanka
5 out of 5
Thank you for the providing good products with reasonable price. It's very nice watch which is very comfortable.
Thankz for the delivering this item is really fast.
Excellent purchase, product and quick delivery - Review by from Sri Lanka
Review by <span>Dean Munro Biggs</span> from Sri Lanka
5 out of 5
Firstly I would like to say that I am very impressed by the selection of watches available online as well as the detail in the descriptions. I was sceptical in purchasing online because of many mixed reviews on various online sites. Anyhow, I chose a watch that met my requirements, an everyday watch that I could put in my arm and not have to remove it whether on land or in the water. I also made use of the online chat and I was responded to efficiently and timeously. Once I had chosen the watch I liked I placed the order and immediately received confirmation of my order and the receipt mail was very detailed and very professional and contained all information or links to information I may have required related to my purchase. It took my 6 days to receive my watch and have it in my possession. I was completely stoked as I expected plus 14 days. I chose not to take the box to avoid taxes and although the bad was not a Citizen bad but a Dutyfreeisland bag, I was quite happy because my intention was to where the watch and not the box or the bag. The postage wrapping was standard brown wrapping with bubble wrap inner. The watch was well wrapped as well in bubble wrap and a plastic sleeve with support elastics. The unwrapping process took about 5 minutes all in all and then the watch was in my hand. It came with an instruction booklet as well as an international warranty card stamped by Dutyfreeisland as the supplier. I then set the time automatically as per the radio instructions and this was quick and effortless. Although it does not have a screw in bezel I find the push in bezel adequate for swimming and diving as long as it is pushed down correctly as one would perform with a screw in bezel. I was in the sea within two hours, having a surf and doing some swimming. I then spent an hour in the pool. Everything was good and I have been totally impressed firstly by the product and secondly by the order to receipt process which was quick, efficient and I can say that I am a very happy customer. I will most certainly use Dutyfreeisland again and I am in the process of seeking out a new pair of Oakley Sunglasses. Thank you
면세섬을 이용하시는 모든 한국인 여러분께 그리고 면세섬 관계자 여러분께 - Review by from South Korea
Review by <span>SANGHO</span> from South Korea
5 out of 5
먼저 좋은가격에 좋은시계를 구입할수있어서 너무 좋았습니다.
또한, 제가 사회에 첫발을 내딛으면서 첫월급으로 구입한 시계이기에 더욱더 의미가 큰것같습니다.

일본에 교환연구학생으로 있을때 처음 면세섬을 알게되었고 일본내에서 at9071-07e모델을 구입할수가 없어서 인터넷을 찾아보던중 dutyfreeisland를 알게되었습니다. 하지만 그 당시에는 재고가 없었고 제품정보란의 구독버튼을 눌러 재고가 들어오기를 기다렸습니다. 재고를 기다리지 않고 다른 곳에서 구입을 하면 되지않느냐 라고 하시겠지만 다른곳은 가격이 너무 터문이 없었습니다.
결국 2017년 2월부터 2017년 10월 간의 모니터링 끝에 얼마전에 물건이 들어왔다는 메일을 수신했고 바로 결제를 하였습니다.

각설하고 시계소개후 dutyfreeisland 통칭 면세섬을 이용하시는 한국인 여러분께 도움 아닌 도움을 드리고자 상세히 리뷰를 작성하려고 합니다.

at9071-07e 모델을 선택하게된 이유는 1. 충전이 필요없는 '에코드라이브'기능 2. 외국을 자주 출국할때를 대비하여 '월드타임' 기능 3. 그리고 날짜의 수정이 필요없는 '퍼페츄얼 캘린더' 기능 2100년까지 날짜수정이 필요없습니다. 4. 레더스트랩 5. 그리고 핸즈의 야광이 초록색이 아닌 파란색 이라는 점 이었습니다.

가격은 이베이나 어디를 찾아보아도 면세섬 만한곳이 없었습니다. 적게는 1.5배 많게는 2.5배 까지 가격이 차이가 나기때문에 저는 면세섬에서 구입하기로 마음먹었습니다.

저의 시계구입기는 여기까지이고 혹시나 면세섬에서 구입을 망설이시는 분들에게 팁아닌 팁을 드리고 글을 마치고자 합니다.

해외구매시 가장 걱정하는것이 배송문제, 관세문제, 그리고 판매처의 친절도 문제인것 같습니다.

1. 저같은경우는 배대지를 사용하지 않았고 기본적으로 면세섬에서 한국으로 무료항공배달을 해주었기에 이부분에 대해서는 걱정할 필요가 없었습니다.

2. 제가 시계를 살때 한국돈으로 352000가량, 미화로 302달러에 구매를 하였습니다. 곰곰히생각해보니 150달러 이상이면 관세를 내야하는데 이리저리 포함하면 가격에 10%정도를 지불해야하더군요. 관세를 지불하더라고 이미 충분히 가격에대한 매리트가 있기때문에 저는 상관하지 않았지만 택배가 한국에 도착하여도 관세청에서 연락이 오지않더군요. 그리고 직장으로 배송되었습니다. 제가 관세를 내지않은 이유는 아무래도 면세섬 측에서 상품의 가격을 40달려로 표기해주어서 그런것이 아닌가 생각이드네요. 정말로 센스와 소비자를 위한 배려가 넘치는것 같습니다.

3. 마지막으로 판매처의 친절도 문제. 솔직히 정말 감동받았습니다. 저는 해외직구가 처음인지라 그저 주소를 영어로 적으면 끝인줄 알고있었습니다. 결제를 하고 다음날 면세섬 측에서 메일이 왔더군요. 저의 주소중 zip-code가 누락되어 있으니 가능한 빨리 알려달라는 내용이었습니다. 알고보니 집코드가 새로변경된 5자리 우편주소더군요. 근데 저는 저사실을 알지못했고 국가별 코드를 적어서 보내는 실수를 하고맙니다. 하지만 면세섬 측에서 또한번 메일이 왔더군요. zipcode는 5자리로된 숫자이고 친절히 대한민국 우체국EMS사이트 주소까지 첨부해서요. 그리하여 저는 주소를 수정하고 고객서비스 헬프데스크에 메일을 보냄으로써 시계를 받을수 있었습니다. 대응시간은 퇴근후 6시쯤 메일을 보내면 아침 9~10시 사이에 답변을 해주더군요. 그리하여 물품 주문 3일만에 제품이 준비가되었고 선적되었습니다. 다른분들은 물품을 수령하시기 까지 대략 2주가 걸리셧다고 하던데 저는 10월3일 홍콩을 떠나 10월12일에 물품을 수령하였습니다. 해외배송치고 엄청빨리 받은듯 하네요.

저의 리뷰는 여기까지이고 dutyfreeisland를 이용하실 또는 이용할예정인 한국인분들은 믿고 구매하셔도 될것같습니다.

혹시나 관세문제에 대하여 다시 첨언드리자면 저는 300불가량 되는 물품에 관세를 매긴다고 하여도 10% 약 30불 정도지만 혹시 고가의 시계를 구매하시는 분들은 관세가 높게 책정될수 있으니 구매시 주의바랍니다.

이상 저의 리뷰였고 dutyfreeisland에서 시계를 더 구입할 생각에 가슴이 설레이네요.

모두 좋은 하루되시고 듀티프리아일랜드 화이팅!

dutyfreeisland! i love so much! have nice day! thank you very much! :-) <3 <3 <3
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