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Citizen BN0150-61E Eco-Drive Promaster Marine 200m ISO Cert. Divers Watch
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Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Marine 200m ISO Cert. Divers Watch

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Glass Type
MineralScratch Resistant
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Strap Material
Stainless Steel
Solar Powered
Manufactured In
Japan Made Movement
Eco-Drive Technology (Recharged by any light source; Never Needs a Battery)Citizen’s advanced technology, the watch is powered by artificial and natural light.
Accuracy of +- 15 Seconds Per Month
Calendar (Date Display)
6 Month Eco-Drive Power Reserve
Quick Start Function
Insufficient Charge Warning
Overcharging Prevention Function
Screw Down Crown
Uni-directional Elapsed Time Bezel
Luminous Hands and Markers
ISO Certified for Diving
Dial Color
Case Width
Case Depth
Water Resistance
This product is supplied with:
  • Genuine Citizen Watch
  • Official Citizen 1 Year International Warranty Booklet
  • Multi-Language Instruction Manual
  • Original Citizen Giftbox (Small Charge Applies)
  • Why do we charge for the watch box?
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The brand Citizen has been synonymous throughout the years with high quality, reliable, well-crafted, stunningly luxurious watches. Since 1930, Citizen has given us classic designs as well as innovative techniques that is constantly evolving. They have pioneered in groundbreaking watch technology which they continue to improve upon, year after year. Perhaps the most important breakthrough was the development of solar powered watches, which they launched and named as Eco-Drive. Using electrical power converted from virtually any light source (artificial or natural) to charge and power the watch.

Citizen continues to be one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world. They persist on expanding their own ideas on innovation thus improving function, style and durability.

Here at we strive to bring you the latest Citizen watch collections at affordable prices!

Customer Reviews (8)

Very impressive watch, large and clear display, high-quality, low price. - Review by from Israel
Review by <span>Moshe Egozi</span> from Israel
5 out of 5
אני אספן שעונים ובעיקר שעוני צלילה במשך שנים רבות, בשנה האחרונה החלטתי, שאני צריך שעון יד נוסף שיחליף את השעון יד בין 32 השנים "Seiko Arnie 150M Divers analogue digital" את השעון הזה אני לבשתי כול יום, אני מבלה הרבה זמן בים כולל: גלישת גלים, דיג תת מימי וכו', השעון הזה מעולם לא הכזיב אותי.
עם זאת החלטי שאחרי 32 שנה, ראייתי היא לא מה שהייתה, ואני צריך שעון עם תצוגה גדולה וברורה יותר .
בחיפושי אחרי שעון מתאים, קניתי השנה לפחות 6 שעוני צלילה: Casio x2,Casima x2,Barbos, Invicta.
כול השעונים הנ"ל הכזיבו אותי, כול אחד מסיבה אחרת, עד שקיבלתי את ה- Citizen 200m BN0150-61E.
מיד התאהבתי בו: שעון יד מרשים, התצוגה הגדולה, המחוגים רחבים, והתאורה הזרחנית (LUME) חזקה, וגם עומדת לאורך כל הלילה.
ההקפדה של Citizen על הפרטים הקטנים, איכות הייצור.
אני חושב שעם השעון הזה סיימתי בחיפושי אחרי שעון יד.
중저가 다이버시계를 찾으신다면... - Review by from United States
Review by <span>MinChul Ji</span> from United States
5 out of 5
딱 좋은 알크기에 전체 무광으로 처리되어 심플하고, 오랜지색 분침이 심심하지 않도록 포인트를 줍니다. (사진빨이 쫌 안받는 시계인듯, google 에서 실착샷 등 참고해보세요)

eco drive 라 베터리교체나 오차등 신경쓰는거 없이 사용할수 있으며 200m 다이버라 방수걱정도 없이 편하게 막 찰수있는 시계에요

개인적으론 단단한 베젤느낌과 파랑색 야광 그리고, 고급 시계에나 적용되는 조절 (다이버 익스텐션) 메탈줄이 너무 맘에드네요!

아쉬운점은 글라스...? (이가격대에서 사파이어를 원하는게 에러이긴 하지만)

*배송은 지역이나 나라에 따라 다르겠지만 .. 저같은 경우 LA 에서 시켰는데, 굉장히 빨리왔고 seller 쪽에서 배송 현황을 이메일로 업데잇 해주어서 좋았어요.

강추 합니다! 지르셔요!
mr - Review by from Australia
5 out of 5
i've bought two watches from dutyfree island now and i wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again, the service is excellent and the price is less than half what i would pay in australia. i wanted to get this one first up but it was out of stock so i had to settle for my second choice as i needed one immediately. that turned up in a few days with no problems, so i set a 'back in stock notification' on the website and when i got the email months later i bought this one with no hesitation. it's a great watch, i dive and swim most weeks as well as sail and have had no problems at all. it's dead accurate, hasn't lost a second in the last two months going by my computer's networked time. great lume on the dial, very useful for early starts when i don't want to wake my girl. only thing i'd change in the design is to ditch the date, not needed and i couldn't be bothered setting it every month. apart from that design quibble i love it.
Amazing casual, utility watch! - Review by from United States
Review by <span>Allen</span> from United States
5 out of 5
I had a hard time finding this specific watch with a steel bracelet, but I was excited to see that Duty Free Island Shop had it!

I was immediately impressed by the substantial appearance of the watch. It definitely looks like it's a serious piece that is ready for going underwater and other tests of endurance for a watch. This watch was also heavier than I expected it to be, but that's a very good thing. I was so used to quartz/Ecp Drive watches being much lighter than the automatic watches I own, but this ISO-certified watch has a weight to it that inspires confidence in its durability.

The bracelet was a bit more difficult to resize compared to others I've done before, but that's because each link has a metal sleeve piece that you have to be careful to not lose when resizing it. It really does help the bracelet stay together with confidence though. The clasp also has a really useful dive extension that is quick and easy to expand and contract if you'll be wearing the watch with a wetsuit (as it's designed for diving, after all).

The case itself appears to be very solid and the bezel was clearly made to be operated with ease, which is what you need in a dive watch since water can make bezels harder to grip and turn. Not with this watch though! The screw-down crown at 4 o'clock is stamped with Citizen's Promaster logo and is easy to use and also stays screwed down tightly, so you shouldn't need to worry about it coming loose while using it in the water.

The date window is also at 4 o'clock which isn't where you'd typically see one on a watch, but I think it, along with the crown being at that position, gives the watch more personality.

Otherwise, the markings are all very clear on the watch and the lume is excellent! I really like that the watch glows blue too, which is a nice touch that sets it apart from the usual green you see on other watches.

As far as accuracy goes, I have this watch sitting next to an atomic time-keeping watch (also a Citizen) and I haven't noticed it being off by any significant amount in the few weeks or so I've had it so far. Eco Drive/quartz is generally very accurate to begin with anyway.

I haven't had a chance to wear this watch underwater yet, but I've worn "less qualified" watches underwater without issues before and I'll definitely be wearing this one the next time I go swimming in the ocean or a lake!

Overall, this is an excellent watch that fits well in business casual situations to casual to active. It feels durable, looks great, and keeps great time! I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a dive watch!
Первые дайверы - Review by from Russia
5 out of 5
Долго выбирал часы для отдыха,у меня уже есть часы, которые пережили не один отпуск- это g shock 5600, но пришла пора подыскивать им замену, поиски начались. Перебрал огромное количество вариантов, последнее время нравились дайверы,да и отдых всегда на море, поэтому решился. Сначала думал про Сейко и классическую механику, но учитывая особенности носки ( отдых и выходные дни), решил остановить свой выбор на кварце, а именно Eco-Drive,т. к. не требуют завода и замены батареи. Самым выгодным предложением оказался сайт, долго сомневался, очень уж низкая цена, да и не заказывал раньше через интернет вещи дороже 100$, но почитал отзывы и решил попробовать. Выбирал между моделью BN0000-04H и этими часами и не прогадал, часы отличные, на руку сели как влитые, по размеру немного больше, чем ожидал, но смотрятся брутально, браслет хороший, звенья литые, не дерет, укоротил сам, без проблем, читаемость цифера, люм, все на 5 с +, безель тугой, вообщем я доволен, часы пришли в коробке с заполненным гарантийным талоном, довольно быстро, трек отслживался. Написал отзыв, т.к. сам ориентировался исключительно на них, надеюсь пригодится. Всем удачных покупок!
Amazing diver - Review by from Bulgaria
5 out of 5
Really amazing watch!I am impressed from the quality,details and finish.One of my favorite watches!
As for Dutyfreeislandshop-unbeatable service and prices.Good job guys!
Possibly the most solid watch - Review by from United States
Review by <span>Taeho</span> from United States
4.7 out of 5
I can simply say this watch is one of the most solid diver watch I have owned. Very cool look, really bright in the dark, I don't think you can ask more for a watch in this price range. I am very satisfied.
Mr - Review by from United Kingdom
Review by <span>Paul </span> from United Kingdom
5 out of 5
Perfect watch for outdoor activities, purchased before going on an island vacation. Great quality, no QC flaws of any kind. Impressed with the finish and details on the piece. The anti-reflective crystal provides clarity at any angle.I’ve always been a fan of traditional dive watches. My father has always worn one, and after my Mighty Mouse watch bit the dust when I was a kid, my first real watch was a diver style. I had that thing forever until I lost it on a hunting trip my senior year of high school. Years later, after going through multiple watches, I got nostalgic for the good old days and started shopping dive watches. I brought home a Seiko SKX173, a real classic, and it became my good partner for a number of years. But as time wore on, the shortcomings of the Seiko began to wear on me. For one, it’s a big heavy watch. It might not seem that way to folks blessed with decent wrists, but for a guy like me whose wrists fluctuate between 6.5 and 6.75 inches depending on the season and such, the Seiko kind of pushes it. It doesn’t look awkward by any means, heck some of you guys out there like me are thumbing your noses at the world and strapping on Suuntos, Ecozillas, and Tuna Cans. But if your tall and gangly like me, it starts to feel kind of goofy. Another issue is the accuracy. Some people love having to reset their watches on a regular basis. I’m not one of them. I realize a lot of man-watch bonding occurs during this time, but oh, well. Now the main reason I went automatic in the first place was because of the dreaded battery change pressure test. As you all know, if you get the battery changed in your quartz dive watch, it’s recommended that you get the watch pressure tested after doing so. Braver dive wearers can get by with lubing the seal themselves and then moving on with life, but I’ve found that most “watch people” tend to get a little fanatical about things like accuracy, or water resistance, or normal operating parameters. Personally, I’ve dunked all kinds of plain old snap back or 4 screw back Timexes in the pool and ocean with zero problems whatsoever, despite multiple battery changes, but you know how a few sentences in your owner’s manual can rock your confidence. So if you’re like me, and love traditional divers, but have skinny wrists, aren’t necessarily addicted to the nostalgia of mechanical watches, but worry about battery changes, then the Citizen Eco Drive 200m Profession Dive watch is exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s get right to it. For starters, this thing runs on light. I’m sure there is some kind of battery or capacitor in there somewhere, but you couldn’t change it even if you wanted to, because this baby has a completely solid case. From what I’ve seen on these forums, the Citizen Eco-Drive has proven to be a reliable technology. I’m sure there have been hiccups along the way, but I know of people that have had watches with this feature for many years with zero issues. The great and obvious benefit here is that you get quartz accuracy and will never have to worry about changing the battery and then obsessing about a pressure test. It also means that the WR rating gets bumped up to 200 meters instead of the usual 100 meters. Now you can see what time it is right before your lungs explode. And many thanks to duty-free island for a perfect transaction I have purchased many watches from here and will continue to do so,
kindest regards Paul Thorburn.
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