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Citizen CC3006-58A Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 Sapphire Japan Dual Tone Watch
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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 Sapphire Japan Dual Tone Watch

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Glass Type
SapphireVirtually Scratch Proof
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Dual Tone
Strap Material
Stainless Steel
Dual Tone
Solar Powered
Manufactured In
Made in Japan
Eco-Drive Technology (Recharged by any light source; Never Needs a Battery)Citizen’s advanced technology, the watch is powered by artificial and natural light.
Satellite Timekeeping System - Accurate Automatic global timekeeping via GPS
Satellite Time Signal Reception Function
Perpetual calendar (until February 28th 2100)A fully automatic calendar which automatically adjusts at the end of each month, including the months of a leap year.
Daylight Savings Time Function
Power Reserve Indicator
Calendar (Day & Date Display)
Power Save Function
7 Year Eco-Drive Power Reserve
Insufficient Charge Warning
Overcharging Prevention Function
Luminous Hands and Markers
Dial Color
Case Width
Case Depth
Water Resistance
This product is supplied with:
  • Genuine Citizen Watch
  • Official Citizen 1 Year International Warranty Booklet
  • Multi-Language Instruction Manual
  • Original Citizen Giftbox (Small Charge Applies)
  • Why do we charge for the watch box?
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The brand Citizen has been synonymous throughout the years with high quality, reliable, well-crafted, stunningly luxurious watches. Since 1930, Citizen has given us classic designs as well as innovative techniques that is constantly evolving. They have pioneered in groundbreaking watch technology which they continue to improve upon, year after year. Perhaps the most important breakthrough was the development of solar powered watches, which they launched and named as Eco-Drive. Using electrical power converted from virtually any light source (artificial or natural) to charge and power the watch.

Citizen continues to be one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world. They persist on expanding their own ideas on innovation thus improving function, style and durability.

Here at we strive to bring you the latest Citizen watch collections at affordable prices!

Customer Reviews (3)

F150 Sapphire Japan Dual Tone Watch - Review by from Turkey
5 out of 5
Beautiful this citizen satellite wave
In stock I like to buy
Otherwise, you are in shock. When in stock
I am delighted to let you know
Thank you
Jam tangan dengan fungsi GPS - Review by from Malaysia
Review by <span>Chin Jien</span> from Malaysia
5 out of 5
Empat tahun dahulu saya terbaca maklumat yang berkaitan dengan jam tangan yang berkemampuan untuk mengbah masa mengikut zon masa dunia. Setelah membaca secara lebih mendalam tentang teknologi ini saya secara langsung tertarik dengan kemudahan yang mampu diberikan oleh jam tangan ini. Pada masa itu saya tidak lagi mempunyai niat untuk mendapatkannya kerana kerja harian saya hanyalah berada di dalam negara sahaja.

Tetapi sejak dua tahun yang lepas kerja saya semakin banyak memerlukan saya untuk keluar negara dan setiap kali sekiranya negara yang saya lawati mempunyai zon masa dunia yang berbeza maka saya terpaksa mengubah masa pada jam tangan saya supaya selaras dengan masa yang ada dalam negara itu. Ini menjadi satu masalah. Jadi disebabkan itu maka saya pun berniat untuk mendapatkan satu jam tangan yang mempunyai fungsi GPS ini.

Secara kebetulan saya menemui website semasa saya mencari satu jam tangan untuk isteri saya. Saya tertarik dengan harga yang ada pada website ini kerana harga ini sememangnya berpatutan.

Saya cuba mendapatkan jam tangan ini daripada kedai kedai yang ada di kawasan kawasan yang berdekatan dengan Kuala Lumpur. Akan tetapi harga mereka adalah terlalu tinggi. Maka setelah puas mencari di semua tempat yang saya tahu di Kuala Lumpur, saya memutuskan untuk mendapatkan jam tangan ini daripada

Saya menempah jam tangan ini daripada ebay, di mana mempunyai satu kedai online di situ. Proses untuk menempah jam tangan ini adalah cukup mudah. Bayaran boleh dibuat melalui Paypal.

Daripada masa saya menempah jam tangan tersebut ke masa saya mendapat jam tangan itu daripada Pos Malaysia adalah kurang daripada 10 hari. Kedai online sememangnya satu kedai online yang boleh dipercayai. Mereka memulakan proses penghantaran sejurus selapas saya membuat bayaran saya, Pada pendapat saya, proses adalah amat efisyen. Anda juga dapat mengesan di mana parsel jam tangan anda kerana Duty Free Island memberikan nombor pengesanan kepada pembelinya. Ini adalah amat mudah untuk pengguna untuk mengetahui status dan lokasi jam tangan tersebut.

Jam tangan ini adalah amat mudah digunakan. Terdapat 2 butang dan satu tombol yang ada pada jam tangan ini. Butang bahagian atas mempunyai fungsi untuk membaca kadar tenaga yang masih ada dalam bateri dalaman jam tangan tersebut. Butang itu juga digunakan untuk mengaktifkan fungsi GPS di mana jika ia ditekan untuk 4 saat maka fungsi GPS akan beroperasi untuk mendapatkan masa tempatan. Masa yang diambil oleh fungsi ini untuk mendapatkan masa tempatan melalui GPS adalah lebih kurang 30 saat ke satu minit.

Jam ini mempunyai kemampuan untuk memberikan maklumat yang berkaitan dengan tenaga yang ada dalam bateri. Sekiranya bateri mempunyai bacaan tenaga yang rendah maka jam tangan ini akan memberikan indikasi supaya ianya mesti dicaskan secepat mungkin.

Jam tangan ini juga membolehkan pengguna melaraskan masa secara manual. Sebagai contoh jam tangan ini membolehkan anda menukarkan bacaan pada jam tangan ke zon masa destinasi lebih awal sebelum anda sampai tanpa memerlukan fungsi GPS.

Secara amnya Duty Free Island adalah satu kedai online yang boleh dipercayai. Proses penghantaran yang cepat sememangnya meyakinkan saya untuk melawat kedai ini untuk masa akan datang. Dengan harga yang amat berpatutan dan penghantaran yang tepat, saya sememangnya mengesyorkan kepada sesiapa sahaja yang ingin mendapatkan jam tangan. Saya pasti saya akan mendapatkan satu lagi jam tangan daripada pada masa akan datang.
Citizen CC3006-58A - Review by from Australia
5 out of 5
It has always been my desire to own a ‘GPS Satellite’ watch but cost wise they have been prohibitive. In February this year I compromised and bought from (DFI) the Citizen ‘Radio Controlled’ BY0106-55H. Why a compromise? Well I live in Australia where the radio signals cannot be picked up. Japan has the closet broadcast tower but the signal stops short of us. I only pick up the radio signals when travelling overseas. However, having said that I must say the Citizen BY0106-55H is a great looking watch, easy to use, lots of functions and has not missed a beat since I acquired it.

Advance to November 2015 and a new range of Citizen ‘GPS Satellite’ watches have been released (Calibre F150) and better still, are now more affordable. I could not contain myself and with the great savings DFI offer (50.16% off RRP) I bought myself the Citizen GPS Wave CC3006-58A. I had no hesitation in buying from DFI again. At least with this watch I can now pickup the satellite signal from anywhere in the world, including here in Australia and aboard ship when cruising between Sydney to Los Angeles (via Tahiti & Hawaii) - YES you still need a watch on a cruise ship; how else would you know its opening time for the ‘Crown & Anchor’ bar on deck 14 or its time for your 8:30pm dinner reservation on deck 5.

The CC3006-58A has two very simple ‘on demand’ search functions:
1. The first will update the watch with time zone/time/day/date. When I did my first search it took 60 seconds to adjust to Sydney (Australia) time zone and set the time - it should be noted that the watch was set to Hong Kong zone/time/day/date on its receipt so day/date were the same as Sydney. Further, I did the search near tall buildings. I understand the search can be as quick as 3-seconds if no obstructions exist.

2. The second search will set time/day/date only.

While the user manual is not very clear on this topic, I assume the first search would be used when you move to a new time zone (e.g. just got off the plane) and the second to ensure continued accuracy within a time zone (e.g. use occasionally to ensure your watch has the most accurate local time and date details as possible).

It is also possible to manually change to a new time zone and this is also a simple operation. I will use this when boarding an aircraft as I like to change my watch to destination time zone in advance of arriving - but that’s me. Oh, there is also an automated search for time/day/date which employs every 6-days or so to ensure time/day/date accuracy. This will not activate if you have conducted an ‘on demand’ or ‘manual’ search etc. within the previous 6-days.

The CC3006-58A also has other great features:
1. It is an eco-drive (any light source will charge the internal battery) and on a full charge can keep the watch operating for up to 7-years without the need to recharge (e.g. if left in a draw).
2. It has a perpetual calendar up to year 2100 (should see me out).
3. Daylight savings time function - the satellite signal only contains standard time for a time zone, but some countries/states in a time zone may have DST. This easy function allows you to manually advance the time by 1-hour and reverse at the end of summer time. For example in Australia the state of NSW and Queensland are in the same time zone. NSW has summer time while Queensland does not.
4. Various functions such as insufficient charge warning; power reserve indicator; light intensity (for battery charging) indicator are all great features
5. Day of week in addition to the date.

I’m 61 years of age and hate having to get out my reading glasses in order to read the time on my watch. With this watch I can read the time easily without the need for readers. It also has luminous hands and markers making it easier to read in poor light.

On the negative side, it will not cook dinner nor wash the clothes. Honestly, it would be great if this watch would automatically set time zones (as it does in the Seiko Astron GPS watch series) rather than having to conduct an ‘on demand’ search and update. However, the Seiko does come at a significantly higher price of which I cannot afford and you have to put the watch into ‘flight’ mode (i.e. turn GPS off) when aboard a plane. Also, it would be good to have an am/pm indicator.

Finally, it is a great looking watch with an uncluttered face and a build quality second to none. Citizen make great watches. There are about 5-models in the range of which only two are available in Australia. The CC3006-58A a two-tone version is stunning with its stainless steel and gold tones and is not available here in Australia. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Back to What a great place to buy a watch from. Amazing prices; excellent customer services (both pre and post sales), great range of watches and brands and quite often has models not normally available in your country of living. It took 5-business days to be delivered via airmail.
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