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Citizen CC3007-55E CC3005-85E Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 GPS Sapphire Japan Watch
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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 GPS Sapphire Japan Watch

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Glass Type
SapphireVirtually Scratch Proof
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Strap Material
Stainless Steel
Solar Powered
Manufactured In
Made in Japan
Eco-Drive Technology (Recharged by any light source; Never Needs a Battery)Citizen’s advanced technology, the watch is powered by artificial and natural light.
Satellite Timekeeping System - Accurate Automatic global timekeeping via GPS
Satellite Time Signal Reception Function
Perpetual calendar (until February 28th 2100)A fully automatic calendar which automatically adjusts at the end of each month, including the months of a leap year.
Daylight Savings Time Function
Power Reserve Indicator
Calendar (Day & Date Display)
Power Save Function
7 Year Eco-Drive Power Reserve
Insufficient Charge Warning
Overcharging Prevention Function
Luminous Hands and Markers
Dial Color
Case Width
Case Depth
Water Resistance
This product is supplied with:
  • Genuine Citizen Watch
  • Official Citizen 1 Year International Warranty Booklet
  • Multi-Language Instruction Manual
  • Original Citizen Giftbox (Small Charge Applies)
  • Why do we charge for the watch box?
citizen box

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All Citizen products ship with a 1 Year Citizen International Warranty Card.
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The brand Citizen has been synonymous throughout the years with high quality, reliable, well-crafted, stunningly luxurious watches. Since 1930, Citizen has given us classic designs as well as innovative techniques that is constantly evolving. They have pioneered in groundbreaking watch technology which they continue to improve upon, year after year. Perhaps the most important breakthrough was the development of solar powered watches, which they launched and named as Eco-Drive. Using electrical power converted from virtually any light source (artificial or natural) to charge and power the watch.

Citizen continues to be one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world. They persist on expanding their own ideas on innovation thus improving function, style and durability.

Here at we strive to bring you the latest Citizen watch collections at affordable prices!

Customer Reviews (11)

You can trust to this shop! - Review by from Russia
Review by <span>ivvitan</span> from Russia
5 out of 5
I'm from Russia. I received my order recently. Delivery took ten days. I checked everything, the wristwatch works in all modes. Inside the parcel is a watch, user manual and international guarantee. All tags and protective stickers are in their places. I only had to reduce the length of the bracelet by myself, but it's easy. I would strongly recommend this store to everyone.
Super happy - Review by from Romania
5 out of 5
I am satisfied with the service dutyfreeisland provided. Got shipped to Romania in 7 days, no tax.
The watch is very very nice. Good quality.
Thank you
Just WOW - Review by from Hungary
Review by <span>Atesz</span> from Hungary
5 out of 5
The watch is AWESOME, Shipping fast, is GREAT

Best regard:
Отличный магазин, отличные часы. - Review by from Russia
Review by <span>Тимур</span> from Russia
5 out of 5
Заказывал в конце 2016г.
Посылку отправили через несколько дней после заказа. До Москвы доставка заняла ровно 20 дней.
Часы оригинал, все работает, гарантия и инструкция присутствуют.
Упакованы хорошо, дошли без каких либо повреждений.
wonderful watch - Review by from South Korea
Review by <span>jongwan</span> from South Korea
5 out of 5
직원분들부터 매우 친절합니다. citizen 시계를 살 수 있는 방법중 가장 싸게 구매하는 방법이 여기서 사는 것입니다.
CC3007은 F150 의 훌륭한 GPS 무브를 가지고 있으면서 스테인레스 소재로 가격또한 매우 좋습니다. 가장 얇은 GPS시계이기 때문에 무게또한 다른 시계들보다 가볍습니다.
배송도 홍콩에서 한국까지 하루면 오는게 신기합니다.
가격대비 성능과 뛰어난 디자인, 훌륭한 직원들 , 최고네요!
Великолепные часы, отличный сервис. - Review by from Russia
5 out of 5
Буду краток, насколько возможно.
Великолепные часы (подлинность, функционал, качество изготовления - все как и ожидалось).
Отличный сервис (удобство оплаты, упаковка, скорость доставки - все заслуживают самой высокой оценки).
Прекрасная цена.
Что еще добавить? Для покупки хороших часов по отличной цене dutyfreeislandshop для меня безусловный фаворит.

I'll be as brief as I can.
Magnificent watch (authenticity, functionality, workmanship - all as expected).
Excellent service (convenience of payment, packaging, delivery speed - all worthy of the highest praise).
Excellent price.
What else to say? To buy a good watch for a good price dutyfreeislandshop for me is an absolute favorite.
Can you say WOW - Review by from Canada
5 out of 5
NOt only can you say wow but how does OMG translate in Japan...first off i was kinda leary about ordering from dutifreeisland because A i never heard of them before and B giving them my credit information for me is always a concern when doing it online. Did a little bit of searching online about different reviews on customer satisfaction on different products sold and so many positive reviews i guess you could say i took a gamble and boy did it pay off lol. BTW i am from Canada and i ordered this sept.18/16 with a promise date of sept 29 to oct 19.Well here is the first awsome thing it came just 5 days later got it sept. 23 on friday i was so amazed free shipping through our Canada Post and it got here this quick.I could hardly contain myself when i got the email that i would be getting it that day, it very hard to stay focus at work lol. I went home and got the watch on my lunch hour actually but made the big mistake thinking it would be working right off the bat once i put it i daylight. I was in panick mode when it didnt work even sent them an email right away why. My joy of the watch all of a sudden turned into panick. I bought another ecodrive radio controlled watch online from another site and when it came in it worked right away in daylight so i thought this should to. So i put the watch in the window while i went back to work and when i got home low and behold it was working whew lol. Just needed to be charged which takes about 6 to 8 hours to get the minimum charge needed to get full function of the watch to get the satellite to work.Once that happened came the OMG part. This watch is amazing what you see on some of the you tube videos which btw is a great help to get to know what the watch is capable of left me shock and aw. The last date on the watch was tuesday 13 once i linked it with the satellite within 30 seconds the watch started rotating the date to the correct date of saturday sept 24. I was so amazed. The time itself i had to correct for the daylight saving time in our region by just clicking a button and bang i was second for second with my eco radio controlled watch. I just have to now get the wrist band to fit and start showing it off. This watch isnt all that fancy with a whole lot of dials and gadgets like some similar watches even my ecodrive radio watch looks more expensive than this watch but just knowing how it gets the time from the satellites so effortlessly is so cool and much easier than the radio controlled watches makes this an amazing watch to have and own. Just want to say the biggest thank you to Duty free Island for making this experience the best ever so far with there prices so much more reasonable than trying to purchase at the store. Which btw i almost forgot to mention i saved at least 600 dollars compared to buying it here if you include the taxes and everyone knows how much crazy tax we pay here in Canada lol. Thanks again Duty Free Island Im sure we will be doing business again.
Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 great as expected. - Review by from United States
5 out of 5
The Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 model CC3007-55E or model CC3005-85E as sold in the United States arrived within 9 days of ordering and 5 of those days were on a USPS truck in the USA. In any case I have no complaints about the time to arrive because after all, it came all the way from Hong Kong.

The reasons I purchased and like this CC3007-55E/CC3005-85E watch follows:

(1) The watch is everything I expected in terms of quality of build and performance.

(2) I am one of those who really likes the idea of having to-the-second time. I often have used watches set by "atomic" clocks in various regions of the world. In some areas of the world "atomic" watches are unable to receive this regionally broadcast signal and may never be adjusted to the correct time on a daily basis. This new Citizen watch I just received, however, is dynamically adjusted based on communicating directly with the "atomic" clocks on one of the many satellites in stationary orbits about the earth. Although with my new Citizen Satellite watch the adjustment for me has been easily done from within my home automatically in most cases it is best to go outside and within 3 seconds of being exposed to the sunlight this watch is adjusted precisely with the atomic clock on the satellite without user intervention. One can also manually "force" a communication with a satellite under the same circumstances.

(3) The bottom line is that this watch has a very conservative but stylish face which I prefer without a lot of superfluous dials I never use like chronometers, etc. So if you want an absolutely accurate and beautiful general timekeeping piece then give this Citizen Satellite based watch serious consideration.
Mr - Review by from United Kingdom
Review by <span>Phil Dwyer</span> from United Kingdom
5 out of 5
This is my first purchase from DutyFreeIsland, I would just like to say it was a great experience, the shipping was fast, and I paid no Import tax which can add another 20-30%. The watch I received looks absolutely stunning and the dial catches the light and makes it pop, the hands look great, especially the second hand. Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase.
Отличное сочетание дизайн, функциональность, цена! - Review by from Russia
5 out of 5
Сначала опишу предысторию покупки и муки выбора. По роду своей деятельности 2/3 времени мне приходится соблюдать строгий деловой стиль, а 1/3 времени иметь более неформальный вид - джинсы, а бывает и рабочая спецовка. Кроме того мне приходится достаточно много перемещаться по стране и по миру, меняя несколько часовых поясов в течении недели. Классический офисный вариант часов у меня есть, есть внушительный хронограф, в этот раз искал что то более демократичное и удобное в путешествиях. При подборе часов использовал следующие критерии: современный демократичный дизайн, чтобы часы подошли под джинсы, но и в офисе было бы несытно показаться; наличие функции синхронизации времени по GPS, чтобы не думать о точности хода; возможность настройки мирового времени, что удобно в поездках; зарядка от солнца, чтобы забыть о батарейках; приличную водонепроницаемость, чтобы можно было купаться не думая о последствиях. Также хотелось получить сапфировое стекло и вечный календарь. Если сложить все мои пожелания получались только топовые версии Casio, Citizen или Orient с неразумной, на мой взгляд, ценой около 2000 usd или даже выше. Ну не готов я платить такие деньги за кварцевый механизм (механика - другое дело). Случайно обнаружил калибр F150 от Citizen и тут все встало на свои места. Функциональность, внешний вид, цена полностью соответствовали желаемым.
Во-первых, часы смотрятся очень классно. Они достаточно строгие и при этом весьма оригинальные. Я выбирал часы по фотографиям и по видео. Реального образца этих часов я в Москве не нашёл. Поэтому, немного беспокоился заказывая их. Мне нравятся часы с темным циферблатом в принципе, а в сочетании с черным безелем часы смотрятся немного необычно и очень современно. Для любителей спортивного стиля могу сказать, что часы отлично смотрятся на черном каучуковом браслете.
Зарядку часы держат великолепно. Можно заряжаться и от источников искусственного света, правда значительно медленнее, чем от солнца. Часы показывают уровень освещенности, что удобно при выборе места для зарядки.
По функциям все очень просто - вечный календарь (день недели и число), функция настройки текущего часового пояса по GPS, получение сигнала точного времени по GPS в автоматическом режиме или по запросу. Есть функция ручной настройки даты и времени, но я ими не пользовался т.к все легко настроилось автоматически. Синхронизация времени по GPS происходит очень быстро. При частичной облачности у окна в течение 30-40 секунд часы получают сигнал GPS. Все время пока пользуюсь часами они автоматически получают сигнал точного времени я даже не замечаю когда. Управление осуществляется с помощью двух кнопок и головки. Все интуитивно просто.
Из того что не понравилось хочу отметить браслет. Для часов стоимостью более 500 usd предлагать такую дешевую штамповку из нержавейки на мой взгляд странно. Издалека это, может быть, не очень заметно, но когда берёшь часы в руки кондовость браслета бросается в глаза. Хотелось бы иметь второй циферблат для домашнего часового пояса, но это уже мои хотелки и к делу не относятся.
Особенно хочу отметить магазин dutyfreeislandshop. Я не знаю как это удаётся, но они предлагают отличные цены на оригинальные часы. Я купил свои часы в этом магазине минимум на 30% дешевле, чем самое выгодное предложение, которое я нашёл (я искал во многих местных и зарубежных источниках). Часы абсолютно новые, пришли за 7 календарных дней! Спасибо!
Citizen CC3007-55E - Review by from Greece
Review by <span>Minas</span> from Greece
5 out of 5
The watch arrived after 9 working days and it was well packaged. It was on power saving mode by the time it arrived and as I opened its box I could see all the hands moving to display the current time (Hong Kong time). The bracelet, case, sapphire crystal, dial and the hands are all excellently made. The watch has a diameter of 43.5mm if you don’t include the crown and weighs 159 grams.

The time zone/time/day/date update took 35 seconds and the time/day/date update took 3-4 seconds to complete. After the time update, I visited to check the time and I found out that the second hand was spot-on. The minute hand moves one click every 10 seconds (at 0,10,20,30,40,50 seconds). The hour hand moves one click every 2 minutes (at 2,4,6,8,10,12 minutes etc.). The watch without receiving the satellite signal gains 1 second per week, which is excellent for a quartz (the average quartz gains/loses 3-4 seconds per week and the average mechanical gains/loses 35 seconds per week).

Other features of the watch:
Light-Level Indicator: Indicates current power generation amount in 7 levels. It can be used as a reference for choosing a good charging place.
Perpetual calendar: No need for monthly and leap-year date correction until year 2100.
World time: Indicates the time around the world by manually choosing one of the 40 time zones.
Daylight Saving Time: You can manually adjust the setting on/off every March/October.

I’m really impressed with the watch and very satisfied with my purchase. Duty Free Island has the best prices on the world for any Citizen watch (the Citizen F150 on DFI is €400 cheaper than in my country), the customer service is excellent and I’m sure I will buy again from them.
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