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Orient SET0P003W0 FET0P003B0 Multi-Eyes Sun & Moon Sapphire Japan Automatic Gent's Leather Watch
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Orient Sun & Moon Sapphire Japan Automatic Gent's Leather Watch

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Alternate Model Number: FET0P003W0, ET0P003W, FET0P003W,
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Orient Sun & Moon Sapphire Japan Automatic Gent's Leather Watch
Glass Type
SapphireVirtually Scratch Proof
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Strap Material
AutomaticSelf-winding, powered by the motion of the wearer’s wrist.
Manufactured In
Made in Japan
21 Jewels
Daily Accuracy of +25 to -15 seconds
Calendar (Day & Date Display)
24 Hour Display
Transparent Case Back
Dial Color
Case Width
Case Depth
Water Resistance
Splash Resistant
This product is supplied with:
  • Genuine Orient Watch
  • 1 Year Official Orient International Warranty
  • Manual and Instruction Booklet
  • Official Orient Box Included (Small Charge Applies)
  • Why do we charge for the watch box?

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Customer Reviews

Great looking watch and an incredible value - Review by from United States
5 out of 5
I purchased this watch from Dutyfree Island via EBay. Let's start with the obvious - this is a great price, even by Orient watch standards. I have only recently discovered Orient, and I cannot say how impressed I am with this watch for the price.

There are a few easy things for watch snobs to nitpick about this watch: (1) there is nothing particularly exciting or impressive about the appearance of the movement through the display back; (2) there is no hack feature (the second hand keeps moving while you set the time); and (3) there is no separate function to set the day of the week -- you have to keep setting the time back and forth past midnight to force the day to change.

My reaction to these criticisms is, "So what?" When was the last time you really studied the movement through your display back on an automatic watch? At least Orient makes its own movements, as it has for about 100 years. For less than $200 you get an automatic watch with Japanese quality control and craftsmanship with an in-house movement. You can easily pay 5 figures for a Swiss watch with a movement sourced from ETA and then customized or decorated by the famous brand maker.

As for the absence of a hack feature or dedicated knob for setting the day - these also don't bother me. I don't wear an automatic watch to know the time down to the second. I have a cell phone, GPS, a computer and radio controlled watches that tell me the exact time. I need a watch when those things aren't available to make sure I'm not late to appointments. +/- 1 minute is close enough. And, if you wear the watch daily or keep it on a winder, you will only have to set the day once. Not a big deal.

Having addressed the easiest things to criticize, let me detail the things I really like about this watch. First of all, it is really nice looking without being too conspicuous or ostentatious. The blue hands and the vintage cream colored dial, with the subtle sun/moon indicator, are just enough to make it stand out. To my eye, it is also a perfect size for a dress style watch. Many dress watches seem very small now that most watches are much larger. This one is big enough without being overwhelming. Finally, it works. Plain and simple, it works. In 3 weeks, it gained about 1 minute. It started running as soon as I took it out of the box, and it has worked perfectly ever since.

A final consideration that I only started to appreciate recently - the band and connection points are very simple and standard in configuration. This watch comes with a nice, thick leather band, but the reality is that no leather band lasts forever (at least not on my sweaty wrist.) Watches with unusually shaped band connections can present a problem when the original band wears out. With this watch, I will have no problem replacing the band when the time comes that I need a new one.

In short, I cannot believe how nice this watch is for the price. I've had watches that were 5 or 6 times as expensive that were not even close to this one. Thanks Orient and Dutyfree Island!
Great watch ! - Review by from Qatar
5 out of 5
Firstly thanks to Dutyfreeisland, watch arrived and no duties were paid !

Regarding the watch the quality of Orient is amazing when compared to the price. You really get a lot of watch for a very low price: Sapphire Chrystal, automatic "Manufacture" (in-house) movement, great finishes (case is brushed, bezel is shiny).

Here-after my pluses and minuses:

-> Unbeatable price / quality ratio
-> Automatic in-house movement
-> Great finishes both brushed (case) and shiny (bezel)
-> Sapphire Chrystal
-> Nice dial with great "depth" impression (the dial is not flat, the night/day indicator is higher than the day of the week sub-dial)
-> Nice cream-colour dial and blue hands (rather purplish than blue).
-> the Night/Day sub-dial with the Moon and Sun gives an additionnal touch

-> The leather band is cheap and very shiny, I will replace it with an after-market (probably brown leather) of better feel and looks (add in another 30$)
-> The crown cannot wind the watch movement (you have to shake the watch to wind it)
-> The finishes of the movement are very basic, as such you don't really need a see-through chrystal back (as the movement is ugly :) )
-> The date indicator has a white finish (white disc) that does not match the cream dial
-> Overall the watch is quite thick, to keep in mind if you have a small wrist

Overall great watch, comparable mid-range swiss watchmakers would sell you similar quality watch for 10 times the price (easily).
Orient Sun and Moon - Review by from Sweden
Review by <span>Gustav</span> from Sweden
5 out of 5
Att handla från dutyfreeislandshop är ett sant nöje! Jag beställde klockan en fredag och fick den levererad till Sverige veckan efter, i en välpaketerad kartong med rikligt med emballage.

Jag var lite kritisk till att beställa en klocka över internet tidigare, men efter att ha läst andras omdömen om sidan bestämde jag mig för att pröva. Har inte ångrat det en sekund! Klockan i sig är vackert utsmyckad med de blå visarna och själva urtavlan har en vitaktig färg-som jag själv skulle beskriva som "gräddelin" eller "cream". Det medföljande armbandet verkar vara av bra kvalité. Ett mycket imponerande ur som förhoppningsvis kommer glädja mig och människor i min omgivning i flera år framåt.
This is my first authentic watch! - Review by
5 out of 5
I'm a lecturer, who have 5 classes per day. Thus, a good watch will be a good assistant for me. After 1 year using an old watch which my friend gifted me, I decided to get a new one.

I chose Orient Sun&Moon because of its blue steel clockwise, and the sharpen shape of sun and moon. It's a good choice for the first watch of any people. You just pay a small price to own the color similar to those expensive temperature-blued steel clockwise. The leather chain is soft enough and elegant enough to engage with your wrist.

The price of DutyfreeIsland is unbelievable. You should purchase asap, or you will miss a chance to get your beloved watch with a cannot-better price.

The delivery is also great. They shipped 1 day after payment. The international free shipping option took me 18 business days to get my package. It's not a short period, but still faster than the maximum time that I expected (20 days).

Since 1950, Orient has been the leading manufacturer of automatic mechanical watches. Known for stunning quality timepieces,Orient is unmatched in producing beautiful watches with affordable prices.

From classic vintage designs to modern pieces, you can’t go wrong in choosing an Orient watch.

Orient manufactures their movement in-house.

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