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Citizen Eco-Drive Japan Sapphire 100m Men's Watch BM8501-52E by Daniel on 06/26/2017

Citizen Eco-Drive Japan Sapphire 100m Men's Watch BM8501-52E En ce qui concerne le vendeur, dutyfreeislandshop, entre la commande de ma montre et la réception, 11 jours dont deux week-end, c'est-à-dire 7 jours pour la préparation, l'envoi et un voyage d'un demi tour du monde de Hong Kong vers la France. Les délais de livraison sont donc très corrects. La montre est bien protégée par un emballage avec du papier bulle. La garantie se trouve bien jointe à la montre mais elle n'est pas remplie du tout. Ceci est fait en prévision d'un retour éventuel mais pas facile à gérer pour un non anglophone. La notice est succincte mais suffisante pour mettre la montre à l'heure, au jour, à la date. Enfin, la montre: c'est un petit bijou, plus belle que la photo du site et son diamètre de 37 mm, très difficile à trouver dans le commerce, est parfaitement adapté à mon poignet assez mince. Après, c'est d'une belle qualité, Acier inoxydable, saphir, étanche 100 m et seulement 9mm d'épaisseur pour 98gr. Manque juste les aiguilles fluo. Pour l'instant, elle fonctionne parfaitement et j'en suis très satisfait. Les chiffres romains, superbes, ressortent très bien sur le fond noir. Il est dommage, par contre, que les jours de la semaine soient indiqués en anglais, Citizen devrait prévoir la langue pour chaque pays, mais cela reste un détail. La mise du bracelet à la bonne taille ne présente pas de difficultés et se fait facilement, surtout qu'il existe des documentations sur le net pour ne pas se tromper. Reste à voir la fiabilité dans le temps mais Citizen a une belle réputation de qualité, autant que Seiko et peut être mieux que certaines marques suisses connues, d'après les forums spécialisés. Je recommande bien volontiers DUTYFREEISLAND.COM pour son service et sa rapidité et la qualité des produits vendus.

Super watch for all occasions! by Константин on 06/25/2017

A wonderful watch! Just want to note their charisma, they just fascinate at first sight! Nice weight and no extra features. Sit comfortably on the hand ergonomics. I liked this model, with black bezel and orange display, from the seller they were available. I want to note excellent work of the shop and communication with customers, the watch came very quickly. Thank you DFI!!!

Citizen NH8350-59L review by Tvrtko on 06/24/2017

This is a short review about my new Citizen NH8350-59L. I just recently developed enthusiasm towards watches and this is my first automatic movement. I am not very experienced in writing watch reviews, but I really hope this review will be useful for other buyers. I was looking for a watch with blue dial and dressy look, but still affordable. Obvious choice was Orient Bambino V3. It had all the boxes ticked on my list of preferences, but then I stumbled upon this nice shop and their vast range of Citizen watches. Two models caught my eye. They were cheaper than Orient, but still had some nice details that give them very distinctive looks. First of, I saw NH8350-83L which has fairly similar dial to Bambino, blue color and nice thin markers all around. One thing I liked more about the Citizen was much longer hands that give this watch more elegant look. Honestly, after seeing this beautiful Citizen, the hands on the Bambino seemed too short and thick and suddenly I lost all interest in that particular watch. I searched for some pictures of that Citizen model on the internet and saw some really nice ones with this watch on brown leather band. It was shiny, but still distinctive, and also classy but casual at the same time. Then I finally saw the other model, NH8350-59L. I fell in love immediately. It has more detailed dial. I believe it has the same color as 83L, but it adds some really nice triangular texture. Honestly, on some pictures it looks like it is a bit "too much" but in real life it looks very decent and reflects much nicer when exposed to different light sources. One thing I also liked better compared to 83L were the hands that are a bit more classy and they even have some lume on them, so you can easily tell time in darker places. I also like the roman numerals on the dial. The font is absolutely gorgeous - very thin and condensed, and it compliments very well with other thin markers on the dial. One little thing came in to my mind... the lumed numerals and markers would look exquisite on this watch, it is a shame that they do not have any lume on them, but I guess they would not be that tidy and elegant looking then. The case is 40mm in diameter without the crown, and about 11mm tall. It is a fair size for anyone, and fits perfectly on my 6,5" wrist. The case is nicely polished and shines very nice when outdoors. I am not a huge fan of too flashy cases, but this one looks appropriate with all the other details on the watch. I would prefer if they made some parts of the case brushed, like bottom part where the crown is, and others polished, but it would probably make production costs a little bit higher. After all, this is a hundred dollar automatic watch. You cannot expect some premium style finishing, but it is not bad in any way. The crown is not signed, and it is a bit plain. I would prefer smaller more vintage looking rounder crown, but hey - a hundred dollar watch! Don't expect some miracles! Two other things can give you a hint about the low price of this watch - the caseback is solid, with some info about the movement, not very interesting, but no one sees it anyway when you wear it on your wrist, and the bracelet is a bit noisy, but I exchanged it with leather band anyway. The leather band really makes this watch stand out. It goes well with almost every brown leather band, and I bet it would fit nicely with some grey perlon strap for summer nights. Again, the bracelet is decent for this price range, but I just like leather more. The glass is flat mineral (not curved like the Bambino) and that would be my only real negative point comparing those two. The movement is Citizen 8200 which I know absolutelly nothing about. I have read some reviews that say it is a reliable movement and that is all I need to know. I must admit, I noticed one really annoying thing - when you shake the watch excessively (when running, etc.) the seconds hand stops for a moment, and then resumes after a second or two. At first I thought my watch is faulty, but I googled it, and apparently it is a common behaviour for this movement and it does not affect time keeping (I still have to figure out how!). The watch is pretty light and very comfortable to wear. Some extra weight would probably make the watch seem more serious, but I am absolutely ok with it as is. All in all, I am glad I chose this over Bambino (although I will definitelly get one some day, but different style). I got a really good looking watch for a very fair price. The beautiful textured blue dial with elegant hands and numerals are really something that make this watch worth every cent, and a lot more! All other stuff that could be better, but it isn't, would put this watch in a much higher price range, so when you have the price in mind, my opinion is that this watch passed the exam with straight A's. That is probably the main reason why this watch is sold out on almost every shop on the internet. When it got back in stock on DFI, it sold out in less than 24h, if I recall correctly, so I am really glad I am one of the lucky new owners of this watch. As far as my experience with Dutyfree Island Shop, everything went better than expected. I ordered my watch without the box from their ebay store, and it came all bubblewrapped and in a pouch, with all the papers you usually get with your watch, so any damage is very unlikely to happen. The package travelled with no problems to my address. Also, I got my watch way before estimated shipping time and order tracking was available at any time. I would and I will definitely buy again from this shop. Sincerely, T. P.S. I attached some pictures on stock bracelet and on light brown leather, so I'll let you decide which one suits it better!

Great watch and fast delivery. by Justin on 06/24/2017

Love this watch, great looking professional, high tech with the classic beauty of a great analogue watch. The gps sync works really well and changing time zone is so quick. Purchased this on Saturday, was delivered to Geelong on Thursday, I may have been lucky with custom bht that is amazing.

SULIMAN ALBNAQI by soliman on 06/23/2017


EW1790-57E by Сергей on 06/22/2017

О магазине - только положительные впечатления, уже дважды заказывал здесь, всё "чётко". Доставка в Ставрополь около 20 дней. Заказывал в коробке, всё целое. О часах - красивые, имеющие необходимый минимум характеристик (экодрайв, сапфир), качественные часы по вменяемой цене. Сделаны в Японии. Прекрасный браслет, даже у более дорогих Сейко браслеты похуже. Вообщем супруге очень понравился мой подарок.

Al bnaqi by soliman on 06/20/2017


Koop je horloges hier. by Rene on 06/20/2017

Ik wil deze review even splitsen in 2 hoofstukken. Eerst even over het merk Citizen en dan nog even over Ik ben een groot fan van het merk Citizen. Ik vind dat ze vaak voorop lopen als het gaat om innovatie ten opzichte van veel duurdere merken. Ik heb inmiddels al 6 horloges van Citizen gekocht. 3 voor mezelf, één voor mijn vader, één voor mijn zoon en één voor mijn vrouw. Alle horloges of radio controlled of satelliet controlled. Nooit meer gelijk zetten dus. Verder allemaal Eco drive dus geen batterij in het horloge maar wordt opgeladen door (zon) licht. Mijn oudste horloge is 12 jaar oud. Loopt nog steeds iedere dag helemaal op tijd en nog nooit iets mee geweest. Als het gaat om deze webshop en als je twijfels hebt. Stop met twijfelen en gewoon bestellen. Mijn eerste Citizen horloge heb ik in een winkel gekocht 12 jaar geleden. De volgende 5 allemaal via deze webshop. Allemaal heel snel bezorgd en dat voor een prijs die altijd ongeveer de helft van prijs is die je hier betaalt. Aanrader!!!!!

Cry swiss watches by Ricardo hernandez on 06/19/2017

The watch arrived in excellent condition as I choose No box option and in less than 7 days.Excellent price and Seiko quality at its best DFI has no rivals

SEIKO MONSTER - 100% ZADOWOLENIE!!! by Marek on 06/18/2017

Kolejny zegarek kupiony przeze mnie w tym sklepie i kolejny raz 100% zadowolenie zarówno jeżeli chodzi o sklep (bardzo atrakcyjna cena, błyskawiczna realizacja, szybka wysyłka, 6 dni i zegarek był u mnie :-) ) jak i o sam zegarek :-). Jestem już posiadaczem MONSTERA pierwszej generacji i wiem, że ma on u mnie dożywocie :-) ... przyszła więc pora na kupienie MONSTERA drugiej generacji :-) Zegarek pięknie wykonany... w końcu to SEIKO ... Wodoszczelność 200m, koperta oraz bransoleta wykonana z czarnej stali. Piękna czytelna tarcza przechodząca z koloru pomarańczowego w czerń... oraz powalająca luma na indeksach oraz wskazówkach, która daje w ciemności po oczach ... ;). Mechanizm zegarka posiada stop sekundę (czego nie ma jego poprzednik), a dokładność w modelu który kupiłem to odchyłka około 2 s na dobę :) ... co jest SUPER wynikiem. Jeżeli ktoś poszukuje nietuzinkowego uniwersalnego zegarka to w 100% POLECAM!!! Na pewno każdy będzie zadowolony :)

Orient SER2D005W0 by Jordan on 06/16/2017

I few weeks ago I started my hunt for a automatic everyday watch.Browsing the internet I stumbled upon this watch.This watch is perfect as an everyday piece,it has a simple design which means it can be worn casually on a braclet or it can be dressed up with a leather strap.The watch itself is nicely built.Although the photo in the store shows a watch with a white dial it is actually a light grey sunburst dial.There is lume on the sword hands and hour markers and the case is a solid piece of stainless steel waterproof up to 50 meters.Also I have to mention that the crown has a very smooth action and is very sturdy.The weakest point of the watch is the breaclet,but considering the quality of the watch and the price this is to be expected. The watch was securely shipped and arrived in 10 days. If you are looking for a simple yet respectable watch that you can wear everyday at a very reasonable price this is the piece for you!

Citizen Eco-Drive Attesa Titanium Sapphire Chronograph Japan Watch by stshum on 06/15/2017

Fast shippment. excellent service, items fulfill all my requirement. Absolute will order another purchase very soon.

Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled AT Chronograph Perpetual Sapphire Gents Watch AT8126-02E by BEN on 06/14/2017

This is the first time i made purchase from duty free island shop. One of my customer recommend me this site, when i told him i was interested in getting one citizen or seiko watch. I was told the price was lower compare to retail stores. After a few weeks of browsing, this Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled AT Chronograph Perpetual Sapphire Gents Watch AT8126-02E caught my attention. Delivery was fast, got my watch in less than 2weeks. Packaging was perfect even though i didn't get the watch box. Watch is well protected with bubble bags. Looking through the manual and found that the watch is already setup properly. Check on the condition of the watch and everything look perfect. The Rose Gold coating on the watch is very beautiful, shiny and bright under sunlight. Overall i am happy with this purchase and is highly recommended to friends and even strangers reading my review. 这是我第一次从DUTY FREE ISLAND SHOP 购物。 当我告诉他我有兴趣得到一个CITIZEN或SEIKO手表,我的一位客户推荐我这个网站。 我被告知价格比零售商店低。 经过几周的浏览,这款Citizen Eco-Drive全球无线电控制AT计时码表永久蓝宝石手表AT8126-02E引起了我的注意。 交货快,在不到2周的时间里拿到手表。 包装是完美的,即使我没有买手表盒。 手表受泡沫袋的保护。 查看手册,发现手表已经正确设置。 检查手表的状况,一切看起来都很完美。 手表上的玫瑰金涂层非常美丽,在阳光下有光泽也很明亮。 总体来说,我很高兴与此购买,强烈推荐给朋友甚至陌生人阅读我的评论。

Best and beautiful Mechanical watch by Ronie Adhiraaj on 06/14/2017

One of the best and immediately appealing from the house of Orient Watches Japan. Looks way more pricier than it actually is. Housing the Orient 48C40 hand winding movement without the automatic feature truly gives the nostalgic feeling while winding the watch with hand. The Power Reserve Indicator at 12'o clock gives proper representation of the spring energy reserve and for 40 hours is great. It also prevents over winding of spring which is common problem in mechanical hand winding watches.

Супер часы на каждый день!!! by Sergey on 06/14/2017

Всё круто!Часы пришли за 8 дней!!!!!Оригинал 100%!!!у мня suunto traverse alpha,ПО обновил всё Ok!Радуют меня каждый день,вообщем спасибо магазину за Вашу работу,если честно боялся,придут ли мои котлы за 390$,но всё прекрасно!!!буду заказывать попозже,но уже хотелось больше к классике,так как эти больше спортивные,извините что меня понесло,ещё раз большое спасибо,Вы лучшие!!!

Seiko SKX007 by Zarir on 06/13/2017

I great iconic watch at a very affordable price. A must have for budding collectors and sports watch fans. A true legend in every sense of the word. The SKX007 is tough, reliable & comfortable to wear. It wears perfectly for a 42mm watch and suits large and small wrists equally well.

Надежные часы на каждый день. by Sergio on 06/12/2017

Решив пополнить часовой сет Citizen, по началу глаза разбегались от множества вариантов, у этого японского производителя, пожалуй, найдутся на любой вкус и цвет и стиль.. Нужно было что-то в casual стиле и выбор остановил на Citizen NJ0070-53E. Теперь подробнее, во-первых, хотел механику, в них и ручной завод и автоподзавод, надежный и проверенный механизм Miyota 8210 (за месяц использования +10 секунд в сутки, запаса хода хватает на день точно); во-вторых оригинальный дизайн. Рендерные фото не передают в полной мере реального ощущения от часов, поэтому много раз пролистывал мимо данной модели, пока не увидел отчет с "живыми" фото и понял что тоже хочу их. В-третьих, оригинальный внешний вид, точно определить в каком они стиле сложно. Есть что-то от пилотов (авиаторов) - большой циферблат, секундная стрелка выполнена в стиле самолета на радарах, а также треугольник вместо 0 на безеле. Сам безель поворотный и внутренний, вращается легко, но случайно сдвинуть маловероятно. В-четвертых - цена, 130$ за модель в синем цвете, как я и хотел, считаю удачной. В итоге заказал и через 9 дней они оказались у меня на руке, что дает пятый плюс - общение с продавцом,он все подробно объяснил, ответил на вопросы, напомнил о дополнительной скидке и разумеется быстро отправил. Очередная благодарность DutyFreeIslandShop. Часы идут на браслете, до этого опыта практически не было, предпочитаю кожаные ремешки или силиконовые. Если придираться, то немного поскрипывает браслет, хотелось бы чтобы он не сужался с 22 мм возле ушек до 20 и звенья чуть толще. В остальном же все хорошо, не натирает и не жмет, подгоняется под размер легко, застежка удобная и надежная, в часах хожу целый день и на ночь не снимаю, никакого дискомфорта нет. Желаю вам удачных покупок и радости от приобретенных часов. : )

Отлично! by Konstantin Aleksandrovich on 06/09/2017

Регистрация на сайте не вызывает никаких затруднений. После оплаты часы были отправлены на следующий день. Кстати из- за разници курсов с карты списали немного меньше, чем указано, пустяк а приятно. До Московской области часы шли меньше двух недель. При получении упаковка была порвана, но внутри было норм. Заказывал с коробкой, она немного помялась, некритично. С часами была инструкция, в т.ч.и на русском языке, плюс гарантийный талон, с печатью но незаполненный, надеюсь не пригодиться. Сами часы очень понравились, доволен сервисом, все очень здорово!

Very good by Branut on 06/08/2017

The quality is the same that is described in the "Details". It's a watch that can be wared every day. It has arrived in aprox. 2 weeks. One thing that is not mentioned is that you have to pay the taxes of your country when you lift the package from the mail. I am very satisfied with the transaction.

Very good by Branut on 06/08/2017

The quality is the same that is described in the "Details". It's a watch that can be wared every day. It has arrived in aprox. 2 weeks. One thing that is not mentioned is that you have to pay the taxes of your country when you lift the package from the mail. I am very satisfied with the transaction.

Otziv by Виктор on 06/07/2017

Второй раз заказываю часы. Надёжный магазин . Часы дошли за 15 дней.часы лёгкие хорошо читается время . Стрелки попадают в метки .рекомендую.

Compra maestra by JOAN on 06/06/2017

Creo que comprar este reloj en Dutyfree Island ha sido una compra maestra. Muy buen precio y buen servicio, además de envío gratuito sin sorpresas y en tan solo 7 dias. Repetiré seguro!

good by Yong Jun on 06/03/2017


Citizen Eco-Drive Ladies WR 50m Elegant Watch FE6000-53L by yolanda on 06/01/2017

Citizen como fabricante de calibres y maquinarias es la empresa más importante del mundo;es cierto que vende sus maquinarias a multitud de marcas,en los últimos años ha aportado mucha tecnología al mundo de la relojería pero no estoy de acuerdo en que esté infravalorada. Sus relojes no se mueven en un sector de élite dentro del mundo de la relojería pero sin embargo los ofrecen a precios muy competitivos y asequibles estando muy bien posicionada dentro de su segmento,en la zona de mercado donde se mueve pienso que son una referencia dentro del mercado. Qué duda cabe de que son relojes de una calidad excepcional,yo tengo varios automáticos y van estupendamente. En cuanto a sus diseños si es cierto que en muchos casos se pueden mejorar pero ya están sacando modelos impresionantes ultimamente y en los tiempos venideros estoy seguro de que afinarán aún más. El que tiene o ha tenido un Citizen seguramente esté muy satisfecho con él,y sabrá que son relojes de muy buena calidad a precios adecuados,a veces me he preguntado con esta y otras marcas cuanto valdrían si fueran swiss made,pero bueno eso es otra historia. Sus calibres se montan en muchisimos relojes (incluso en marcas como breitling o casio:sad: ), puede ser la mayor fabricante de calibres. -Sus calibres son duros e innovadores, como el ecodrive que funciona mejor que la competencia. -Y no solo nos quedamos en los calibres, luego está la innovación en el material de sus cajas, el supertitanium(Ti+ip), 5 veces más duro que el acero inoxidable, que junto al zafiro hace que un reloj se pueda mantener en buen estado a lo largo de los años. -Y todo esto manteniendo unos precios ajustados. En esta ocasión no me voy a entretener diciendo el porqué de este reloj, simplemente me gustaba y me lo compré, aunque trabajo me costó pues Citizen no es una marca que trabajen muchos joyeros/relojeros. EL nombre Citizen ya es una garantia de calidad, pero adentrandonos en el producto ¿que es lo que hace especial a este reloj? Bueno, pues varias cosas y es precisamente eso su atractivo. Este reloj auna bastantes caracteristicas que solo pueden encontrarse en relojes de llamemoslo así "gama media-alta", entrecomillo pues para algunos la gama alta puede ser un rolex de 24 mil Euros, pero para gente de calle sin pretensiones en lo que es un reloj y que quieren un reloj para el dia a dia de calidad no creo que les apetezca usar un reloj de tanto dinero a parte que eso es ya lo que se denomina lujo. Eco-Drive Una de las principales caracteristicas de este reloj es el sistema de alimentación Eco-drive que permite al reloj obtener energia de cualquier fuente luminosa, lo que hace casi nulo el ya de por sí bajo mantenimiento de este reloj al prescindir de pilas. La reserva de carga del reloj es de 150 dias, así que lo podremos tener guardado sin problemas varios meses hasta que deje de funcionar. Si se diera el caso, no habria problemas para volverlo a poner a funcionar, pues cuenta con puesta en marcha rápida y en varios minutos estaria listo, aunque si revisa a menudo el reloj, este le indicará si su estado de bateria es bajo mediante el segundero, el cual comenzará a funcionar de 2 en 2 segundos hasta su parada o hasta que se recargue lo suficiente. Otra función importante del Eco-Drive es la de sobrecarga, que evitará que se nos "chamusque" en el verano cuando recibe tanta luz. Recuerdo también que aunque el reloj disponga de este sistema, no deja de ser un movimiento de cuarzo. Si te gusta la calidad y la exclusividad, el reloj citizen eco drive es lo que estabas buscando. La moda ecológica llega cada vez más lejos y a cualquier sector. El último en subirse al carro de la moda eco ha sido el gremio de los relojeros quienes han creado esta gama tan elegante y a la vez respetuoso con el medio ambiente. Los relojes Citizen eco drive son especiales, ya que han estado diseñados para vivir sin pilas, es decir, no necesitan un cambio de pilas para funcionar, puesto que trabajan con carga solar. El movimiento eco drive ha llegado y lo hace en forma de reloj. Elegante, sofisticado, versátil, y sobre todo, de calidad. El reloj Citizen eco drive se une al movimiento ecológico, pero sin olvidar la calidad y el diseño, que tanto importa a los consumidores. El diseño, elegante, ofrece la oportunidad a todo aquel que lo lleve dar un toque clásico a su estilismo, además de no llegar tarde a los sitios. Un lema que resume a la perfección el concepto de los relojes citizen Eco-Drive: "El gusto por encontrarse, por descubrir, por vivir la ciudad y el propio tiempo sin límites, cada hora." Sin duda el reloj citizen es uno de las tendencias dentro y fuera de nuestro país, no solo por su característica eco, sino también por su diseño que permite llevarlo tanto a ellos como a ellas, sin que se note. Muy muy contenta con mi nuevo reloj y con esta pagina. No setá la ultima vez que compre aqui. GRACIAS!!!

Отличные японские часы. Отличный магазин. by Виталий on 05/30/2017

Добрый день, спешу поделиться впечатлениями о качественных японских часах Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium (AW1401-50L). Пару слов о магазине. Очень терпеливо и своевременно отвечали на все мои вопросы)) Удобные поисковые фильтры. Посылку упаковали достойно, что не мало важно для почты РФ, все пришло в целости. Срок поставки 3 недели, трек код отслеживался на всех этапах доставки. Цены в магазине низкие, по сравнению с другими. Отзывчивый продавец! Отличное качество обслуживания! Я доволен. Выбирал себе часы в течении 2-х месяцев, рассматривал массу производителей и моделей, включаю механические. Остановил свой выбор именно на этой модели, понравился дизайн(двухуровневые, синий циферблат) и наличие Eco-Drive, сапфировое стекло, титановый браслет, водостойкость. Главным моим требованием было Made in Japan. Что ещё в магазине понравилось, что продавец честно разделяет часы произведенные в Японии и в других странах. Часы легкие, на руке не чувствую, "приятные к телу". Присутствует люм на стрелках. Убирал два звена под свою руку. Международная гарантия 1 год, в книжке печать магазина. Буду рекомендовать друзьям и знакомым этот магазин. Остался доволен выбором часов и магазина, спасибо!

Mr by BK Lee on 05/28/2017

An excellent product couple with excellent service from DFIS. Highly recommended site to purchase quality watches. Throughly happy with my purchase.

Amazing wach by Tamas on 05/26/2017

Amazing beautiful watch. Amazing service. Good price. Very fast delivery time. Secure packaging. Excellent seller. I'am really satisfied. THANK YOU !!

Like it by Michal on 05/26/2017

I like this watch very much. It is very good watch for that price. Unfortunately it is not eco- drive werk. Then it will be thinner, more precised and will not need any services.

הערכה של הספק והשעון by Doron Lamfit on 05/26/2017

אם יש מקום באינטרנט שבו כדאי לקנות שעון עם דגש על השעונים היפנים אז זהו המקום. האתר הוא הכי טוב בשקלול של מחיר, שרות ואמינות השעונים תמיד מגיעים לפי מה שהזמנת (וכמובן מקוריים עם כל התעודות הנדרשות).במידה ויש בעיה ומאיזו שהיא סיבה השעון לא הגיע אזי ניתן לקבל החזר במידית. החנות הכי טובה ברשת לקניית שעונים.

My sunglasses by Anamaria on 05/24/2017

They just arrived after 2 months but they are great! I can't wait to buy more products from here! Great quality an, great products!

An overly interesting watch by Hung on 05/23/2017

I am an avid mechanical watches collector. I love them as my appreciation of fine watches sine I was little. My Dad had lots of watches, all of them are Swiss made. Now, I have multiple Rolex's, Omega's, Tissot. My favorite one is the Rolex "Hulk", a very well-built and most comfortable to wear. I have been very interested in adding a multiple complications watch to my collection, them I found this watch. At first, I was skeptical in the quality of the brand, even more so with the price! A Swiss made with year, month, date, day complications like that would cost me a sizable fortune to purchase. So with out so much hesitation, I paid for this extremely interesting Orient watch, and expected to wait for a couple weeks to receive it, just like anything shipping from East Asia. Well, to my surprise, the little box came in the mail in the sixth day. What a beautiful watch! The workmanship is, dare to say, supper. The setting for all those complication are pretty straightforward. I love the texture of the dial, the watch is classy, and luxurious with out a busy-look of a multiple complication watches. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase, the competitiveness on prices, and the fast shipping of this wonderful online store. Highly recommend.

Orient Bambino Version 4 Japan Automatic Gent's Leather Elegant Watch by GYUNG WOONG on 05/22/2017

오토매틱 입문 시계로서는 탁월한 선택으로 생각합니다. 2016년 새로운 오리엔트의 22석 오토매틱이 탑재된 제품입니다. 주요 기능으로는 이전 모델에서는 지원하지 않는 수동감기와 핵기능이 탑재되어 어느정도 내구성에 대해 신뢰할 수 있을것 같습니다. 항공우편으로 배송되었으나 한국에서 주말이 겹쳐 예상보다 조금늦게 상품을 받았지만 설레임에 즐겁게 기다렸습니다. 오리엔트 밤비노 오토매틱 시계는 가격대비 상품성이 좋은 제품이라 생각되고 특히, 한국보다 가격 조건이 탁월합니다. 돔크리스탈유리가 주는 보석 같은 반짝임으로 고급스럽게 느껴지고 정장이나 캐쥬얼차림에도 잘 어울리는것 같아 멋져 보입니다.

Seiko Monster Naranja by Jose O. on 05/21/2017

Este reloj ha sido mi primera compra aquí. El envío ha sido con seguimiento y rápido además; sin ningún tipo de problemas con las aduanas, cosa a tener en cuenta.. Repetiré. Dicho lo cual al reloj. El monster es un reloj que me encantó desde que lo ví, y lo recomiendo, se sale de lo habitual. Es un reloj robusto y muy muy cómodo; y con esta relación calidad precio no encontrarás nada mejor. Es un diver contundente, que aprece mas grande de lo que és, pero que luce muy bien. El bisel es giratorio, tiene corona roscada,el calibre es el 4R36 con remonte manual y parada de segundero, es muy preciso y además funciona de manera muy suave. El calendario esta en esta versión en inglés y español. En cuanto al acabado en PVD; es de buena calidad, mejor que la gama recraft por ejemplo aunque no llega al nivel de Citizen, que bajo mi punto de vista tiene el mejor PVD que hay. El armys es macizo e incorpora extensión de buceo en el cierre, muy sencillo de utilizar. En cuanto al apartado del lumen es muy bonito, duradero y potente, parece una boca a punto de morderte, gracias esos indices con forma de colmillo. He de decir que al foto de la web no le hace justicia, ya que ademas esos indices vienen bien bordeados para que se acentúe esa forma de diente. La tapa trasera es roscada tambien, decir que es completamente de acero, caja, armys, cierre y bisel, con lo cual es un reloj perfecto para diario, ya uqe su bisel por la forma cóncava que tiene protege muy bien el cristal de los golpes y el maltrato. Es un reloj con cáracter que a mi personalmente me encanta, además de su armys queda muy bien acompañado de una correa de silicona a juego con sus colores. Recomendable completamente, un buen reloj, a un precio francamente bueno y con la fiabilidad de Seiko que es incontestable, no te arrepentirás si te haces con uno.

Surprise wife by Андрей on 05/21/2017

Добрый день! Решил купить жене подарок на день рождения. Выбрал DFI как продавца с большим количеством отличных отзывов. Скорость работы очень высокая. 7.05 - заказал и оплатил. 22.05 получил в Чите на почте. Доставка бесплатная, упаковано качественно. Заказывал в коробке. Часы выглядят строго и аккуратно. В комплекте инструкция на английском. надеюсь порадовать жену в день рождения, но чуть позже. Магазину спасибо! Так держать, я очень доволен покупкой. РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!

Citizen CB0011-51L CB0011-69L Eco- Drive Promaster Air Global Radio Controlled Sapphire Japan Pilots Watch Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Air Global Radio Controlled Sapphire Japan Pilots Blue Dial Watch by Peter on 05/21/2017

This watch is beautiful it has the looks and functionality. Let's talk about the looks first. The dial is clean clear and simple I love it. It's minimalistic and uncluttered. It's got a nice big date window to see the date. The two hands are nice and fat which makes it easy to see the time at a quick glance. The hour and minute hands look like big swords I really like them & they look cool. The second hand looks like a fencing sword (also cool). Because the hour and minute hand are so thick they can hold a lot of fluorescent material and they light up nice in the dark. The turquoise blue green color looks really nice in the dark. All the hour markers and 2 swords look really cool lit up in the dark. It's a clean simple beautiful looking dial that's a joy to look at. Now let's talk about the functionality. This is the most accurate watch in the world it's Atomic it's radio controlled it's always precise to the second. It sets itself for daylight savings time , no need to touch it sets the calendar even for leap years no need to touch it. This watch is set and forget! It's powered by any kind of light, it never needs a battery it's a world time watch able to tell time the world over and to top it off it has a sapphire crystal which is virtually scratch proof making for a perfect durable everyday wearer! The blue dial looks beautiful and I also have another with a black/grey dial. I'm addicted to atomic time and the precision of it. When my 2 Atomic watches and my atomic clock on the wall are all synced up to the second it looks really cool. The purpose of a watch is to tell time so why not have the most precise ... and you don't have to spend a fortune! Buy a radio controlled watch... you'll love it!!

Beautiful Promaster Eco-Drive Yachting Watch by Citizen by Nikola D. on 05/19/2017

I've always admired the technology and design of Citizen watches. Having Eco-Drive means that you get a reliable and carefree running watch. As long as you keep it anywhere where there is light, it stays charged and running. In practice, it will be a long time before this type of solar powered quartz drive needs repairs. When it comes to precision of the movement, my watch gained +10 seconds in the period of 2 months which is an exceptional precision. Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Sea Collection Yachting JR4037-04E is a beautiful timepiece. Just by looking at the pictures I knew that this is the right Citizen watch for me. Even though it is an older model it uses a top spec C660 movement that has plenty of useful functions. Dual time zone display, 60 Minute Adjustable Timer, 99 Racing Countdown Timer that automatically switches to Stopwatch can run for 24 Hours indefinitely. Both Racing Timer and Stopwatch mode have the ability to display individual lap times. There is also a Calendar function and 2 separate Alarms. Personally, I like having both analogue and digital functions. In this case, it is a combination of best of both worlds. You can display time and date from two different time zones for more convenience and switch between them easily. There are 30 major cities to choose from when setting your home and alternate time-zone. The watch face with bezel measures 43 mm in diameter. Both the dial and the bezel look beautiful. The sloped sapphire crystal covered dial appears black in colour until you angle the watch slightly which reveals that the entire surface is a deep purple colour solar plate that is collecting light for powering of the watch. The bi-rotational titanium bezel combines a mix of glossy, slightly raised, number markings and matte base to make this timepiece look elegant and more expensive than it really is. I swapped the factory included strap with a high-quality custom made one that looks better and feels more comfortable on my hand. It also gives the watch a much better appearance. This was my first order from Dutyfreeisland shop and I can say that I am very pleased how the transaction went from beginning to end. The shipping was free, there were no additional import costs and the product came in perfect shape. Overall, I can recommend them as being reliable and having a great customer support. Seeing how this model is out of stock everywhere, I am grateful that I got the opportunity of buying this unique timepiece. Seeing how the Japan-only production model sold in limited numbers it can be considered as a rare collector's watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive AW0020-59E by Arman on 05/19/2017

Great watch, stylish look.

Good retro watch by Ian on 05/17/2017

A good looking retro watch. Reliable timepiece. Band just long enough for my largish wrist but is fine. Should fit most well. Recommended for those who thought they might have flown a Spitfire.

Un buen regalo by Walton on 05/16/2017

Hola, este reloj lo adquirí porque quiero hacerle un regalo a mi padre por el día del padre que se celebra en junio en Perú. Me gustó la marca Citizen, desde que mi padre, el año 1997 me regaló un Citizen automático. Pasados unos años perdí el reloj. El año 2007 revisando páginas de internet, descubrí que Citizen tenía la tecnología Eco-Drive que funcionan con luz, quedé enamorado de esos relojes, posteriormente, el año 2012 compré mi primer Eco Drive y el año 2013 el segundo. Estaba buscando qué regalarle a mi padre en Ebay y un amigo me sugirió que busque relojes. Busqué Citizen Eco-Drive y llegué a la tienda Dutyfree Island, lo que me agradó mucho e hizo que me convenciera de adquirir uno, fue los buenos precios que tienen, un reloj parecido lo compraría por lo menos por el doble de precio en mi país. Encontré este CA4120-5E que costó US$ 107.95 (con caja), quedé fascinado por el modelo, las manecillas y horas luminosas en la oscuridad, el taquímetro, sus números 30-60 que me llamaron mucho la atención, sus detalles en el marcador de 24 horas y de los minutos del cronómetro, las letras Eco-Drive en el contador de segundos y la fecha en un fondo negro, con tonos grises en los tres círculos, en realidad la combinación de colores es muy interesante, su buen tamaño y peso, se aprecia un reloj imponente. Me gustó mucho más que el CA4120-5A que viene en fondo blanco. Lo adquirí con caja porque es para regalar. Mi padre se pondrá muy contento, supongo que no espera recibir un gran reloj este día del padre que se acerca, dejará su viejo Citizen automático de 38 mm y ahora usará un reloj muy atractivo Eco-Drive de 45mm, quedará fascinado y podrá presumirlo frente a sus amigos, estoy ansioso contando las horas para que llegue el 19 de junio (fecha en que se celebra el día del padre). Estoy muy feliz con esta adquisición. La entrega fue muy rápida, tres semanas. La comunicación con el vendedor fue eficaz y las referencias y comentarios de la página me dieron la seguridad de que he adquirido un producto original. Muchas gracias, estoy muy agradecido.

Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled AT Chronograph Perpetual Sapphire Gents Watch AT8126-02E by BEN on 05/15/2017

This is the first time i made purchase from duty free island shop. One of my customer recommend me this site, when i told him i was interested in getting one citizen or seiko watch. I was told the price was lower compare to retail stores. After a few weeks of browsing, this Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled AT Chronograph Perpetual Sapphire Gents Watch AT8126-02E caught my attention. Delivery was fast, got my watch in less than 2weeks. Packaging was perfect even though i didn't get the watch box. Watch is well protected with bubble bags. Looking through the manual and found that the watch is already setup properly. Check on the condition of the watch and everything look perfect. The Rose Gold coating on the watch is very beautiful, shiny and bright under sunlight. Overall i am happy with this purchase and is highly recommended to friends and even strangers reading my review. 这是我第一次从DUTY FREE ISLAND SHOP 购物。 当我告诉他我有兴趣得到一个CITIZEN或SEIKO手表,我的一位客户推荐我这个网站。 我被告知价格比零售商店低。 经过几周的浏览,这款Citizen Eco-Drive全球无线电控制AT计时码表永久蓝宝石手表AT8126-02E引起了我的注意。 交货快,在不到2周的时间里拿到手表。 包装是完美的,即使我没有买手表盒。 手表受泡沫袋的保护。 查看手册,发现手表已经正确设置。 检查手表的状况,一切看起来都很完美。 手表上的玫瑰金涂层非常美丽,在阳光下有光泽也很明亮。 总体来说,我很高兴与此购买,强烈推荐给朋友甚至陌生人阅读我的评论。

Good watch for good price by Sandor on 05/14/2017

Good watch for good price (US$130). I like it: stainless steel strap, sapphire glass, Made in Japan. But the miyota 8210 werk is inaccurate, but it is still between factorys data (-20 - +40s /day). +20 seconds every day. I have to visit a watchmaker.

best rado homage by toan on 05/11/2017

at 20% of rado on sale price, this is very reasonable

Sharing my experience with Duty Free Island. by William Thomas on 05/11/2017

I bought this watch for my son before one year. My son is very satisfied with it. Watch is working well and he is keeping this as gold. I have very pleasure to purchase from Duty Free Island because their service is greater than my expectations. They given correct product details and keeping as it. They given quality products in lowest prices compared with other online shops. The after sales service is excellent. They followed the tracking system and inform us if required. I highly recommend Duty Free Island as a "Trusted Online Store". God bless the Store. I wish all success on their future activities.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Outdoor Sapphire GPS Watch by Muhammad Habibih Al-Kuya on 05/10/2017

Awesome watch! I have studied many different models of GPS watches before purchasing this one. In fact I was going to purchase the Suunto Traverse a few weeks ago which is the older model. I came across Suunto's website and saw that they had a new version coming out April 2016. I decided to wait and get this one, the Traverse Alpha. It has a few extra features that the older model doesn't like the hunting and fishing modes for the GPS. The textile band, textured bezel, and Sapphire Crystal are other things added to the watch that contribute to the increased cost compared to the older model which is totally worth it. The smooth bezel on the older model would show scratches more when they happen. The textured bezel gives it a more rugged look and will show less signs of wear over time. The sapphire crystal gives you more scratch resistance and more clarity on the screen, and the textile band feels nicer on your wrist than the silicon band on the older model. I tried on the older model at an REI for comparison. This watch is worth the money. From all my research through reviews on various websites a lot of people have said the GPS on this watch is reliable. Whereas I was also looking into the Garmin Fenix watches and everyone loved the watch for the most part, but many said the GPS on it wasn't accurate. That their runs with the breadcrumb trail on the Garmin Fenix would show them going way off trail making their total distance ran further than they actually ran. I have friends and family with Suunto watches and they have all been happy with them. One has the Suunto Ambit Peak 3 and told me the GPS function worked great. I felt so much more confidence buying the Suunto Alpha over any other GPS watch out there. I am not a watch person since I just use my phone to check time, so I am not going to buy a watch just to check the time. I bought this because it is very functional with the GPS for when I go hiking in the backcountry and it even will vibrate when I receive a text or call. I used the Apple Watch for a couple weeks when it was released and thought the notification features were useful, but it didn't justify the $400 cost of the watch. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is everything I wanted the Apple Watch to be. I wanted it to be a smart watch with a good battery life and with functional features that my phone cannot do off the grid. This watch does everything I liked about the Apple Watch which was really only notifications since I keep my phone on silent and I don't always feel it in my pocket. I always feel the vibration on my wrist so now I never miss a text or call. This watch doesn't need your phone to get a GPS location, altitude, compass, or barometer measurement. It functions like any standard GPS. The battery life on the Apple watch was like 1.5 days. I've tinkered with this watch for a couple days now after a full charge 2 days ago it is only at 93% now. Seems like I could easily go a week or longer without charging this. Of course using the GPS function will drain it faster, but I don't need the GPS all the time. I sold my Apple Watch soon after I bought it because it only did everything that my phone could do. Most of the time in the watch apps it would even tell me to open up the app on my iPhone to use more features since the watch couldn't do it all. It was an expensive gadget that didn't provide me with any extra function. I now wear the Suunto Traverse Alpha since it can do things that my phone can't do and it has a lot of useful features when paired with your phone for everyday use. It is worth every penny. Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS watch offers a ton of options for hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts, including such versatile outdoor functions such as the electronic compass with tilt compensation and a bread crumb trail navigational system to help while exploring through any new and unknown environments. Perfect for a long and arduous journey, the rechargeable battery lasts for hours at full intensity with the GPS function on. During testing, the battery lasted well over 3 days while the GPS and other functions were active. The watch even produces a sound in order to alert the user of a low battery, and stays on for quite some time at a 1% charge (even at 0% charge it was still active for a couple hours), allowing the user more than enough time to trek it back to camp base to charge the device. Overall Opinion of the GPS function - This is definitely a rugged useful watch for hiking in the back country. The Movescount App adds plenty of function for this watch as well. I was really impressed with the Suunto Movie option. The Movescount App will tell you some things that the watch itself won't show like how elevation or temperature changed throughout the time you recorded your route. Lots of useful information from the App. To say the least, the Traverse Alpha is not only one of the most comfortable watches I've ever had the pleasure of wearing, but it's one of the most fully featured piece of outdoor equipment I have had my hands on and I highly recommend it to any outdoor enthusiast who's in need of a small and powerful device such as this. THANK YOU DUTYFREEISLAND.COM FOR THE AWESOME SERVICE! THANK YOU SUUNTO FOR THE AWESOME WATCH! I LOVE SUUNTO <3 <3 <3

Citizen Eco-Drive AW1350-59E - excellent solar-powered watch by Evgeni on 05/09/2017

For a while I looked for a grab-and-go watch to add to my collection. The requirements were simple – the watch must be solar, must have orange accents on its dial and must be affordable. While lurking at some watch forums I got recommendations about DutyFree Island shop (DFI). After I've entered the site and searched over large collection represented here, I saw this watch and was really surprised about the price. Previously I saw the watch from this Citizen collection (in other color) in some local stores. The price here was half of the price in local stores. Immediately I ordered this watch. It was simple procedure, only a few clicks, checkout with Paypal, and the order was placed. The processing was very fast - about 30 hours later I received e-mail with tracking number. The tracking information showed that the package was already at HK post. It took 19 days to arrive to Israel (and another 5 days to get from central sorting center to my local post office). And now about the watch. Everybody knows about Eco-drive technology – the great future developed by Citizen years ago. This watch is powered by simple and may be the most robust J810 movement with impressive 8-month power reserve. The stock picture can't represent the real look of this watch. The real watch is more beautiful. The bezel is polished while the body is brushed. The mineral glass is slightly domed. The links of bracelet combine brushed steel with polished accents. The bracelet is really comfortable and ready to wear on wrist up to 8" (exactly for my about 8" wrist – I didn't make any adjustments). The overall quality of the watch is perfect, especially the alignment of movement and dial – this is my first quartz watch where the second hand meets precisely every second sign on the dial. Here are some dimensions that usually absent from official specifications: Case width with crown 47mm Lug to lug size – 47mm Dial size – 34mm Lugs size – 24mm (regular lugs – you can change the bracelet to any strap) And for conclusion – I really satisfied with DFI service and especially with my new watch. Now I have plans to choose and to order watch for my dad. And definitely this watch will be ordered from DutyFree Island.

A bit of disappointment by Serge on 05/08/2017

I was expecting more than I got. There's nothing wrong with the shop, it describes the watch very accurately. But... for this price you get what you paid for. My main problem is the time readability. The hour signs are simply the tiny luminescent dots which are hardly visible on white background. I guess the dark-faced versions of this watch are much more legible. Accuracy is about -30 sec per day (as advertised). Another (not major) disappointment is the bracelet. It is very weak and rattly. Generally, it is 70s watch and it leaves 70s impression. The general feeling form wearing this watch - it's cheap. I don't regret purchasing it as the calendar feature is amazing and the watch looks beautiful. Pros: Stunning looks and proper function. Cons: Time readability and rattly bracelet.

Tnank you! by Ruslan on 05/07/2017

Best is price, fast shipping. I really recommend this website!!!

Best watch by Rafal on 05/05/2017

Bardzo fajny zegarek. Szafirowe szkło z antyrefleksem. Wskazówki trafiają idealnie w indeksy. Bez problemowa synchronizacja radiowa w Europie , no i dominujący piękny czarny kolor. Idealny zegarek na co dzień. Obsługa sklepu na wysokim poziomie . Polecam

Manager/Buisness owner by John on 04/23/2017

Arrived this morning was my new Citizen BJ7017-09E. After researching Citizen watches for some time I decided on this one, for both Quality and Value for money.I have owned several Citizen watches in the past and found them to be most reliable& rugged.I am an engineer so my watch tends to get exposure to some rough treatment from time to time. I must say I am very impressed withDuty Free Island. My watch took less than a week to arrive from Singapore to NZ and the freight was free! I have subscribed to their news letter and when it comes time for my next purchase of any products they sell,I will most definatly be shopping with them again.

I recommend! by David on 04/20/2017

Nice (elegant) watch with an accuracy of -1s per day. They are not too heavy, which suits me. Price unbeatable, as always! is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 1000 user reviews.