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Simple the best by Laurentiu on 04/12/2018

Maybe there are 10000 good words about dutyfreeisland team but i think it's enough "The Best" My watch arrived before estimated time and its awesome. I'll tell everyone yo buy from dutyfreeialand just because you exceeded my expectations. In final i want to say again, Simple the Best

Orient by Andrzej Niedziela on 04/10/2018

Kwintesencja solidności i jakości. Zegarek tak mi się spodobał, że kupiłem dwie sztuki. W jednym chodzę w dzień, a w drugim śpię. Żona nalega, abym pomógł jej wybrać z oferty sklepu coś dla niej. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The quintessence of solidity and quality. I liked this watch so much that I have bought two. One of them I wear during the day, and I sleep with the second one. My wife insists on me to help her to choose something from the shop for her.

Mr by Hakan on 04/10/2018

Professional service. I'm very pleased with the purchase.The watch looks great on my wrist.This is my fifth watch from Duty Free Island, excellent seller fast and safe shipping. Highly recommended to anyone.Very much appreciate the service and hence price provided by dutyfreeislandshop.

A handsome watch for a far from princely price. by James Sharpe on 04/09/2018

Bought this watch after watching a youtube video review (Jody from Just one more watch). Watch is well made and keeps good time. Wears well. Liking it very much so far.

часы норм by Nikolai on 04/04/2018

часы в Россию пришли быстро , около 2х недель. часы супер, цена в России в 2-3 раза дороже. хотел дайверы, но за такую цену только они.

Excellent watch as a gift to your beloved! by Dmitriy on 04/03/2018

I received the parcel with the order. For several weeks parcel did not move after sending from Hong Kong. The support service was promptly answered and asked to wait a bit. After that in a few days the parcel passed customs and quickly came to my city. The order came exactly as indicated on the site. In my city, such watches are much more expensive so the purchase here is completely justified. Watches live are even more beautiful than in the photo. The light, easily readable dial is decorated with stones, it attracts attention and pleases the eye. Charging the clock from the light, getting out of the box was enough to shine a flashlight on them and set the time. The bracelet is shortened in 5 minutes without special tools. I took this watch as a gift to my mother and they really liked her. Thanks to the store for the excellent work! I will be your regular customer.

Orient Ray II. by Ngoc,Nguyen on 04/03/2018

The best dealer I ever met,everything well done.Thank you a lot. I will buy some watches :for my wife,for my son a couple of weeks,Thank again.keep your shop busy .

Mr by Mike Kulaga on 04/02/2018

Hi All, Just want to write a quick review about my experience with my recent purchase of a Citizen CC9015-54 F900 Satellite Wave watch. Initially this watch was sold out, however I was very quickly notified when it was back in stock after signing up and was able to purchase the watch as soon as it was back in stock. Duty Free Island provide very competitive pricing and a very professional purchase process. The watch was shipped immediately and arrived in Australia approx. 4 business days after the purchase. The watch was very well packed and I am very pleased with the watch. I would not hesitate to recommend Duty Free Island to any friends or colleagues going forward. Thanks you very much for an excellent service. Keep up the good work! Kind Regards Mike

good by on 03/31/2018

good watch i love it

Sexy and stylish accessory of any gentleman by Vladimir on 03/30/2018

March 26, 2018 I turned 30 years old. My parents decided to give me a wonderful watch for memory. I spent a long time looking for a watch in Russia in Moscow, but I did not find anything good. As soon as I saw these new watches, I immediately fell in love with them. I immediately ordered them. Unfortunately, I never got them to my anniversary, the parcel went more than 20 days. But as soon as she came to the post office I immediately took them. I was overwhelmed with emotions. After opening the package, I was in a very pleasant shock! Click on the link to see the opening of the package: Also on the links you can see the photos of the clock and the contents of the package: The watch is completely original and has an international guarantee! In Moscow in the service center I was shortened with a strap for free. The warranty starts from the date of purchase, so there are 11 months instead of 12 of the delivery. Pros: Very beautiful color, light, stylish, sexy, all the girls and men immediately drew attention to them, very emphasize the man's brush and style, fit any clothes, look more expensive than the price. Do not require a battery. Minuses: Could be cheaper, can be heated in the summer under the sun, a fragile sapphire crystal, you can easily lose or forget somewhere. No backlight shooter. In general, I am pleased with this choice of watch! I think they will serve me for a long time! I definitely hope for further cooperation with the store and I will recommend it to my friends! Thank you very much!

一劳永逸的时间工具 by Yifan on 03/27/2018

今年一月份种草了西铁城后一发不可收拾,满世界找哪里可以买到便宜的西铁城,淘宝虽好,但是都是个人代购,不是很放心。机缘巧合和,搜到了这个神奇的网站,价格没的说,绝大部分都比淘宝同款代购要便宜。不放心肯定是有的,好在购买的欲望不是十分强烈,因此静下心来在网上找了不少有关这个网站的信息。在不同网站看到几个提到这个网站的询问贴,没有看到欺骗的现象,发帖时间以及发帖用户不像是人为蓄意广告贴,因此心里大体上放心了。为了进一步确认安全问题,谷歌英文关键词,也有不少英文用户对该网站低廉的价格提出疑问,但是下面的回复都是积极信息,因此大致上确定这个网站是安全可以购买。 在安全问题确认后,剩下最大的问题就是——经常缺货!看上的款式总是处于缺货状态,一开始以为是因为年末放假,供货乏力,龙抬头之后该没货的款式依旧没货,好吧,看来是真的缺。解决方法无二——一个字,等。每天晚上固定上来刷新一遍西铁城GPS分类,看看有没有上新货,终于,功夫不负有心人,等来了想要的款式。 说是想要的款式,其实最一开始心里的预期型号是CC3015,我的要求是F150机芯及以上,钛合金表壳,45mm及以下表盘,哪个先有货买哪个。然后就刷出来这一款了。研究了下,表盘大小和CC3015应该是一样大小,F900机芯融合了电波表H820的第二时区,以及H804的秒表计时器,这两样最有用的功能,去掉了毫无卵用的上下午指示,三眼小表盘剩下一个则专门用来显示当前模式,直接明了,相比F100,F900可以自动识别时区,闰秒矫正,从功能上讲,简直是当前最完美的卫星机型。当然,如果说遗憾或者担心的话也是有的,一个是功能太复杂是否会导致故障率增加?再一个就是不能自动设置夏令时。 下单后等待的时间总是特别漫长,北京时间周五凌晨下单,选择的免税通道,已经花了这么多了,索性多交一点免税,图个省心。页面上写的是6到10个工作日抵达。周六周日没有任何物流更新,翻过头来周一依旧杳无音讯,周二就显示已经抵达英国转运了,好消息,周三周四又没了动静,周五凌晨收到邮件,说昨天尝试投递失败,让我联系物流。乖乖,要是昨天顺利投递,满打满算,5个工作日就到了。立马行动,一顿操作顺利到手。没有收税,没有破损。 到家打开包裹,里面用S型泡沫塑料填充空隙,黑色的西铁城包装盒用塑料包裹起来。打开盒子,期待已久的手表就在里面静静的躺着。手表上挂着吊牌,外面用塑料袋包着,感觉应该是新货。把所有物品摊开摆在桌子上,一共有手表本体一个,说明书一本,国际保修单一张,dutyfreeisland退货说明一张,手表枕头一块。应该说该有的家伙都齐全,心中的一块石头算是落了下来。 迫不及待的移除塑料袋仔细端摩。不得不说,比这种精致的小玩意,实物总是要比图片好看。时针分针有两个角度不同的切面,因此在不同角度看到的光泽不同。表盘内部最外面一圈垫了一圈透明的塑料,白色的指示文字印在塑料上面,不是很明白为什么要这么处理,如果能直接印在表盘上,看起来应该会高档一些,指示12个时间的部件贴在塑料上,因此末端悬空在最底下表盘之上,不论大小,这12个部件一律有3个切面,在不同角度下依旧可以反射不同的光芒,煞是好看。6点方向下面写着made in japan,血统纯正。表盘最外圈,显示时区的那一圈有两个角度,一个角度用来显示数字时区,内部从12点到6点顺时针半圈用来表示光照度,另外半圈只在77,8,9,10,11点处点缀一个金色的小方块。之前一直不清楚,为什么不能打标识时区的文字放在镜面之内,现在明白了,不是不想放,实在是放不下了。也罢,希望外面磨损的太厉害。剩下的5个指针则都是亚光处理,左右两个小表盘是凸面,大小一致,左右对称,最下面表盘标识分钟的表盘倒角处理,指针长短处理的刚刚好,小时刻度比时针稍大一圈,分钟刻度比分针稍大一圈。 表壳和表链上都注明了材料是钛,真的轻,以前把玩过朋友的不锈钢手表,两者比较起来现在手里这枚真是轻若鸿毛,手表是用来看时间的工具,而不是锻炼腕部力量的器械,而卫星电波表动辄180多g的重量,真的让人望而却步,这也是为什么一定要选择钛合金的原因。本人手腕较细,拆掉4截表链后整体重量只会变得更轻,周长虽然只有不到16cm,但是戴上这块手表后并没有觉得表盘大,因此小手腕的朋友不用担心。尽管之前好不掩饰的表达了我对钛合金的的喜爱,但是依旧像吐槽一句,感觉表脸侧面棱角过于分明,稍有点划,如果能倒角就好了,印象中不锈钢表链侧面没有这么明显的划手感觉。 购买新相机后,使用相机前第一件事就是把说明书读三遍,对于这么一款,两个按键,1个旋钮控制全部功能的手表来说,熟读说明书我想也是使用前要做的第一件事。用惯了G-shock那种软绵绵毫无反馈感的按钮,第一次上手这款手表有一种很微妙的感觉。按键段落感明显,如果用声音来形容的话那一定是咔咔咔。表冠明显不是机械式的,里面应该是某种电位器,段落感依旧强烈,每转一下,都能明显感觉到电刷经过一段阻力后切换到下一个档位。我对说明书并不是很满意,如果能把每个按键在同一个模式下所有对应的操作讲明白后再讲下一个模式这种顺序来介绍,感觉会让使用者更容易上手。 一块手表,能源和精确度是唯二需要人为干预的事项,然而光动能保证了半永久的能量供应,我上一块太阳能手表用了快10年,电量依旧充沛。卫星对时,保证了你在这个星球上无论何时何地,都能获得最精确的时间,网络时间有传输延迟,手机需要接入网络后才能自动切换时区校时,而电波对时,出了6个电波局后便一无是处,电波表甚至不能覆盖我国全部国土,因此卫星对时简直就是开挂一样的存在。解决了这两样主要问题后,那么这块手表就本上就可以保证每次抬手腕都能够获得最准确可靠的时间了。除此以外,更有锦上添花的全钛轻量化,双面蓝宝石防反射涂层。对于把手表当做工具来用的人来说,完美两个足以概括一切的的一切。

Citizen Ladies Promaster Marine Eco-Drive 200m ISO Cert. Divers Watch by kong kiam on 03/27/2018

I have been looking for a suitable diver watch for my wife for the longest time. I had ruled out quartz powered watches and digital watches as I dislike changing of batteries and lcd screen blurred out after a few years. However, it is very difficult to look for a diver watch for ladies as most divers watches are mend for men, especially if I ruled out the said criteria. I was looking for kinetic and automatic powered diver watches for ladies but I have to rul them out as well as they were mostly mend for men, untill I read about Citizen Eco Drive watches and it still took a long time to find it as they weren't sold in watch shops within my vicinity and pretty hard to find one from the web which is trustable with reasonable pricing. I was so glad after the longest time, found which met all my criterias. Now am a happy man having chose the perfect lady diver watch for my love one. No more changing battery hassle, tough and elegant. By virtue of many Citizen Ladies diver watches were sold out in many sites I visited, I hope more ladies diver watches are to be made available by Citizen for ladies especially as they too need a tough, Eco drive movement watches and yet look elegant.

Relojes automáticos, relojes con corazón by Carlos Díaz on 03/26/2018

Empezaré por comentar mi experiencia con el servicio y la atención de Dutyfree island (DFI), de verdad que resulto ser muy placentera y por lo mismo muy recomendable, eso sí, hay que estar atentos ya que con semejantes ofertas los relojes vuelan, pues resulta que estaba navegando en su fantástico sitio web buscando un regalo para mi mujer, y para mi sorpresa me encuentro con ésta hermosa pieza de relojería, últimamente he vuelto mis ojos hacia los relojes automáticos los cuales considero están dotados de alma y de corazón, sin importar si son súper precisos como los de cuarzo, pero mucho mas interesantes en el minucioso trabajo que implica su funcionamiento, además de ser ecológicos pues no tienen pilas que desechar después, y como les decía encontré este hermoso SEIKO, que para mi suerte resultó ser el último y todavía a la hora de escribir esta reseña sigue sin haber en stock, pues me animo y lo compré, me atrevo a decir que con un poco de desconfianza ya que era mi primera vez con DFI, pronto descubrí que aceptaban paypal y la desconfianza desapareció por completo, así que me apresure a comprarlo, decidí que fuera sin caja original, y esto es algo que recomiendo ya que así el paquete no llamará la atención y se minimiza la probabilidad de que se "pierda", y tal cual el envío llegó sin ningún problema y en perfecto estado, en correo certificado y con el número de seguimiento para checar el estatus en todo momento, y lo mejor como su nombre lo dice, totalmente libre de impuestos. Ahora enfocándome en el reloj, verifico, ratifico y certifico el porqué SEIKO es una empresa tan prestigiada y porqué sus relojes son de los más vendidos del mundo, es simplemente perfecto, lo primero que llama la atención es que se ve mucho mas caro de lo que cuesta, el nivel de acabado en pulido y cepillado denota un trabajo por demás exquisito, lo mismo en la caja y bisel como en su brazalete, en su dial encontramos manecillas y marcadores con luminova, y también las complicaciones de fecha y días de la semana en ingles y en español, el ajuste desde la corona para cambiar horas y fechas es sumamente preciso y se nota muy buen construido, se también de la fama de estos relojes de no necesitar servicio en 10 años o mas, su fiabilidad es absoluta y lo mejor de todo es que a mi esposa le encantó, lo cual me hace muy feliz, salve decir que no he encontrado ninguna contrariedad o defecto que valga la pena reseñar hasta este momento, gracias por su atención.

Превосходно! by VIACHASLAU on 03/25/2018

К часам нет ни одного вопроса. Просто класс!

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Sky GMT by jorge on 03/25/2018

This Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster dive watch is powered by light (or solar power). You get the accuracy of quartz without the hassle of having to open up the case to replace a battery. It features a 46.5mm diameter stainless steel case, a stainless steel bracelet, luminous hands and hour markers, a computational inner rotating slide-rule bezel, a independently adjustable GMT hand for dual time capability, and a date window at the 3:00 position on the dial. Water resistance is 200 meters.

一劳永逸的计时工具 by Yifan on 03/24/2018

今年一月份种草了西铁城后一发不可收拾,满世界找哪里可以买到便宜的西铁城,淘宝虽好,但是都是个人代购,不是很放心。机缘巧合和,搜到了这个神奇的网站,价格没的说,绝大部分都比淘宝同款代购要便宜。不放心肯定是有的,好在购买的欲望不是十分强烈,因此静下心来在网上找了不少有关这个网站的信息。在不同网站看到几个提到这个网站的询问贴,没有看到欺骗的现象,发帖时间以及发帖用户不像是人为蓄意广告贴,因此心里大体上放心了。为了进一步确认安全问题,谷歌英文关键词,也有不少英文用户对该网站低廉的价格提出疑问,但是下面的回复都是积极信息,因此大致上确定这个网站是安全可以购买。 在安全问题确认后,剩下最大的问题就是——经常缺货!看上的款式总是处于缺货状态,一开始以为是因为年末放假,供货乏力,龙抬头之后该没货的款式依旧没货,好吧,看来是真的缺。解决方法无二——一个字,等。每天晚上固定上来刷新一遍西铁城GPS分类,看看有没有上新货,终于,功夫不负有心人,等来了想要的款式。 说是想要的款式,其实最一开始心里的预期型号是CC3015,我的要求是F150机芯及以上,钛合金表壳,45mm及以下表盘,哪个先有货买哪个。然后就刷出来这一款了。研究了下,表盘大小和CC3015应该是一样大小,F900机芯融合了电波表H820的第二时区,以及H804的秒表计时器,这两样最有用的功能,去掉了毫无卵用的上下午指示,三眼小表盘剩下一个则专门用来显示当前模式,直接明了,相比F100,F900可以自动识别时区,闰秒矫正,从功能上讲,简直是当前最完美的卫星机型。当然,如果说遗憾或者担心的话也是有的,一个是功能太复杂是否会导致故障率增加?再一个就是不能自动设置夏令时。 下单后等待的时间总是特别漫长,北京时间周五凌晨下单,选择的免税通道,已经花了这么多了,索性多交一点免税,图个省心。页面上写的是6到10个工作日抵达。周六周日没有任何物流更新,翻过头来周一依旧杳无音讯,周二就显示已经抵达英国转运了,好消息,周三周四又没了动静,周五凌晨收到邮件,说昨天尝试投递失败,让我联系物流。乖乖,要是昨天顺利投递,满打满算,5个工作日就到了。立马行动,一顿操作顺利到手。没有收税,没有破损。 到家打开包裹,里面用S型泡沫塑料填充空隙,黑色的西铁城包装盒用塑料包裹起来。打开盒子,期待已久的手表就在里面静静的躺着。手表上挂着吊牌,外面用塑料袋包着,感觉应该是新货。把所有物品摊开摆在桌子上,一共有手表本体一个,说明书一本,国际保修单一张,dutyfreeisland退货说明一张,手表枕头一块。应该说该有的家伙都齐全,心中的一块石头算是落了下来。 迫不及待的移除塑料袋仔细端摩。不得不说,比这种精致的小玩意,实物总是要比图片好看。时针分针有两个角度不同的切面,因此在不同角度看到的光泽不同。表盘内部最外面一圈垫了一圈透明的塑料,白色的指示文字印在塑料上面,不是很明白为什么要这么处理,如果能直接印在表盘上,看起来应该会高档一些,指示12个时间的部件贴在塑料上,因此末端悬空在最底下表盘之上,不论大小,这12个部件一律有3个切面,在不同角度下依旧可以反射不同的光芒,煞是好看。6点方向下面写着made in japan,血统纯正。表盘最外圈,显示时区的那一圈有两个角度,一个角度用来显示数字时区,内部从12点到6点顺时针半圈用来表示光照度,另外半圈只在77,8,9,10,11点处点缀一个金色的小方块。之前一直不清楚,为什么不能打标识时区的文字放在镜面之内,现在明白了,不是不想放,实在是放不下了。也罢,希望外面磨损的太厉害。剩下的5个指针则都是亚光处理,左右两个小表盘是凸面,大小一致,左右对称,最下面表盘标识分钟的表盘倒角处理,指针长短处理的刚刚好,小时刻度比时针稍大一圈,分钟刻度比分针稍大一圈。 表壳和表链上都注明了材料是钛,真的轻,以前把玩过朋友的不锈钢手表,两者比较起来现在手里这枚真是轻若鸿毛,手表是用来看时间的工具,而不是锻炼腕部力量的器械,而卫星电波表动辄180多g的重量,真的让人望而却步,这也是为什么一定要选择钛合金的原因。本人手腕较细,拆掉4截表链后整体重量只会变得更轻,周长虽然只有不到16cm,但是戴上这块手表后并没有觉得表盘大,因此小手腕的朋友不用担心。尽管之前好不掩饰的表达了我对钛合金的的喜爱,但是依旧像吐槽一句,感觉表脸侧面棱角过于分明,稍有点划,如果能倒角就好了,印象中不锈钢表链侧面没有这么明显的划手感觉。 购买新相机后,使用相机前第一件事就是把说明书读三遍,对于这么一款,两个按键,1个旋钮控制全部功能的手表来说,熟读说明书我想也是使用前要做的第一件事。用惯了G-shock那种软绵绵毫无反馈感的按钮,第一次上手这款手表有一种很微妙的感觉。按键段落感明显,如果用声音来形容的话那一定是咔咔咔。表冠明显不是机械式的,里面应该是某种电位器,段落感依旧强烈,每转一下,都能明显感觉到电刷经过一段阻力后切换到下一个档位。我对说明书并不是很满意,如果能把每个按键在同一个模式下所有对应的操作讲明白后再讲下一个模式这种顺序来介绍,感觉会让使用者更容易上手。 一块手表,能源和精确度是唯二需要人为干预的事项,然而光动能保证了半永久的能量供应,我上一块太阳能手表用了快10年,电量依旧充沛。卫星对时,保证了你在这个星球上无论何时何地,都能获得最精确的时间,网络时间有传输延迟,手机需要接入网络后才能自动切换时区校时,而电波对时,出了6个电波局后便一无是处,电波表甚至不能覆盖我国全部国土,因此卫星对时简直就是开挂一样的存在。解决了这两样主要问题后,那么这块手表就本上就可以保证每次抬手腕都能够获得最准确可靠的时间了。除此以外,更有锦上添花的全钛轻量化,双面蓝宝石防反射涂层。对于把手表当做工具来用的人来说,完美两个足以概括一切的的一切。

Superb and good deal by Siew Chin on 03/23/2018

Has been searching for this model in Malaysia for months and it was out of stock unless I make my purchase from Citizen flagship store, which will costs me around $250. I was in the midst of giving up hope when coincidentally found it on Duty Free Island website. Surprisingly the price quoted was way much lower than in Malaysia thus without hesitation I placed my order with them. My order arrives within 2 weeks, which is out of my expectation! My parcel was nicely wrapped and box was in good condition as well. The watch is exactly the same and authentic one like those selling in Citizen flagship stores. In overall, I'm highly satisfied with my purchase experience with Duty Free Island online shop!

Very happy with my purchase. by Karnpong on 03/23/2018

Bought a pair of Oakley suglasses. The delivery was quick. I received the product in 6 days. The shop kept me well informed of the delivery status. Very happy with my purchase.

Great timepiece by Rodrigo on 03/21/2018

I love the watch and very much appreciate the service provided by dutyfreeislandshop.

Понравились часы! by Serg on 03/19/2018

Замечательные часы! Точные, головка завинчивается, прекрасный внешний вид! Продавца рекомендую, быстро отправил товар. Трекинг отслеживается на всем пути. Спасибо!

A Great Find - CASIO Edifice by ANTONIO C on 03/15/2018

I recently stumbled upon an online e-shop (HK-based) that sell watches (mostly Japanese brands) at a hard-to-resist discounted prices. After a few clicks I discovered an even better to an already great deal and that they ship the item/s for free! As expected all the nice watch models are snatched off fast. Most of the posted items are sold out within minutes but I did manage to find a decent piece. It is a CASIO Edifice 1/20 Chronograph at 48mm diameter its display is big, it is water resistant up 100m and aside from the date display and SS case/ strap it comes with Tachymeter/ stopwatch and Inner Rotating Slide Rule. It only took 3 days for the item to be delivered and it was a sweet treat opening the package as the time-piece was still its original plastic sealed wrapping with tags and manual and warranty. This time-piece is truly a great find and an added jewel to my neat collection. Thank you DutyFree Island.

Стильние и тонкие by Oleg on 03/12/2018

Давно хотелось приобрести изящную модель, с малой толщиной корпуса и без излишней "перегруженности" циферблата, вполне пригодную для ежедневного ношения, как "костюмного", в офисе, так и в свободное время. Такими часами, к моему удивлению, оказались Citizen Stiletto. Пишу "к моему удивлению", так как ранее, в общем, не особо обращал внимания на этот японский бренд (законодателями всё же считал швейцарские марки). Считаю выбор этой модели вполне достойным, все желаемые "опции" - присутствуют: - циферблат однозначно "не перегружен" информацией, легко читается, стрелки и деления довольно контрастные, - отсутствие секундной стрелки в этой модели только плюс, часики всем своим видом настраивают на спокойный лад, отстраняя от суеты, - о такой толщине корпуса (4,8мм) можно только мечтать, тоньше и не надо, тоньше только лист бумаги (в курсе, что есть и более тонкая модель у этого производителя, правда, в более высокой ценовой категории), - несмотря на стальной корпус и браслет (более весомый, по определению, чем титан), часы очень лёгкие, - Технология Eco Drive, тянущаяся "корнями к солнцу", создаёт владельцу не только значительные эксплуатационные удобства, но и приятна сама по себе, несёт некий позитивный (экологический) смысл. С технической стороны: - абсолютно беззвучны, нет ежесекундного "тиканья", стрелка перемещается раз в 5 сек, - качественно отполированный корпус и браслет, без замечаний к обработке металла и работе застёжки, - удобный браслет, как при ношении, так и при (быстром) одевании, - японская сборка. К этим двум словам нечего добавить. (Согласитесь, в этом немалая заслуга многих производителей этой замечательной страны, чтобы это словосочетание однозначно ассоциировалось, как минимум, с уважением к качеству). Чего недостаёт по моему мнению этой модели? (Всегда вель можно найти то, что хотелось бы ещё получить в списке опций). В списке желаемого я бы назвал повышение степени влагозащиты корпуса хотя бы до WR50 (не только "от брызг"). Чтобы, скажем, не снимая часы и не опасаясь повреждений, можно было поправить компрессор в аквариуме, а потом промыть часы с браслетом под струёй прохладной воды. Хотя, понимаю, конечно, при такой малой толщине корпуса это трудно реализуемо, так как крышка для этого должна быть завинчиваемой, а не крепиться по периметру винтами. Тут, как говорится, либо исполнение корпуса super slim, либо пригодность к водолазным работам, вы уж определитесь... По доставке. Часы пришли довольно быстро, менее чем за 2 недели (через 4-5 дней прибыли из Гонконга в Россию, далее движение по терминалам в Москве). Спасибо за оперативность, наша Почта России тоже, считаю, отработала на весьма достойном уровне. Часы приехали в коробке, как и заказывал. Всё тщательно упаковано, с защитными плёнками на стекле, браслете, и пр. Дата выпуска часов - лето 2017 года, то есть вполне свежие. Магазину - респект за качество и оперативность, однозначно буду рекомендовать. Также, как и "открытый мною" бренд Citizen с его фирменной Eco Drive. Пожелание к магазину - расширить ассортимент, многих позиций в настоящий момент не имеется в продаже. (Возможно это временно?) Например, мне интересно ещё выбрать среди 40-42мм моделей в титановом корпусе что-то ещё, "более спортивного назначения", WR100, но пока не столь широкий выбор, возможно обновление будет позже.

Спасибо продавцу by Eduard on 03/11/2018

Товар оригинал 100% продавец отправил быстро, очки супер я ваш постоянный клиент спасибо

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F900 by Karel Tinl on 03/11/2018

At I already bought 4 watches. (I also bought sunglasses, also a perfect purchase) When I was thinking about new watches I automatically went here. Everything speaks for itself, great prizes, excellent service, delivery speed (including non-payment of additional duties or taxes), only the stock could be better :-), then one has to wait a long time :-D For me super store, just keep going. P.S. watches are great, but there are other reviews on other servers Carlos

Maravilhoso , lindo , de qualidade !!!Brasi by FERNANDO on 03/09/2018

Excelente ! Lindo , atraente , podem comprar sem medo , obrigado a toda equipe do site dutyfree, pretendo comorsr mais relógios ! Super feliz !!!

Happy by Kirsten on 03/09/2018

Great online transaction. Really happy with the service (great communication), price and quality. Thank you

A Beautiful Simplistic Dress Watch by Andrew on 03/09/2018

Before purchasing this beautiful watch I almost fell into the trap of buying one of the latest fashion/design watches you'll find all over the internet! With a little more research I discovered most of these fashion watches were made in China and for the same price and even lower I could get a much better quality watch with a respected brand name. Citizen was my choice! The Citizen NH8350-08B didn't disappoint and was more than I had expected! It's in keeping with the current trends but comes with superb quality! Also keep in mind that this watch is Automatic and not a quartz! Being 40mm in diameter it looked just right even on my small wrists and it makes a great size dress watch. The push/pull crown felt just right and not cheap. Again you're getting that Citizen quality. The dial couldn't be more minimalistic. I love the plain off white color and the black leather strap compliments it. The strap is a little stiff but as with all leather will break in becoming softer in time. You'll find the hands are just the right size, especially the minute hand reaching towards the edge of the dial keeping the style simplistic. Not short as with other watches and again this adds to the style. The glass although not crystal is flat in design and for the low price I paid I have no complaints. A quality watch from Citizen for under USD 100.00 must be one of the best dress watches on the market. It is so good I also bought the NH350 with the blue dial and have added pictures of both. I seriously love these watches and I guarantee they wont disappoint you! A note on Dutyfree Island: To be honest I hadn't heard of Dutyfree Island before so I was a little reluctant especially as their prices were so much cheaper than elsewhere. My watch arrived in only 5 days well ahead of the estimated shipping time and without any import tax! Perhaps ordering it without a box helps. It was exactly as described and I will definitely order from you again! Once you get a few of my other favourite watches back in stock of course! Hint!

AT8130-56L by Slavomir on 03/08/2018

Przeglądając szeroki wachlarz oferowanych przez DFI modeli zegarków, nie mogłem zdecydować się który zegarek wybrać. Szczególnie, że modele które mnie interesowały rozchodziły się jak ciepłe bułeczki i już nie było ich w ofercie. Jednym z warunków jakie musiał spełniać zegarek była synchronizacja z zegarem atomowym zapewniająca dokładny czas odmierzany przez zegarek. Drugim koniecznym warunkiem był tytan jako materiał z którego powinien być wykonany zegarek. W końcu pojawiła się w ofercie mój wymarzony model. AT8130-56L - zegarek Citizen Radio Controlled, który wyposażony jest w najnowszą technologię zasilania poprzez promienie światła, czyli system Eco Drive. Koperta oraz bransoleta zostały wykonane z antyalergicznego tytanu w odcieniu srebrnym, która doskonale komponuje się ze srebrnymi elementami osadzonymi na tarczy w kolorze głębokiego granatu. Zegarek zachwyca jakością i precyzją wykonania. Citizen AT8130-56L posiada wiele funkcji, jakimi są stoper -chronograf, datownik osadzony tuż obok oznaczenia godziny trzeciej, wieczny kalendarz oraz synchronizację godziny poprzez system Radio Controlled, przez co wskazany czas jest bardzo dokładny. Zegarek posiada szczelność na poziomie 10ATM. Składając zamówienie trafiłem na Chiński Nowy Rok i związane z tym przerwy w pracy ale nie przeszkodziło to w natychmiastowym przekazaniu przesyłki do wysyłki. Łączny czas oczekiwania od złożenia po odbiór zegarka wyniósł 22 dni (12.02. – 05.03). Przesyłka przemknęła przez urząd celny bez zwracania uwagi i bez dodatkowych opłat. Gorąco polecam DUTY FREE ISLAND i oferowane zegarki. Warto czekać na upragniony model aż znowu pojawi się w ofercie. Looking through the wide range of watches offered by DFI, I could not decide which watch to choose. Especially that the models that interested me were spread like hot cakes and were no longer on offer. One of the conditions that the watch had to meet was the synchronization with the atomic clock that provided the exact time measured by the watch. The second necessary condition was titanium as the material from which the watch should be made. Finally, my dream model appeared on offer. AT8130-56L - Citizen Radio Controlled watch, which is equipped with the latest power supply technology by means of light rays, ie the Eco Drive system. The envelope and bracelet were made of antiallergic titanium in a silver shade, which fits perfectly with silver elements embedded on a deep navy-colored dial. The watch impresses with its quality and precision. Citizen AT8130-56L has many functions, such as a stopwatch - a chronograph, a date stamp embedded just next to the third hour mark, an eternal calendar and time synchronization through the Radio Controlled system, so the indicated time is very accurate. The watch has a tightness of 10ATM. When placing an order, I came across the Chinese New Year and related breaks at work, but this did not stop the delivery immediately. The total waiting time from submission to collection of the watch was 22 days (12/02 - 05/03). The shipment flashed through the customs office without paying attention and without additional fees. I highly recommend DUTY FREE ISLAND and offered watches.

First class shop by Zoran on 03/07/2018

Good product,very fast delivery,excellent service.I will come to this store again. Recommended !!!!

Моя прелесть. by Дмитрий on 03/05/2018

Жена решила сделать подарок на Новый год и подарить мне часы, всегда нравились часы марки Citizen поэтому решил остановится на них. При выборе часов главными было сапфировое стекло,в идеале титановые. Долго думал где покупать часы, в магазине в своем городе, дорого, в интернете страшно, решил почитать на известном часовом форуме отзывы о магазинах, и что я вижу, Dutyfreeisland самое большое количество отзывов, причем большинство положительные (а это важно), приятно что магазин знает о форуме и отвечает на вопросы (тоже плюс). И вот настал время выбирать, хотелось чего нибудь необычного и вот они красавцы, белый циферблат, титановый корпус, сапфировое стекло, технология Eco_Drive, и вроде бы все хорошо любовь с первого взгляда, но, надпись "продано" и все мечты рухнули. И вот уже и новый год наступил и время идет, а ничего такого чтобы вот так увидел и полюбил нет. Чем то зацепили они меня, причем до такой степени что никакие другие часы я уже не хотел. Искал их в других интернет магазинах, в магазинах города, но либо их не было либо цена была завышена. И вот время летит деньги на часы отложены, и в один прекрасный день 10 февраля мне приходит оповещение на электронную почту, что ваша мечта в наличии. В тот же день оплачиваю покупку, причем так торопился что забыл ввести промо-код, к чести магазина могу сказать после вопроса на электронную почту промо-код засчитали и сумму скидки вернули, неожиданно если честно. И пошли томительные дни ожидания, заказываю через интернет довольно часто поэтому знаю как долго доставляются посылки в нашу страну, поэтому приготовился к томительному ожиданию в месяц не меньше, как я ошибался. Я не знаю как они это сделали но 26 февраля часы уже были у меня, всего то за 16 дней от оплаты до получения. Еще немаловажным плюсом является то что на всем пути следования посылка отслеживалась. Теперь про сам и часы, они в меру тяжелые несмотря на титановый корпус, очень качественно сделаны, на запястье сидят отлично. При подгонке убрал одно звено, приятно что убрать можно самому, в какую сторону выталкивать втулку указано на браслете. Циферблат не перегружен все интуитивно понятно, немного непривычна неподвижная секундная стрелка, но это только первое время, привык буквально за неделю. Есть отдельный циферблат для секундной стрелки, секундомера и определения времени суток. Были некоторые сомнения в читаемости, все таки белый циферблат, но проблем никаких не возникает все видно четко, как вечером так и при ярком дневном свете. Приятная заводная головка, с интересным рифлением способствующим лучшему захвату. все настраивается очень просто на один щелчок выдвинутая заводная головка настройка даты, на два времени. Вообщем я нашел свою прелесть, и очень рад что заказал часы именно в этом магазине. В дальнейшем присматриваю часы теперь уже в подарок жене, и брать скорее всего буду только в этом магазине.

Citizen reviev by Lukasz on 03/05/2018

Super zegareczek, dotarł bardzo dobrze zapakowany obyło się bez vat. Polecam jak najbardziej sklep, obsługę.

Citizen nh8350-83L Calidad-Precio espectacular by Victor on 03/04/2018

He tenido la suerte de poder adquirir este precioso reloj a un precio realmente bueno (gracias dutyfree!!). Me entere de él gracias a varias reviews que circulan por internet y me encantó. Decidí comprarlo ( mi segunda compra de un automático) y la verdad no solo no me arrepiento sino que creo que he acertado. El reloj es precioso cuando lo tienes en la mano. Es elegante, limpio, sobrio...tiene un peso adecuado y el tamaño de 40mm es perfecto para mi muñeca. La esfera es de un azul precioso y la textura parece la de un reloj mucho mas caro. Las manecillas largas (parece que no terminan) quedan perfectas. La caja esta muy bien construida y como dije anteriormente no parece de un reloj de este precio. La única pega del reloj (comentada muchas veces) es el armis. La correa no continua la calidad del resto del reloj y por ello compré una correa hirsch con cierre deployante que le queda perfecta. Os paso unas fotos para que veáis que os parece el conjunto. En cuanto al servicio con dutyfreeisland ha sido inmejorable. El producto vino empaquetado perfectamente. Sin duda volveré a comprar a este vendedor (siempre y cuando tenga stock). Saludos a todos.

Ястреб by Ravil on 02/27/2018

Выражаю искреннюю благодарность магазину DFI. Заказ был оформлен 30 декабря и всего через 20 дней я уже прикоснулся к легенде. Много было читано-перечитано в сети - все оказалось правдой. Часы имеют узнаваемый дизайн, крепкий корпус, блестящий браслет (единственно, что огорчило - ближайшие к часам звенья не гнутся и был небольшой брак с кнопкой застежки, который удалось устранить своими силами). Часы отлично сидят на руке — ожидал, что они будут гораздо тяжелее, но оказалось , что они даже комфортнее, чем мои Seiko Pepsi . Чтобы понять, который час, приходится несколько раз глядеть на часы, не потому, что плохо видны стрелки или метки, а потому, что циферблат настолько детализированный, что разглядываешь шрифты, игру света на боках меток, парящие часовую и минутную стрелки, умилительные самолетики... и забываешь для чего вообще поднес запястье к глазам. Раскрывает всю эту красоту огромное стекло с антибликом. Очень порадовали точность — примерно минус 2 секунды в месяц, шикарный люм и обработка металла — это просто праздник какой-то! I express sincere gratitude to the DFI store. The order was issued on December 30 and in just 20 days I already touched the legend.    A lot was read-re-read in the network - everything turned out to be true. The watches have a recognizable design, a sturdy case, a shiny bracelet (the only thing that upsets is that the closest links to the clock are not flexible, and there was a small defect with the button of the clasp, which it was possible to eliminate on its own). The watch sits perfectly on the arm - it was expected that they would be much heavier, but it turned out that they were even more comfortable than my Seiko Pepsi.   To understand the time, you have to look at the watch several times, not because hands or marks are not visible, but because the dial is so detailed that you look at the fonts, the play of light on the sides of the marks, the soaring hour and minute hands, the tiny touching airplanes. .. and you forget why raised a wrist to eyes. Crowns all this beauty a huge glass with an AR-coating.   Very pleased with the accuracy - about minus 2 seconds per month, a fabulous lume and metal finishing - it's just some kind of fairytale!

Mr by Jeffrey Skelley on 02/26/2018

The AR1113-12B citizen watch I bought appears to be genuine, The watch took 12 days to arrive in Australia. I will buy from again. Thank you.

В деталях красота... by Denis on 02/26/2018

Изысканные, изящные, привлекающие взгляд часы. Кристальная прозрачность сапфирового стекла, легкость титана, легкость считывания времени и остальных показаний за счет контраста стрелок невероятно красивого синего цвета на белом фоне. Оптимальный размер 43 мм подойдет на любое запястье. Неприхотливый, надежный и очень точный калибр H800, зарекомендовавший себя в кругах любителей часов Citizen только с хорошей стороны. Ну а вечный календарь вкупе с радиоконтролем и системой Eco-Drive делают эти часы абсолютно независимыми. Один раз все настроил и забыл. Купив эти часы, про остальные, если у вас их несколько, можно надолго забыть. Если кратко - замечательные часы! Во всех смыслах. Их, действительно, замечают. Спасибо, DutyFreeIsland! Спасибо, Citizen! С уважением, Денис.

Отличный подарок к Новому году by Evgeniy on 02/25/2018

Очень люблю часы, и давно хотел приобрести настоящие качественные японские. (Был негативный опыт владения часами другой японской марки в 1993-1997 годах). Выбирал долго, так как достойных часов много. Но в итоге остановился на том, что: часы должны быть из титана, питаться от солнечного света и иметь белый циферблат (на работе ношу халат, чтобы не бросались в глаза), и циферблат не должен быть перегружен - соответственно трёхстрелочник и максимум дата. Эта модель подошла идеально. Заказ оформил очень быстро, 27 декабря, прямо перед Новым годом - решил сделать себе подарок. На Старый Новый год, 13 января часы были уже у меня на руке. Это очень, очень быстро, учитывая новогодние праздники! Часы на руке сидят очень удобно, смотрятся просто великолепно - фотография не передаёт ни качества обработки материалов, ни лёгкость титана, ни общую картину - всё-таки прекрасный образец инженерной мысли! Часами очень доволен - спасибо магазину DFI за оперативную работу и качество обслуживания!

Amazing watch and Great dealer by Stephane on 02/25/2018

I recommend this site for its seriousness! I made a mistake when entering my email address during the order, good communication with Kevin who solved the problem by responding very quickly to my several mail. Watch received in 10 days, as described and perfect !!!! I highly recommend Dutyfreeisland 5 ***** for all

just super by Sergey on 02/23/2018

Хорошего дня уважаемые дамы и господа. Не могу не поделиться впечатлениями о своей покупке, хотя изначально желания написать отзыв у меня не возникало. Да и признаюсь, писать я не любитель. Но после того как мой младший внук помыл мою долгожданную покупку под струей воды в мойке, в это время я был занят внимательным изучением инструкции, все же решил написать о качестве часов «сделано в Японии». Часы с успехом выдержали вынужденные водные процедуры . Соотношение цена-качество отличное. Именно такого качества я искал для себя часы, плюс к этому хотелось чтобы стекло было устойчивое к царапинам, а значит - сапфир, так как часы планирую носить ежедневно, при этом стоимость часов должна быть «бюджетной» Поиск в Интернете вывел меня на магазин dutyfreeislandshop, в котором я нашел часы марки Citizen AT2140-55L.Положительных отзывов о магазине много, поэтому рассуждая логически у меня возникала мысль, что написаны они могу быть специально. Сомнения о возможной недобросовестности продавца у меня развеялись практически сразу после сделанного заказа- делая заказ я забыл при оформлении указать промокод на скидку. Сообщил об этом продавцу, и очень удивился когда продавец в течении 15 минут исправил мою невнимательную ошибку и мне вернули 4.5% от суммы заказа. Коммуникабельность продавца на высшем уровне, что очень радует, на сообщения отвечает быстро, причем ответы грамотные и понятные. Достаточно быстрая бесплатная доставка товара с отслеживанием - дополнительное подтверждение правильности моего выбора. Буду ли я заказывать еще в данном магазине? Безусловно – ДА! Следующие часы будут покупать с параметрами «Сделано в Японии», стекло-«Сапфир», материал- «Титан». Всем рекомендую этот магазин, в качестве предлагаемого товара можно не сомневаться. Желаю продавцу Удачи и большого количества покупателей.

Mr by Hakan on 02/20/2018

Very nice watch. Top quality customer services. Citizen Promaster is Professional Diver's with unique blue color. This Citizen scores high because of its eco-drive movement but there’s also more to it than meets the eye. A very respectable diving watch, it also stacks up against the rest in its category and brings a nice deviation to the range of Eco Drive and plain quartz watches from the brand. The watch has a lot of character that it earned through its overall performance. The Promaster Eco-Drive is a great timekeeper, comfortable with very well-rounded off edges and extremities, heavy enough to deliver an assuring touch. It is fail-safe technology that’s driving it and will do so even 20 years from now, without any maintenance, unless deliberately tampered with. Diver enthusiasts or professionals, both shall find a sense of confidence to control things under the most unforgiving circumstances. Overall, I am very happy with customer services from DUTY FREE ISLAND and buy more watches in the near future.

Excellent product and service! by Khaled Shedid on 02/18/2018

I was a bit skeptic at the beginning, but this site has proven brilliant service and genuine products, saving me at least £60 if I purchased the glasses locally! The glasses are exactly as the only I saw locally... (even with the same sticker showing the type of lenses, polarized, etc.) Quick delivery as well that I’m very satisfied with. The only issue in the delivery tracking that it was mentioned to be delivered by Parcel Force, but it was delivered by Royal Mail. Not an issue, but worth keeping in mind if you’d like to track your order via the proper channel.

A perfect black classy watch for formal/informal use by Shavet on 02/17/2018

I started with my hobby of watch collection some three years back and today I’ve some nice watches from different makers including Citizen, Seiko, Titan, Police, Soleus, Timex, Casio and Kenneth Cole. Thing with watch collection that the collector becomes very particular and sensitive of his requirement, for which is buying a watch. With this as a background, my most recently requirement was to buy a watch which is light weight, has a leather strap and matches with by black and grey official clothes (i.e. black in color). I don’t have a fat wrist, thus I prefer case width under 41mm and depth under 11 mm. After going through quite a few options I selected Citizen’s AT0496-07E. It is a brilliant watch, very beautiful, light weight, black leather strap and eco-drive. Dimensions are just right for me with width at 40mm and depth at 10mm. It is so comfortable to wear that one even forgets that he is wearing a watch. Unlike metal straps, which continuously keep making clicking noise while working on a computer, this watch has a leather strap, which is very light weight (weight is under 60 gm) and doesn’t make any noise. The watch looks extremely beautiful. Its black dial looks very elegant sitting inside the light golden crown. It doesn’t look very loud and silently makes its classy point. I find it just the right watch to be worn during office hours and also during informal occasions. Duty-Free-Island-Shop did a great job in getting the watch delivered within 10 days, as expected of them. It is my second interaction with them, last time I did not like the watch and got the money refunded. Even at that time I found their response very timely and refund very efficient. Hence, I feel that Duty-Free-Island-Shop are very reliable. I am glad that I am happy with the watch this time and I plan to use it for a long, long time. I would recommend this watch as a value for money, classy, everyday watch for formal/informal use.

Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled World Time AT Perpetual Gents Watch AT9071-07E by Jakub on 02/16/2018

I own several watches but since I’ve started collecting I’ve been interested strictly in mechanical pieces. I ran into Citizen online ale I’ve read an interesting article about their eco drive and radio technology and its history. I had been amazed so I decided to try that. I must admit I was a little bit sceptical about this watch and also about Citizen as a brand. But I was shocked by the quality and feel of this watch. When I handle different quartz watches owned by member of my family they usually feel super cheap, light (but not in a good way) and just not finished very nicely. This watch is far from that. One of my friends has Seiko Solar chronograph and that watch is really not the same quality as this Citizen. What I like the most about the looks of this piece is that the dial has a lot of details, but I don’t mean complications in this case. What I mean is that hands and indexes are super nice, they work together perfectly. Also the subdial on 6 and power reserve on 12 are cut away perfectly and it gives this watch nice 3D look. I love the fact that this watch comes with sapphire, it’s always good to have that and it gives the watch a luxury feel and look. Sapphire crystal is always preferable choice of mine and I think it should be on most sports watches. One of my concerns was the size, but as attached picture shows I think it is just fine. This is my second 44mm watch (seiko turtle is the first) and I must say it fits nicely. My 17 cm wrist is ok with this watch

Shipment very fast and tax free by Abdelkader on 02/16/2018

Incredible I was really surprise about the shipment. I live in France I ordered the 10th of february and received it Yesterday. TAX FREEEEE. Thank you so much for everything. The watch is beautiful and work good hope the same for the furture...

Reloj Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanio CA0201-51B by Luis on 02/14/2018

Realmente un reloj con toda la calidad y tecnología que puedes esperar de la marca CITIZEN. Elegante, Liviano, varonil con muy buenos materiales y terminaciones. El sistema Eco drive es la mejor solución si no quieres estar pensando enteramente en cambiar pilas. La entrega se realizo dentro de los plazos establcidos. Es muy importante señalar la preocupación de la gente de Dutyfreeislandshop al momento de envolver el producto que no viene con su caja, pero llego sin ningún rasguño o raya... en otras palabras IMPECABLE. Este es el segundo reloj que compro en Dutyfreeislandshop y AGRADEZCO Y RECOMIENDO de todas maneras esta pagina por vender productos de calidad, su seriedad y compromiso con sus compradores. Saludos Really a watch with all the quality and technology you can expect from the CITIZEN brand. Elegant, light, manly with very good materials and finishes. The Eco drive system is the best solution if you do not want to be entirely thinking about changing batteries. The delivery was made within the established deadlines. It is very important to note the concern of the people of Dutyfreeislandshop when wrapping the product that does not come with its box, but it arrived without any scratch or scratch ... in other words IMPECCABLE. This is the second watch I bought in Dutyfreeislandshop and I THANK YOU AND RECOMMEND this page for selling quality products, your seriousness and commitment to your buyers. Best regards

Mr. by Roshan Thilina on 02/13/2018

Thank you for the providing good products with reasonable price. It's very nice watch which is very comfortable. Thankz for the delivering this item is really fast.

Прекрасный подарок by Александр on 02/13/2018

Что сказать? Прекрасные часы! Отличный подарок! Моя девушка очень довольна, и я соответственно тоже! Идеально смотрятся на изящной женской ручке! Очень красивые! Наяву они гораздо красивее, чем на фото на сайте. Заказ был сделан 14.12, доставлены в Ростов были в последний предновогодний день работы почты - 30.12. В прошлый раз было немного быстрее. Но главное, что пришли вовремя! Спасибо Магазину DutyFreeIslandShop! Замечательные часы по замечательной цене цене!

Citizen stiletto=affordable super slim watch by Matija on 02/12/2018

When it comes to dress watches, one can find a plethora of models (good and bad) in any price segment, from the super affordable to the super exclusive and expensive. Although dress watches are not as popular as sports watches, I think every serious collector should own at least one for those special occasions like weddings, funerals, formal events and such. I've been looking for a definition of a dress watch and to sum it all up: Most people say that a dress watch is a slim white dialed, time only watch that isn't larger than 40mm which comes on a leather strap. Some also say it should be in a precious material and have a mechanical movement, but let's be honest, not everybody has that amount of money. When one asks for an affordable dress watch(150$~) usually three watches are mentioned: The Orient Bambino, Citizen NH8350 and some dressy seiko 5 models. All these watches are tremendous value, but these watches lack one important thing, and that is slimness, all these models are over 10mm thick and that is where the Citizen Stiletto comes in. Lets start with the overall dimensions of the watch Case diameter: 39mm Lug to lug: 45mm Case thickness: 4,71mm Strap width: 19mm Buckle width: 16mm The first thing one notices while inspecting the watch is it's amazing thinness. The watch is only 4,71mm thick (although on Citizens official website it is stated as 4,9mm thick). The watch has a flat brushed case back with some laser etching. The lugs have a nice downward curve so the watch sits on the wrist comfortably, it slides under the tightest of cuffs and with it's barely noticeable 28g of weight the watch dissapears on the wrist.The case has a gold PVD finish which is evenly applied over the whole watch, even between the lugs.The bezel is stepped from the case sides which optically make the watch look even thinner than it is. With a 45mm lug to lug distance almost everybody can wear this watch, and the 39mm diameter is a perfect size which wont go out of style.The crown of the watch is slim and wont be digging in the wrist, unfortunately it is not signed because it is very small. The watch has a simple white dial which has a checkerboard pattern which gets noticed in strong light bud disappears in low light conditions. On the dial 3,6,9 and 12 have applied markers that are wider and taller than the indices. The Branding on the dial is simple Citizen on top, Eco-Drive above the 6 and under the 6 in small print is mentioned Japan and name of the Citizen movement of the watch. I would prefer that the small print on the bottom weren't there, but after some time it becomes barely noticeable. The hands are are a variation on the dauphine style, they are quite similar to the Citizen Eco Drive One, although much sharper at the end points.Sadly there is no seconds hand so one could precisely set the time. It should also be mentioned that the dial is covered with a slim sapphire crystal which ensures a scratch free dial. The movement may be the most controversial, purists say dress watches should be with mechanical. However if Citizen opted to put a Myota in the watch, the thickness would rise at least 5mm which would miss the point. Instead citizen opted for the calibre G820, a super slim solar quartz movement with 180 days power reserve without light. I didn't find a lot of information, but knowing citizen it is a workhorse which you don't have to baby all the time. Quartz is known to be much more durable than mechanical watches and with a bit of sunlight the watch will be working for a long time. Sadly the lugs of the Citizen Stilleto are a non standard size of 19mm which means one is limited with the array of straps on the market which is quite unfortunate because the watch has potential to be a true „strap monster“, although one can squeeze some slimmer 20mm straps on it. Taking in account the simple white dial and gold, one could wear the watch on a array of colorful bands to liven it up. The Leather strap included is very soft, pliable and thin. This may be the nicest leather strap on a inexpensive watch. Quite a surprise is also the buckle, just 16mm wide and unsigned, it is substantial and has a thick tang which holds the watch securely. Overall I think the Citizen Eco-Drive is a great watch for dressy occasions and a great option for someone who looks for a dress watch, a bit more unique than the usual suspects. Also the watch is a much better value compared to other fashion brands. It offers solar charging, sapphire crystal, super slim design and overall high quality finishing. For the price one could truly do a lot worse. If I could add anything to make the watch even more appealing, I would add a small seconds dial on the 6 so one could adjust the time precisely, make the lugs 20 or 18mm wide and at least sign the buckle with the brand name. BEST CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WATCH -Slimness -Sapphire crystal -Good overall finishing of the components WORST CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WATCH -19mm lug width -Unsigned crown and buckle -The small print under the 6

First Titanium - More to come by Mr. Yusuf M. Dean on 02/10/2018

Let me first sum up the points for you: The watch itself is elegantly simple and tastefully designed, ECO-drive technology certainly makes life easier, it is amazingly lightweight and comfortable, and the pricing is just right when compared to other places/stores. DFI certainly sells it at one of the most competitive prices I can find, beating a watch boutique by miles, with price difference of up to 30% or more (at least here in my country). You know what, just find a watch you love, and straight away buy one - although this is up to personal taste and circumstance, I can confidently say to you that satisfaction is guaranteed. Read on for more details/backstory. Prior to owning this watch, I already have a small collection of 9 watches. This ranges from a Garmin, a G-shock, few filiippo Loreti's and swatches (yep, was uneducated then.. guilty as charged) and two Orient Bambino's (bit more educated now haha). Looking at my collection, I have watches with rubber straps and leathers, but no watch with a metal or stainless steel bands. This leads me on a hunt for a 'metalic' watch so to speak to go with certain dresses sitting at my wardrobe. After careful browsing, ended up wanted to buy a g-steel watch to complement my other G-shock watch. Fortunately, during one of my many browsing I stumbled upon DFI. Was first surprised and skeptical at the amount of watches for sell that is like 90% sold out and only a few available (I opened up the Seiko tab first mind you). Then I opened up the citizen tab, lo and behold, my eyes started hurting at the amount of selection available and most importantly of course, the Price!! The Citizen BM7130-58A caught my attention, since for around RM800++ I could get a titanium, eco-drive watch with sapphire glass. Looks good too. The G-steel watch I said earlier costs more but are certainly tougher/have more functions than this watch (mineral glass, stainless steel), but honestly, who needs the extra toughness? Sounds unnecessary given that I'm wearing the watch primarily at work, sitting at my desk under air conditioning. So in the end, the switch was obvious. The Citizen watch also comes with a 10BAR rating, which is more than enough resistance to wear at work. I mean, I teach Biology, not scuba diving. In addition, the titanium band makes it very light compared to stainless steel, which is a big plus for me. In my youth, I inherited a SEIKO stainless steel watch from my father, a rather simple automatic, but in time my wrist would have tiny abrasions and it felt like lugging a fitness weight band at times. All in all, a very satisfied customer. All of my fellow friends/family praised my selection and one end up buying from the shop too. The downside? The delivery time could take weeks, but that is to be expected really. It is up to standards, and by no means late. So yeah, nice job DFI, will definitely hear from me again~ TQ

супер by Владимир on 02/09/2018

жене понравились, красивые

Citizen NH8360-80E - Automatic Watch by Michal on 02/08/2018

~~~ Zegarek automatyczny Citizen NH8360-80E ~~~ Zamiar zakupu automatycznego zegarka powziąłem już jakiś czas temu. Poszukiwałem zegarka do codziennego użytkowania, o określonych parametrach zewnętrznego wyglądu. Sklepowe ceny „automatów” nie były jednak zachęcające. Stało się, iż trafiłem na stronę Duty Free Island, która zrobiła na mnie dobre pierwsze wrażenie. Jednakże coś nakazywało zachować czujność co do prezentowanych, naprawdę niskich cen zegarków i ich oryginalności. Moje wątpliwości szybko jednak zostały rozwiane kiedy znalazłem więcej informacji na temat Duty Free Island w Internecie – opinie były bardzo pozytywne i wzbudzające zaufanie co do wysokiego standardu sklepu. Jeśli chodzi o wybór zegarka, chciałem aby była to jak najbardziej klasyczna i elegancka forma do codziennego użytku, mechanizm automatyczny, rzymskie cyfry oraz ładna bransoleta. Tutaj pojawiły się pierwsze problemy. O ile wytypowałem kilka zegarków, które przypadły mi do gustu, o tyle wszystkie one były niedostępne. Postanowiłem więc zapisać się na subskrypcję jednakże informacja o dostępności pojawiła się dopiero po kilku miesiącach, kiedy na kupno nie mogłem sobie chwilowo pozwolić… Następnie wybrane modele szybko się wyprzedały, przyszło więc wstrzymać zakup, choć stronę Duty Free Island przez cały rok śledziłem regularnie. Decyzję zakupu podjąłem z początkiem nowego roku. Postanowiłem przejrzeć szczegółowo wszystkie dostępne na daną chwilę modele. Wybór padł na Citizen NH8360-80E z czarną tarczą i rzymskimi cyframi. Tutaj moja uwaga do sklepu. Prezentowane przez DFI zdjęcia w minimalny sposób oddają rzeczywiste piękno zegarków. Dopiero wpisując numer modelu w Internecie możemy zobaczyć realne zdjęcia i przekonać się o tym jak faktycznie prezentuje się dany zegarek na ręce. Mając to na uwadze, sam postanowiłem sfotografować swój Citizen jak najdokładniej i w tej recenzji zaprezentować dla osób rozważających zakup tego modelu. Co do samego procesu zakupu. Dotychczas nigdy nie zamawiałem nic z dalekiego Hong Kongu, a tym bardziej był to zakup na nie małą kwotę w związku z czym powstawały pewne obawy. Wszelkie moje pytania i wątpliwości dotyczące formalności zakupu rozwiewane były przez obsługę DFI bardzo sprawnie i nie pozostało nic innego jak sfinalizować zamówienie. Przesyłka została nadana tego samego dnia po dokonaniu płatności, otrzymałem potwierdzenie wysłania oraz numer do śledzenia przesyłki. Czas całego procesu od płatności do odbioru zegarka wyniósł tylko 12 dni, byłem informowany mailowo o zmianie statusu zamówienia, nie było żadnych dodatkowych opłat. Przesyłka była bardzo dokładnie zabezpieczona, dodatkowo załączony został woreczek DFI wraz z instrukcją oraz międzynarodową gwarancją. Zegarek prezentował się doskonale – dużo lepiej niż na jakimkolwiek zdjęciu, które znalazłem w Internecie. Pozostało tylko wyregulowanie bransolety i ustawienie właściwej godziny i daty oraz założenie. Co dotyczy samego zegarka. Według mnie prezentuje się na ręce doskonale i spełnia wszelkie moje oczekiwania. Będzie idealnie nadawał się do codziennego noszenia, ale również świetnie wygląda w zestawieniu ze strojem formalnym. Jest to piękna, klasyczna i porządna konstrukcja ważąca 133 g, co pozwala poczuć zegarek na dłoni jakkolwiek nie jest on uciążliwy. Szerokość koperty wynosi 41 mm co w mojej opinii jest wielkością odpowiednią, a przynajmniej zegarki takich rozmiarów podobają mi się najbardziej. Koperta ze stali nierdzewnej jest bardzo dobrze wykonana i wykończona w każdym detalu polerowaniem. Tarcza koloru czarnego z pięknymi polerowanymi cyframi rzymskimi, oraz bardzo ładnymi strzałkami (w szczególności strzałką sekundową), datownik umiejscowiony w neutralnej pozycji. Tarcza, również dzięki mineralnemu szkiełku wysokiej jakości – bardzo czytelna. W zależności od światła (dzienne, sztuczne) tarcza nabiera innego wyglądu, co bardzo mi się podoba. Dokładność chodu bardzo dobra. Co do bransolety – jest wykonana także ze stali nierdzewnej z elementami polerowanymi, podoba mi się jej układ, który jest dość oryginalny. Bransoleta jest solidna i ładnie komponuje się z samym zegarkiem, posiada polerowane zapięcie wraz z logo Citizen. Zegarek użytkuję prawie pół miesiąca i jestem z tego zakupu bardzo zadowolony. Na ręce prezentuje się doskonale, jest to zegarek taki jakiego bardzo długo szukałem. Z wielką przyjemnością mogę polecić ten model jak i współpracę z Duty Free Island, który trzyma bardzo wysoki poziom w obsłudze klienta i posiada produkty oryginalne i doskonałe jakościowo, o czym sam się przekonałem. Na pewno polecę znajomym zakupy na Wyspie Duty Free :) i sam jeszcze tutaj wrócę. Dziękuję ! :) Michal ~~~ Automatic Watch Citizen NH8360-80E ~~~ The intention of buying an automatic watch has been made some time ago. I was looking for a watch for everyday use, with specific parameters of the external appearance. Shop prices of "machines" were not encouraging. Finally, I found Duty Free Island website, which made a good first impression on me. However, something required to be vigilant about the presented, really low prices of watches and their originality. My doubts were quickly resolved when I found more information about Duty Free Island on the Internet - opinions were very positive and rise confidence in the high standard of the store. When it comes to choosing a watch, I wanted it to be the most classic and elegant form for everyday use, automatic movement, Roman numbers and a nice bracelet. Here the first problems appeared. If I selected a few watches that I liked, they were all unavailable. I decided to sign up for a subscription, however, information about the availability appeared after a few months when I could not afford to buy the watch... Then, selected models quickly sold out. I followed the Duty Free Island website regularly throughout the year. I made a decision to buy the watch at the beginning of the new year. I checked in detailed all the models available at that moment. The choice was Citizen NH8360-80E with a black dial and Roman numerals. Here is my note to the store. The pictures presented by DFI in a minimal way reflect the real beauty of watches. It is only by entering the model number on the Internet that we can see real pictures and see how the watch looks in your hands. Taking this fact into considerations, I decided to photograph my Citizen as accurately as possible and present in this review for people considering purchasing this model. Purchasing process itself. So far, I have never ordered anything from a Hong Kong which is far away from Europe. Even more it was not item for a small amount of money, what caused some concerns. All my questions and doubts regarding the purchase process were dispelled by very quickly DFI service and there was nothing else than finalize the order. The parcel was sent the same day after payment. I received a confirmation of sending and a tracking number. The time of the entire process from payment to deliver the watch was only 12 days. I was informed by e-mail about the changes of order status. There were no additional fees. The shipment was very carefully secured. A DFI bag, instruction and an international warranty were attached. The watch looked magnificent - much better than any photo I found on the Internet. The only thing left was adjusting the bracelet and setting the right time and date. The watch itself. In my opinion it looks great and meets all my expectations. It is perfect for everyday wear, but it also looks elegant with formal outfit. It is a beautiful, classic and decent design weighing 133 g, which allows you to feel the watch on your hand, however it is not disruptive. The width of the envelope is 41 mm which in my opinion is the right size, or at least the size of the watch that I like the most. The stainless-steel case is very well made and finished in every detail with polishing. Black color dial with beautiful polished Roman numerals, and very nice arrows (in particular with a second arrow), a date stamp in a neutral position. Shield, also thanks to the high quality mineral slide - very easy to read. Depending on the light (daytime, artificial) the shield takes on a different look, which I like very much. Bracelet - it is also made of stainless-steel with polished elements. I like its layout, which is quite original. The bracelet is solid and fits well with the watch itself, it has a polished clasp along with the Citizen logo. I use the watch for almost half a month and I am very happy with this purchase. It looks great on the hand. It is a watch that I've been looking for a long time. With great pleasure I can recommend this model as well as cooperation with Duty Free Island, which maintains a very high level of customer service and has original and excellent quality products. I highly recommend everyone shopping on Island of Duty Free :) and I will come back here again. Thank You ! :) Michal is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 1248 user reviews.