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Citizen CB0018-19W by Артур on 12/09/2016

Всё отлично! доставка 7 днейв г.Уфа(трек отслеживался всё время). Качество на высоте. Единственное что не понравилось, так это отсутствие инструкции на русском языке

ORIENT M-FORCE 2015 STI - LIMITED EDITION by Cesar on 12/07/2016

Es un reloj precioso, con los colores del interior del dial, del bisel y de la corona muy acertados. Tiene una caja muy bonita con unos cepillados exquisitos y con las aristas pulidas, una mezcla perfecta de pulidos y cepillados. La esfera es lo mejor del reloj, de fibra de carbono dando un efecto tridimensional y con las iniciales STI solo visibles al trasluz, los números y diales tienen una simetría que me encanta, y las complicaciones de la reserva de marcha y la fecha están integradas perfectamente en este dial, una obra de arte y el diseño mas bonito que he visto en un M-Force. El armis Oyster de 24mm es de una excelente calidad, si bien el sistema para acortarlo no me gusta, pues esta compuesto por unos casquillos que es muy fácil perderlos, esta es la parte que menos me ha gustado. Las sensaciones en la muñeca son buenísimas, tiene un buen tamaño de 45 mm pero no es enorme, se lleva bien y es bastante cómodo, destila calidad por los cuatro costados, los acabados son excelentes. En definitiva, un diver con tres ISO's, zafiro, automático con remonte manual, parada de segundero, indicador de reserva de marcha, armis macizo al completo, índices aplicados, edición limitada con caja especial y correa de caucho de regalo,etc... por ese excelente precio de dutyfreeisland no se puede pedir nada mas. Estoy muy contento y creo que para mucho tiempo.

Orient by Marek Mulica on 12/07/2016

Jestem miłośnikiem zegarków, a szczególnie mechanicznych. Uważam, że zegarmistrzostwo, to sztuka, myśl techniczna połączona z fantazją. Ten zegarek spełnia te kryteria. Technicznie doskonały, wizualnie po prostu piękny. Idealnie leży na ręce, pełne ogniwa bransolety sprawiają, że jest idealnie wyważony z kopertą i wygodnie się go nosi. Zdjęcia na stronie nie oddają rzeczywistości. Na ręce wygląda znacznie lepiej. Dutyfreeisland to rewelacyjna firma. Zegarek zamówiłem 5.07, a 12.07 miałem go na ręce, a przecież dotarł do Polski z Hong Kongu, czyli z drugiego końca świata. No i cena bardzo dobra. Wspaniałe doświadczenie z Dutyfreeisland. Zapewne odwiedzę Was wkrótce. Pozdrawiam Marek Mulica z Polski

best price watch for function and design by jongwan on 12/06/2016

이 모델은 한국에서도 엄청난 인기를 끌고 있는 모델로, 백화점에서도 메인 전파수신 모델로 광고하고 있는 모델입니다. 백화점에서는 판매가가 100만원을 넘는데 정말 좋은 가격에 구매가 가능합니다. 전파수신으로 보다 정확한 시간을 알 수 있고 듀얼타임, 크로노 기능, 퍼페츄얼 캘린더등 50만원대에 구매할 수 있는 시계중에 말도 안되는 좋은 성능을 가지고 있습니다. 디자인또한 메인 모델인 만큼 이쁩니다. 정장 , 케쥬얼등 어디서나 매치가 가능합니다. 후속모델이 나왔지만 , 디자인면에서는 AT9031이 독보적이라고 생각합니다. 이모델은 인기가 좋아서인지 재고가 거의 없고 항상 품절이지만 구매하실 수 만 있다면 강력추천드립니다. 판매자의 QnA 응답속도도 매우 빨라서 보다 쾌적한 구매가 되었습니다. 이후에도 많은 이용을 할 예정입니다.

Orient Multi-Eyes Sun & Moon SET0P002W Review by Vincent on 12/06/2016

Great price for item of great quality. Item arrived within 6 working days, HK to Malaysia. Impressive timing. Item is of very high quality. Rest assured it is original and the warranty is valid. It is 41.5mm without crown. Fits my 6.83 inch wrist perfectly. It has good presence. A good combination of casual-dress. The 14mm thickness may not fit under the cuff of some formal shirts, but should fit well with most. The cream face is beautiful and the blue-purplish hands are really beautiful. The subdials have beatiful guilloche patterns. Very classy. Stainless steel case and bracelet is mixed between brushed and polished styles.

best watch in quartz clock by jongwan on 12/06/2016

GPS시계의 기능을 가진 시계중 가장 디자인이 이쁘면서 성능도 좋고 가격도 좋은 제품입니다. 세이코의 아스트론과 비교한다면, 가격은 거의 절반수준인데 성능은 더좋고 사양도 훌륭합니다. 아마 시티즌 시계중에 최고가 시계중 하나이겠지만, 들어간 성능과 마감, 재질을 생각하면 최고의 시계가 아닐까합니다. F900무브먼트에 GPS, 다기능 GPS 시계중에 가장 얇은 시계, 자라쯔 마감, 슈퍼티타늄의 TLC코팅 및 DLC코팅으로 스크래치 방지. 엄청난 스팩입니다. 또한 직원분들도 매우 친절하고 피드백도 빠릅니다. live chat 을 사용한다면 매우 쾌적한 상담이 가능합니다. 나름 비싼 시계이기 때문에 서비스센터의 kevin H에게 수많은 질문을 하였으나 모두 명쾌하게 대답을 해주었습니다. 이 사이트가 없다면 어디서 시티즌 시계를 이렇게 좋은 가격에 구매를 할 수 있을지 , 너무 맘에 듭니다. 진정한 고성능시계와 합리적인 가격의 시계를 원한다면 시티즌의 아테사 라인과 GPS모델을 적극 추천드립니다

wonderful watch by jongwan on 12/06/2016

직원분들부터 매우 친절합니다. citizen 시계를 살 수 있는 방법중 가장 싸게 구매하는 방법이 여기서 사는 것입니다. CC3007은 F150 의 훌륭한 GPS 무브를 가지고 있으면서 스테인레스 소재로 가격또한 매우 좋습니다. 가장 얇은 GPS시계이기 때문에 무게또한 다른 시계들보다 가볍습니다. 배송도 홍콩에서 한국까지 하루면 오는게 신기합니다. 가격대비 성능과 뛰어난 디자인, 훌륭한 직원들 , 최고네요!

is better by Besto on 12/04/2016

I'm satisfied with your kind service and fast shipping. but I'm sad that the sale is started after I bought.... eventhough about that, the watch is great. it is better than the image on the internet.

Perfect--Even for a Man by Richmond Citizen Guy on 12/04/2016

I am a typical watch fanatic and have owned countless watches including Rolex and Omega. My go-to diver watches include the Marathon TSAR and Seiko SKX175. I also have a Citizen BM6400. I like the clarity and reliability of these watches. As much as I like these watches, I have started to find them a bit big. And, they wear out my shirt cuffs. A smaller ISO-certified dive watch seems to provide a nice alternative. I ordered the watch, and it arrived in a week. It was in perfect condition, only needing a charge from a friendly light source. The bracelet is ample. I had to remove four links. If you get one, you'll almost certainly need to remove links. Be careful! The links are held together with pins that press through a friction collar that rests inside of the center barrel. These collars are vital--and easy to lose. I almost did. Take your time, and you should have no problem. I reviewed but did not consider a number of other smaller watches. They either were not ISO-rated or feminized with pastel colors, jewels, or other design details unsuitable for me. Many may be shocked to learn that the original men's Rolex Bubble Back watches were about 32 mm in diameter. My favorite watches have cases in the 36 mm range, I don't consider this watch to be girl-y in any way. My research has led me to conclude that others are looking for smaller watches, too. This is a perfect watch for someone seeking rugged reliability and clean looks in a compact model.

watch band 59-S02802 by bill kuchinsky on 12/01/2016

I needed to replace my broken rubber Citizen watch band and was surprised to find the cost of $ my area for a genuine stainless steel replacement. Thankfully DutyFreeIslandShop had the band for nearly half the cost including shipping. Standard shipping got the item to me in a week. I am completely satisfied Thank You

My experience with Citizen CA4021. by Suman on 12/01/2016

Hello Friends. I would like to share my experience with you about this product which I bought on Dec30 2015. I was looking for a good quality, low maintenance, handy still high class looking watch to gift it for my special family member. That's how I ended up looking for a titanium + eco-drive watch. This is a super product. I am very happy with over all delivery on dutyfreeisland, initially scared to buy in a new website,though it took 10days(holiday time) to reach destination in USA but worth buying here rather than spending more on the same product in other websites/showrooms. About product I want to add few points which might be helpful for new buyer. 1. Firstly, the shiny steel finish on belt is only there for first 3 links from watch dial it is not there through out the belt which kind of looks nice actually. 2. The watch is bit big in size. It measures about 41-42 mm on core steel finish ring on dial. Saying that I would recommend the interested buyers to take size of their own wrist with thread and check on scale. If your wrist measures anything more than 18 cm then you should seriously consider this as a good fit on your hand. Anyway with current trend, I see lot of young generation with a big wall clock on their hand. :). Personally I like a watch with correct fit and not over sized. It looks more matured. 3. Lastly the watch dial in not 'Jet Black' it is bit of lighter version of Black (slight ting of grey and brown). Best part of the watch is, 1. It is super light, you will not have pain wearing it for full day. Perfect for daily use. (about 102 gm) 2. The mat finish looks amazing. I was worried that it may look like powder coated products...but Citizen have done great job, it does not look any cheap...rather it is just a very rich and up-class. I would strongly recommend. I am attaching a photograph hope it will be helpful.

CITIZEN AW1241-54L by Enrique Ignacio Ferreyra on 11/09/2016

Cumplieron en todo, despacharon dentro de la semana de efectuado el pedido, producto original y legítimo, precioso e impecable y a muy buen precio, estoy muy contento de haber decidido la compra en DUTYFREEISLANDSHOP.COM El Correo Argentino (para variar) fue el que demoró la entrega 30 días, enviaron el reloj a Mar del Plata por error de ellos y de allí a Córdoba. Gracias Duty Free Island

An nice alternative to Seiko Astron by 吉平 on 11/08/2016

I've been looking for a GPS watch since I've learned of its capability to update time via satellite syncing. The first watch I was interested in was the Seiko Astron. After further research, I realize that it was not for me because of the sheer size of it compared to my 6.5 inch wrist. I also tried looking at the Casio hybrid radio/satellite sync, but the size also turned me off. After further research, I discovered that Citizen just release the F150 movement, its an upgrade to the 2014 F100 movement which I was discourage from buying because you have to manually enter the location for it to sync to the correct time. The F150 movement can know your location with one press and sync to the correct time. And the size of 43.5mm without the crown is not too big for my wrist. Anyway, there's already a lot of review and unboxing for the the Citizen Satellite Wave F150 and all I can say is that I agree with them. About the shopping experience from Dutyfree Island Shop, I did a lot of reasearch and read a lot of review and that gave me confidence to order from Dutyfree island shop, all I can say is that they shipped the item very fast, only 1 day since payment, although answering email would take them much longer, from my experience, my first email was answered 2-3 days and 2nd email took longer than that. This did not discourage me from ordering another ladies watch 3 days after ordering the Satellite wave. By the way, just a little warning, I ordered my watch with the case and it got the attention of the Phil. Customs, this was my biggest mistake and the box that came with the satellite wave did not even look like the original satellite wave box that you can see from online review and unboxing. It came with an ordinary Citizen Box without any indication that the box was for a Satellite Wave watch. Anyway, I did received the watch eventually after 28 days and with daily follow up to Philpost and customs. The 2nd watch I ordered came in much faster, about 10 days since payment. because I ordered it with out the box. Aside from this, overall experience with Dutyfree Island Shop is great, will not hesitate to order from them again. Thank You!

Mr by V. Miatke on 11/08/2016

After seeing this watch on eBay I have always been fascinated by it and after some thought about it I then bought one from dutyfreeislandshop as they seemed to be the best to deal with. When the watch arrived I r4ead the instructions and they were very easy to understand. Setting up the watch was easy and I have been wearing it since. I am very satisfied with it. The watch is very accurate and as a piece of jewellery it looks great. I would certainly recommend this watch to anyone seeking a fine timepiece with stylish looks that you can wear anywhere.

Wonderful Gift for my girlfriend by JJong on 11/07/2016

I purchased this item for my girlfriend. It shines brightly. My girlfriend looks like very happy. If you who have lovely girlfriend want to take her mind, JUST DO IT Just buy now.

Good! by Park on 11/07/2016

i'm very satisfied with this watch. Combination with Gold and Emerald color is the best choise!

GREAT WATCH!!!!!! by starGR on 11/06/2016

I am very happy with my choice . This is an amazing watch . Stylish very light and durable . You will not find something similar in this price range out there . Super Titanium , sapphire and citizen eco drive makes that elegant watch . Also this is my 3d watch from ''dutyfreeislandshop'' and the service is excellent like always . Thank you dutyfreeislandshop.!!!!!!!

Mr by Th. Zimmermann on 11/05/2016

I make it short: I saw this watch, I order the watch, ten days later I got just this watch. easy to order, always informed, best price Thank you!

骚物 by on 11/05/2016

一天香港就到了广州经转地,然后运输就很慢,好几天才到江苏,这是海关监管的原因?不过幸运的是没有被睡:) 实物比照片更漂亮,强烈建议卖家多上点实物照片。

购买CB0011-77L晒单了。 by on 11/05/2016

5月初逛了几个网站,备选几款看过CB0011-69系,CB1070-56系等,本来计划购买2000-3000的机型,无意中看到dutyfreeislandshop此网的CB0011-77L蓝盘心中有了答案. 这款光动力+电波,表盘简洁,H145机芯,5局电波,售价1600多,结合优惠码5%折扣后1500左右,当然用美金比人民币结算要省点,支付宝支付时直接RMB自动购汇美金结算.因此算下来性价比超高. 当时也担心货不正,也咨询了客服,综合考虑后,5月4号下单,等到5月6日发货,在此期间会收到三条邮件订单确认,发货确认,快递单号。 然后每天查单号,看下货到哪了,看到送交海关心都凉了。5月10日收到清关短信,接着又接听到邮政客服说你有只西铁城的表需要带上身份证原件复印件等资料到驻邮办办理.5月11日下午2点驱车到达驻邮办,然后到厅里邮件领取处拿单,到海关验估柜,把所需要的材料都要提供出来给美女看,当时说句(网上购买不单要看清单还需要看付款凭证并且把付款凭证打印出来。当时就懵了)然后退出大厅想法搞出这些材料,接着坐在车上抽了几支烟等材料(经过就略过。。。。)最后审核通过了接下来三个柜台来回各种签字画押,等着提货。晚上回家对波成功下,确定所买的电波手表是正品!虽然入境被海关查到,税了98元。但是还是很合算的!也体验一回海淘的经验!谢谢dutyfreeislandshop!

Wow by Anthony on 11/05/2016

Before we begin, I have to say, blew me away with their service. I received this watch 6 days after ordering it. I don't think it's physically possible to receive it any faster. So how about the watch? Wow. An absolutely stunning watch. First of all it's important to acknowledge the movement. The Orient Cal. 48743 automatic movement is made in-house! This is a stunning achievement in its own right. It shows that Orient have a great commitment to their craft. They're watchmakers first and foremost, and take pride in giving their watches history and a legacy. This practice is generally seen on more expensive watches, so it's quite a feat to see it in a watch of this price. And it works wonderfully. They easily could have purchased a palette of generic movements, and for this price, you wouldn’t blame them. But they didn’t. Respect. It does, however, have some drawbacks. It doesn't have hacking capabilities (seconds hand doesn't stop ticking while changing the time), or manual winding (can only be charged by wearing it or shaking it). The former isn't a big problem because mechanical watches are known to tick faster or slower depending on circumstances such as the position of the watch, or even the environment. This may seem like a negative to buying mechanical watches (and it can be), but unless split-second precision is absolutely necessary (co-coordinating attacks in the military, or timing Olympic athletes for the record books), an automatic watch is a fantastic time keeper. I mean, when was the last time you needed time perfectly accurate to the second? Most people tell the time in 15 minute intervals (quarter to 7, etc.) anyway. It’s really a non-issue. So why automatic then? Well, each watch is an engineering marvel. A combination of tiny gears and jewels that work together as close to perfectly as possible to give you the time. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say mechanical watches have a personality of their own. Strap it to your wrist to wake it up. With every swing of your arm, it harnesses energy. It becomes a living, breathing machine, completely dependant on you, to tell you the time. It's really quite beautiful. Like a close friend in a dynamic-duo. It has soul. As I mentioned earlier, this watch doesn't have manual winding, so it must be worn to charge. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge, which will last about 2 days. Your general movement should charge it fully without a problem. It doesn't require any special effort to charge whatsoever. Wear it out normally and it's good to go. If left in storage and it dies, just give it a shake for about 30 seconds, set the date (make sure to set the time to 6am or 6pm before setting the date to avoid potential damage to the date gears), then set the time. If you wear it daily, it will go on forever. Get it serviced every 5-10 years and it’ll last you a lifetime. But that's enough about the movement. How about the styling? Well there’s a good chance that’s what drew you to this watch. The beautiful Bauhaus inspired classical 60s dial. The finish on the dial can only be described as exquisite. The satin paint combines beautifully with the curved dial, forcing light to constantly dance around with incredible depth. It's easy to get lost chasing the light into the beautiful dark abyss of the blue, grey and black models, or the stunning shimmering pearl on the white. It's hard to choose a favorite, and at this price you can afford to buy them all haha. I chose the blue because of the uniqueness of the colour and beautiful depth. The rest of the dial is very simple. Applied markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9, along with the straight minimalist hands which are all finished in a polished silver. The tip of the minutes hand curves slightly with the dial, again showing the level of attention to detail that went into this watch. Under 12 o’clock, the applied Orient logo is beautifully done, with a high level of detail for such a tiny piece. Printed Orient lettering rests underneath it, followed by “Water Resist” above the 6 marker, which I think the watch could have done without personally. Speaking of water resistance, the watch is water resistant to 30 atmospheres, which basically means it can take is a splash. Take it off to wash the dishes or have a shower. Forget about taking it for a swim. That’s what we have diver’s for. But if it wasn’t the dial that sold you, there’s a good chance it was the lovely domed crystal. It really goes the extra mile in creating a classical looking timepiece. It has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated, and is the cherry on top of the already amazing cake. The crown is surprisingly signed with the Orient logo, another feature rare at this price range. And all of this for only $150 AUD?! How is that even possible? The RRP is $260 USD, and it’d be worth every damn penny at that price. Hell, this watch holds its own against $500 watches… so for $150 AUD, the value is simply, truly unbeatable. If you prefer divers or sportier watches, but need a dressier watch for the occasional formal event, this watch is absolutely perfect. If you’re just getting into watches, and you’re looking for a nice entry level watch, this watch is absolutely perfect. If you want a stylish classically-styled watch to wear daily, this watch is absolutely perfect. Of course, for the price, not everything is possible. The domed crystal is not sapphire, so it is prone to scratching. If it had a sapphire crystal though, the price would not be this low. It’s impossible. So it’s a completely understandable compromise and certainly expected, I’m putting the information out there. Also the band is relatively comfortable, but it’s not the greatest quality. Again, this is completely understandable. Costs had to be cut somewhere. Frankly I’m happy costs were cut on the band over the watch. The band is easily replaceable anyway. I have already ordered a light brown leather band, which I think it will compliment the blue dial much better than the standard black band. That’s the beauty of watches, changing the band can breath new life into the watch and change its look completely. Dress it up with ostrich leather, or dress it down with a nato strap. Depending on the situation, you have a very versatile watch. Oh and the band size is 21mm. This is the most annoying issue I have with the watch. It’s such an awkward size to buy for. You can find 21mm bands online, but they’re few and far between. I’ve ordered 22mm instead, they’ll squeeze on easily. You’ll want to avoid 20mm, as watches tend to look strange with a visible springbar. Always best to go 1mm larger than smaller. So in summary, buy this watch. Worth every cent.

Желанные Citizen Eco-Drive Sapphire Perpetual Calendar Chronograph BL5540-53E by Геннадий Прохоров on 11/05/2016

Давно было желание иметь продвинутые, практичные и привлекающие внимание часы. И вот походив по магазинам, изучив имеющийся выбор стал искать для себя часы в интернете. Выбор конечно огромен, но привлекли внимание японские часы Citizen. Компания Citizen широко известна своими передовыми решениями в электронике еще в годы моей молодости. Сразу обратил внимание на технологию Eco Drive. Преимущества технологии на солнечных элементах меня сразу привлекли. Не нужно часы постоянно заводить и носить, что необходимо для механических часов. Также, огромные преимущества перед часами на батарейке, которую хоть и раз в два - три года, но необходимо менять. Мой выбор был сделан на часах Citizen Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph BL5540-53E на калибре E 820. Выбор был сделан на часах со стальным браслетом и черным циферблатом с римскими цифрами. Нашел данные часы на сайте Конечно как и любого человека привлек и внешний выбор и сравнительно низкая цена данных часов. Человек так устроен, что всегда переживает. Вот и у меня первыми были мысли придут ли часы, в каком состоянии и не придется ли их возвращать обратно. Но отношении ко мне и к моему заказу меня сильно порадовало. Ответ о подборе мне часов был получен на следующий день. А через два дня я уже отслеживал движение моих часов по почте. Переживания конечно были, но на 10-й день я уже радостный побежал на почту за ожидаемой посылкой с часами. И вот выбранные мной Citizen красуются на моей руке. Конечно были некоторые проблемы с кнопками и пришлось обращаться за помощью непосредственно в Dutyfreeisland shop и оперативно получал исчерпывающие ответы. Отношение ко мне и моим проблемам вызывают восхищение. Очень благодарен всем сотрудникам компании Dutyfreeisland shop за такое чуткое отношение. Советую всем, кто ищет и не может выбрать для себя желанные часы, обратить внимание на японские часы Citizen Eco-Drive. Выбор моделей, внешнего вида, разнообразие ремешков, в том числе и титанового и кожаного, для мужчин и женщин на любой вкус. Буду рад если мои впечатления привлекут внимание и помогут сделать выбор любителей часов.

Часы с радиосинхронизацией Citizen Promaster CB0027-51E by Pavel on 11/04/2016

Близился юбилей мой… 30 лет. Как всегда все начинали спрашивать что тебе подарить ну и все в этом духе. Жена сказала выбирай что тебе нравится и что будет напоминать о дате. После долгих и мучительных поисков по сайтам обзоров и форумам о часах выбран был сабж. Посылка. Пришли часы в бумажном пакете с пупыркой. Менее чем за 2 недели. Внутри инструкция без русского и все собственно. Я заказывал без коробки. Часы когда пришли стояли. Пришел на работу, положил под лампу и через час они зарядились по минимуму и пошли. Дальше так не заворачивался, хватает зарядки во время простого ношения на руке. Часики выглядят очень презентабельно. Циферблат черный, с рельефом «под соты». Кроме даты и времени есть обозначение для индикации летнего времени на 5 часов и радиосинхронизации на 9 часов (OK — последняя синхронизации прошла успешно, RX — в процессе синхронизации, NO — последняя синхронизации прошла не успешно) По базелю нанесены часовые пояса и соответствующие города. Из органов управления 3х позиционная головка и кнопка. Браслет качественный, матовый, часть звеньев полированные. Замок. удобный, открывается нажатием на кнопки. Часы очень увесистые. 144 грамма, при снятии пары звеньев с браслета. Теперь о впечатлениях за месяц. Стекло стойко к царапинам. Ношу я часы не очень бережно и метал уже весь в царапинках, особенно заметно на замке (царапается если класть руку на стол). У меня все часы так же быстро покрывались царапками. Радиосинхронизация в Питере уверенно происходит ночью если часы лежат на столе либо подоконнике и расположены в сторону окна на 9 часов. Еще можно с помощью компьютера и программки JJY_Simulator сделать синхронизацию. Перевод часового пояса производится очень легко — вытащил головку на 1 положение, секундной стрелкой выставил нужный пояс. и часовая стрелка перешла на нужное количество часов. Красота. И да я этим пользуюсь изредка при командировках. Точность самого кварца не могу замерить по причине синхры… время всегда точное. Водонепроницаемость заявлена 200м. Честно не верю. Нет купаться и нырять на пару метров точно выдержит. но нет признаков большего — головка не закручивается, задняя крышка тоже. Не выглядят они как дайверы. Фосфорное покрытие на стрелках и рисках очень качественное, светит ярко зеленоватым, все элементы покрыты широким слоем. В целом часы производят хорошее впечатление. Рекомендую. После использования в течении месяца. Плюсы: — лаконичный дизайн — питание от света, не надо менять батарейку — радиосинхра — подводить не надо не часы не календарь, и даже летнее время учитывают — сапфировое стекло Минусы: — нет секундомера, таймера, будильника — металл быстро царапается, нет стойкого покрытия

Mr by Simon Wu on 11/04/2016

I am a bit of a tech geek and value functionality over aesthetics anytime. I am also a big fan of the Citizen Eco drive watches; I have had two other Eco drive watches for 7+ years and have never had any problems or replaced the batteries. The citizen CC9015 is both very functional and stylish. This Satellite Wave from the F900 family is particularly cool, this watch is able to actually use GPS signals to help it determine the time zone it is currently in and adjusts the time accordingly. This was a missing feature in the previous satellite wave watches, as you needed to tell the watch what time zone you were in and then it was able to update the time using GPS signals. The CC9015 watch offers a function selector sub dial at 3 o'clock, and added features include a chronograph, alarm, and the ability to view two time zones at once on the dial. This last feature is particularly useful because you not only get a dedicated sub dial at 6 o'clock for the second time zone, but they are also interchangeable, so you can swap the display of local time and home time as you please. This is a big deal to me. With the added functionality in the CC9015, I do feel that Citizen has finally made the "perfect" travel watch that the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave collection needed to compete with the Seiko Astron. More so, I find the three sub dial layout of the CC9015 more visually balanced than that of the other satellite waves. Though not as clean in appearance as some, but more like a "tech /classy dress” watch, much like the Seiko Astron range. This model is a little bigger and fits well with the current style for watches. Detailing on the modern-style case is really good. A close inspection of the details reveals a high level of finish and polishing. The watch is still considered thin at 13.1mm thick, which looks great on the wrist with the matching bracelet. The CC9015 case is produced from Citizen's Super Titanium (more tech), I got the natural titanium look, I believe they are also available in a DLC-coated black titanium case. This special treatment of the titanium elevates the hardness level of the case and bracelet to 1000+ Hv, thus equates to 5 times more scratch resistance than stainless. Even with the upmost care in the pass week, I have managed to knock it a few times against furniture, door frames and metal gates, yaks! And let me tell you not a scratch. One negative though, the function selector is operated by the crown. You have to pull out the crown to position 1 to change function mode, and to position 2 to set the time zone (if required). This really annoys me about this watch. As every watch wearer will tell you, adjusting the crown whilst wearing the watch is an almost impossible task. To change function mode, I constantly find myself pulling the crown out fully to position 2 and missing position 1, and pushing it back in fully instead of stopping at position 1. And if you eventually manage to get it to position 1, you have to turn the crown to select the mode. In which case I almost always accidently push the crown back in while trying to turn it. And all this whilst bending my hand down fully to maximise the space between the watch crown and my wrist and supporting the watch against my stomach so as the watch doesn’t spin on my wrist as I try to change function mode. The watch would have been much better designed, if a dedicating side button was used to select the function mode (like every other watch I own). Putting all this into context, a timepiece that never needs a battery change, updates your time and location automatically, and offers a range of useful travel features. It also looks pretty cool and has a durable case. For me, this makes the CC9015 not only a competitive timepiece but one that is still very relevant today. Even though Citizen debuted the CC9015 in March 2015, I have only seen the black titanium CC9004 in the shops in Australia. I have not seen the CC9015 in Australia at all. So it was a bit of a leap of faith to purchase this over the internet not having seen it in real life. I had been looking for this watch for over a year. I already know the quality and technology are top-notch because I have been wearing the eco-drive watches for years. When Duty Free Island shop send me an email indicating the CC9015 watches were back in stock and at about half the price of retail, I had to get it. I was a little scared about shipping something of this value by mail, but it arrived as promised and in perfect condition. Duty free island shop is a great place to buy from. They posted my watch the next working day; (though it took 8 days to clear Australian customs), their customer service is excellent and have a great range of watches normally unavailable locally; I will definitely use them again.

The Nighthawk - already a classic by Radu on 11/04/2016

First of all, I would like to thank DFI for the best price on the market for this item and for the excellent customer experience. I received notifications for each step of the delivery process and there were no issues with payment. This watch was delivered on the other side of the world, without additional taxes being requested, in just 8 days. I opted for the more expensive delivery option, so the watch came in the original Citizen box, alongside all the accessories. This is the Asian/European version of the Nighthawk. It differs from its American counterpart in that the '6' and '12' figures are not in relief, the other hour markers are only partly luminous and the 'Nighthawk' writing is missing from underneath the date window. The dial looks very busy at first glance, but as you look closer and get used to it, it becomes very clear and easy to read. The luminous markers light a cool blue even after a short exposure to sunlight. The steel bracelet fits great and I would only switch to the leather one if I had to wear a suit. The 22mm lugs are pretty close to the watch's body, so thicker straps might not work for it. I also like Citizen's clasp design, as it has a very sturdy feel to it. The back of the case displays a deep engraving of the Promaster Eco-Drive logo and etchings of the serial number and movement model. The bezel slide rule works beautifully, and it turns regardless of the position the watch is in. It is smooth and precise and you can make some cool quick calculations with it. For example, I always use it to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. The Eco-Drive movement only requires 2 minutes of full sunlight a day and the 180 days it can survive from the battery alone should be enough for anybody. PROS: 20 bar water resistance, dual time-zones, slide bezel CONS: One of the things that would definitely improve this watch is a sapphire crystal. Another thing that would improve readability would be a larger date indicator. All in all, this watch is excellent for its price. Its style goes well with most attire, so it would feel right both with a suit or a t-shirt. I'm sure this watch will see a lot of daylight on my hand.

Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Japan Sapphire 100m Gents Watch by Egor on 11/03/2016

Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Japan Sapphire 100m Gents Watch Я решил купить себе часы, стал искать информацию и нашел часовой форум. Много вечеров я погружался в интересный и новый для себя мир часов. В итоге, я сформулировал те характеристики часов, которые мне нужны. Настало время поиска модели часов и магазина для покупки. Пройдя по магазинам своего города, стало понятно, что подходящих моделей мало, а цены, по моему мнению, высокие. Продолжил искать дальше. На том же форуме узнал о Вашем интернет-магазине часов Dutyfreeislandshop. Раньше, я никогда не покупал через Интернет. Поэтому были сомнения и опасения. Но, я доверился мнению форумчан, когда прочитал многочисленные положительные отзывы о данном магазине Dutyfreeislandshop (DFI). На сайте магазина я отфильтровал модели часов по нужным параметрам и, наконец-то, нашел понравившуюся модель! Это был Citizen BL8130-59E. В ней было все, что мне нужно в часах - это сапфировое стекло, вечный календарь, литой браслет, технологичный калибр с системой Eco-Drive, с которой не нужно беспокоиться, что батарейка закончится. Также, японская сборка! И очень адекватная цена! Мне очень хотелось, чтобы секундная стрелка четко попадала на метки, поэтому я написал письмо в Dutyfreeislandshop. Хотя, я не ожидал, что они станут это проверять. Но я был приятно удивлен, когда специалисты Dutyfreeislandshop ответили мне в письме, что предварительно зарядят часы и ДВАЖДЫ (!) проверят мою просьбу перед отправкой. После этого я сразу оформил покупку. Доставка прошла очень быстро. Я получил мои часы всего за 8 дней , чем я очень доволен! В реальности часы оказались еще красивее, чем на фото. Они притягивают взгляд и на них хочется смотреть снова и снова. Время считывается очень легко даже при беглом взгляде. В итоге, я считаю, что купил качественные часы по хорошей цене. Я уверен, что эта модель часов понравится любому из его владельцев, так что, если Вы еще выбираете, то можете смело покупать данные часы себе или кому-то в качестве подарка. Благодарю DutyFreeIsland за лучшую цену на рынке, также за отличное обслуживание, все вопросы, которые я сделал, они ответили мне сразу же и учли мои пожелания, И самое главное, за отличные часы! Рекомендую! Translate (Google) Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Japan Sapphire 100m Mens Watch I decided to buy a watch, began to search for information and found a watch forum. Many nights, I was immersed in an interesting and new to the world of watches. As a result, I have formulated the characteristics of hours that I need. It is the search time and watches the store to buy. Going to the shops of the city, it became clear that suitable models is small, and the price, in my opinion, high. He continued to search further. At the same forum to discover your online store Dutyfreeislandshop hours. Previously, I have never bought over the Internet. Therefore, there were doubts and fears. But I trusted the opinion of members of the forum, when I read the many positive reviews about this product Dutyfreeislandshop (DFI). On the store's website, I filtered out the watches on the options you want, and finally found a favorite model! It was the Citizen BL8130-59E. It was all that I need to watch - a sapphire crystal, perpetual calendar, cast Bracelet, technological caliber with Eco-Drive system, which does not need to worry that the battery will end. Also, the Japanese assembly! And it is very adequate price! I really like to see the second hand fell clearly on the label, so I wrote a letter to the Dutyfreeislandshop. Although, I did not expect that they would check it. But I was pleasantly surprised when experts Dutyfreeislandshop told me in a letter that the precharge clock and twice (!) Will check my request before sending. After that, I immediately make a purchase. Delivery was very fast. I got my watch in just 8 days, which I am very satisfied! In reality, the hours were even more beautiful than in the photo. They catch the eye and they want to watch again and again. Time is very easy to read even at a casual glance. As a result, I believe that the quality watches bought at a good price. I am sure that this watch is like any of its owners, so if you still choose, you can safely buy this watch yourself or to someone as a gift. Thank DutyFreeIsland for the best price on the market, and for the excellent service, all the questions that I did, they told me right away and took into account my wishes, and most importantly, for the great watch! I recommend!

FEZ09004w0 by Łukasz on 11/03/2016

Nie rujnująca kieszeni solidność Podobnie, jak w przypadku poprzednika, to już drugi Orient w moim posiadaniu – pierwszym był Bambino. Po doskonałych doświadczeniach z poprzednikiem oraz ujrzeniu omawianego modelu, nie wahałem się zbyt długo nad wyborem kolejnego dziecka japońskiego producenta. Zegarek prezentuje się świetnie, a o elementach budujących ten pozytywny wizerunek, dowiecie się z poniższej, krótkiej notki. Tarcza Cyferblat jest bardzo czytelny, zaopatrzony w ładnie wyprofilowane, cienkie wskazówki, a refleksy światła pięknie prześlizgują się na subtelnym szlifie słonecznym tarczy, delikatnie giloszowanej małej sekundzie i nakładanych indeksach. Datownik rzeczywiście wymaga dłuższego rzutu okiem, niż klasyczne wskazanie, ale umówmy się, ile razy dziennie sprawdzamy datę? Rezerwa chodu gwarantuje, że nie umknie nam moment, gdy zegarek będzie wymagał nakręcania. Mimo sporej liczby elementów, twarz czasomierza pozostaje ładnie zbalansowana, robiąc bardzo pozytywne wrażenie. Koperta Szlifowana na wysoki połysk, bezel okalający tarczę fazowany przy szafirowym szkiełku, dobrze wtapiające się uszy, fazowane przy teleskopach. Dekiel uwypuklający się do środka, gdzie czeka okienko, przez które obserwować można pracujący mechanizm. Całość dobrze siedzi na nadgarstku, nic nie uwiera, po chwili zapomina się, że nosi się go na nadgarstku. Mechanizm Czasomierz napędza in-house’owy, automatyczny kaliber 46J53 Orienta. Werk nie ma możliwości dokręcania koronką, aczkolwiek sam mechanizm automatu jest bardzo wydajny, od zera do całkowitego nakręcenia sprężyny wystarczy kilka minut machania zegarkiem, więc to w zasadzie żadna przeszkoda. Rezerwa chodu, to 40h. Głośność rotora w czasie pracy jest standardowa, nie kaleczy uszu swoim buczeniem. 23 kamienie trzymają w ryzach prostą, nieprzesadnie zdobioną konstrukcję. Z dekoracji mamy tu delikatne pasy genewskie wraz z wytrawionym logiem producenta na rotorze oraz groszkowanie na mostkach. W porównaniu do wybajerowanych pod tym względem mechanizmów niektórych szwajcarów ktoś mógłby stwierdzić, że bieda, ale Japończycy nigdy nie ścigali się w wyglądzie swoich mechanizmów. Mi się podoba. Nie badałem dokładności trzymania czasu, ale pi razy oko nie przekracza 10 sekund na dobę. Pasek O nim można rzec tyle, że to skórzana imitacja krokodyla. Klamerka z nazwą producenta. Póki co bardzo dobrze znosi noszenie, ale nie znam się na tyle na paskach, by wydawać jakieś sądy o jego jakości. Sprawia wrażenie jakiegoś kompromisu między solidnością, a ceną. Zaraz po przyjeździe zaimpregnowałem wewnętrzną stronę impregnatem do skórzanego obuwia, dzięki temu powinien wytrzymać znacznie dłużej. Wkrótce zaopatrzę go pewnie w jakiegoś motylka. Byłoby zbyt pięknie? W tej całej beczce miodu znalazły się jednak dwie łyżki dziegdziu. Pierwszą z nich jest mikroskopijny paproch, który został pod szkiełkiem na tarczy. Najwidoczniej zegarmistrz składający mój egzemplarz zaliczył drobne niedopatrzenie. Cóż, nie chce mi się czekać kilka tygodni na tripa Polska-Azja-Polska, więc wezmę podopiecznego na wizytę do zegarmistrza. Drugim wypatrzonym mankamentem jest równie mikroskopijna kropka na jednym z uszu zegarka. Obie te rzeczy absolutnie go dla mnie nie dyskwalifikują, bo trzeba się naprawdę dobrze przyjrzeć, by je w ogóle dostrzec, ale mój poprzedni Orient był pod tym względem perfekcyjny, tu niestety wkradły się te dwa elementy. Podsumowanie Mimo ostatniego akapitu, w zgodzie z tytułem tej recki, moim zdaniem to kapitalny czasomierz za rozsądne pieniądze. Bije na łeb sporo szwajcarów, które kosztują znacznie więcej, skrywając pod tarczą jedną z podstawowych wersji ETY, czasem dodając do niej coś od siebie, czasem nie. Tu mamy solidny in-house, piękną tarczę z praktycznym wskazaniem rezerwy chodu, szafirowe szkiełko. Wygodny, ładny i solidny czasomierz.

Citizen aviator by Ian Jennings on 11/01/2016

Beautifully crafted and stylish watch, thoroughly recommended purchase

Long searched watch by Ad Dekker on 10/23/2016

Ik heb 6 jaar gezocht naar dit horloge eindelijk gevonden Goede service snelle levering en last but not least een goede prijs Dit is een goede webwinkel en ik ga hem met plezier dragen Bedankt

The right choice for a depth sensor watch by Konstantinos on 10/20/2016

I used to had a C900 series old Citizen but I lost after a resettlement and I decided to look for a new watch in the market. I used to be a frequent scuba diver and now I dive every summer. I had two choices. One is this watch and the second choice was BN-2024 or BN-2021. I guess I've made the right choice as those two are bulky and perform almost the same functions as BJ2110. The only trouble was I had to perform "All reset / Adjust hands" procedure upon arrival. This is normal but the manual was not mention it as a start step. Without read it in the manual the watch could not start and I though the watch was broke or something. So please read the manual carefully before first time usage. Thanks DFI for the watch !

Mr by Ad Dekker on 10/19/2016

Waiting for 7 years to find the watch . Its looking great thanks for the quick sending en very good price

Superb! by HONG on 10/17/2016

Excellent seller, very kind. Best in the quality. And quick delivery service. I'm really satisfied. Thank you!

Perfect choice, unique watch by Dawid Duchnowski on 10/16/2016

THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN WRITTEN IN POLISH AND ENGLISH, SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH VERSION. Szukałem przez pewien czas swojego pierwszego automatycznego zegarka. Miał to być elegancki, męski zegarek na bransolecie. Wybór był bardzo ciężki, jednak przeglądając ofertę sklepu DutyFreeIslandShop natknąłem się na model, którego nigdy wcześniej nie widziałem. Był to Orient SER2D003D0 z niebieską tarczą. Chciałem poczytać recenzje tego zegarka w internecie, jednak okazało się, że nie ma żadnych informacji na jego temat. DutyFreeIslandShop był jedynym sklepem na całym świecie oferującym ten model. Atrakcyjny design, ekskluzywność oraz tajemniczość tego zegarka sprawiły, że postanowiłem go zamówić. Muszę w tym miejscu pochwalić sklep DutyFreeIslandShop. Po dokonaniu zapłaty wieczorem, następnego dnia rano dostałem informację, że mój upragniony zegarek został już wysłany. Dzień potem dotarł już do mojego kraju, a niedługo potem już do mojej skrzynki pocztowej. Transakcja przebiegła ekspresowo i bez żadnych dodatkowych kosztów. Zegarek dotarł bardzo starannie zapakowany. Po wyjęciu go z opakowania wskazówki od razu zaczęły pracować, co było dobrym znakiem. Pierwsze, co rzuciło mi się w oczy to odcień niebieskiej tarczy. Kolor jest ciemniejszy niż na zdjęciach i bardziej głęboki. W zależności od światła tarcza jest ciemno granatowa (wręcz czarna) albo niebieska. W obu przypadkach wygląda bardzo szlachetnie. Zaskoczyła mnie jakość detali, zważywszy na kategorię cenową. Logo Orient jest szczegółowe, a indeksy mają ładny, metaliczny połysk, który sprawia, że bardzo wyraźnie kontrastują na tle granatowej tarczy. Datownik jest czytelny. Wskazówki godzinowa i minutowa, jak również i malutkie punkciki nad indeksami godzinowymi są fluorescencyjne. Muszę przyznać, że luma jest bardzo dobra, świeci dłużej i jaśniej niż w moim innym zegarku, aviatorze Adriatica. Koperta jest delikatnie szczotkowana, zaś pierścień wokół szkiełka oraz koronka są lśniące. Mocnym punktem tego zegarka jest bransoleta. Podobnie jak koperta, jest delikatnie szczotkowana, z wyjątkiem mniejszych ogniw, które są bardziej błyszczące. Zapięcie wygląda solidnie, a do tego jest okraszone bardzo ładnym, tłoczonym logiem i napisem Orient. Szerokość bransolety przy kopercie wynosi 22 mm. Mechanizm sprawuje się bez zarzutu, mieszcząc się w zadeklarowanej dziennej dokładności. Podsumowując, jestem bardzo zadowolony z zakupu. Zegarek jest bardzo męski i solidnie wykonany.Za stosunkowo niewielkie pieniądze stałem się posiadaczem automatycznego zegarka, którego jakość w niczym nie ustępuje trzykrotnie droższym modelom. Jednocześnie jest to bardzo unikatowy model, wciąż dostępny jedynie w DutyFreeIslandShop, więc idealny dla każdego, kto chce się wyróżniać z tłumu. Zdjęcia nie oddają urody tego zegarka :) --------------------------------------------------------------- I’ve been looking for my first automatic watch recently. It was supposed to be an elegant, masculine watch on a bracelet. The choice was difficult, but one evening when I was browsing DutyFreeIslandShop I noticed a model, that I had never seen before. It was Orient SER23003D0 with a blue dial. I wanted to read some reviews regarding this watch on the Internet, but I found out, that there was no information about this model. DutyFreeIslandShop was the only shop in the world, which had this watch available. Attractive design, exclusivity and secretiveness of this watch made me to order it. At this point I need to give praise for the DutyFreeIslandShop. After I made a payment in the evening, the next morning I received information that my desirable watch had already been sent. The day after the watch was in my country, and soon in my mailbox. The transaction was rapid and without any additional charges. The watch was very carefully wrapped. Just after I took him out of the packaging it started to work, which was a good sign. The first thing which struck me was the shade of blue dial. The colour is darker than in the picture and more deep. Depending on the light, the dial is dark blue (even black sometimes) or light blue. In both of these cases it looks very noble. The quality of details surprised me a lot, taking the price of the watch into account. The Orient logo is detailed, and the indexes have a nice, metallic glance, which makes them contrast very clearly on the blue dial. The date window is readable. The minute and hour hands, as well as small points over the hour indexes are fluorescent. I have to admit, that the lume is very good. It lights longer and brighter than in my another watch, Adriatica aviator. The case is slightly brushed, but the dial ring and the crown are shiny. The strong point of this watch is the bracelet. Similarly like the case it’s slightly brushed, except smaller links, which are shinier. The buckle looks solid and is decked with a very nice Orient logo. The lug size is 22mm. The movement works well, in comply with the daily accuracy information. To sum up, I’m very happy with the purchase. The watch is very masculine and solid made. For a relatively small amount of money I became an owner of an automatic watch, whose quality is as good as the quality of 3 times more expensive watches. At the same time it’s a very unique model, still available only at DutyFreeIslandShop, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to stand out of the crowd. The picture doesn't express the beauty of this watch :)

good product with fantastic price by bart on 10/15/2016

A citizen watch , not available in europe, but available at dutyfreeisland Delivery took some time and it was not completely clear if the product would be deliverd at home. In the end it was delivered at the post-office after 20 days in perfect state. So if you know this it is worth the effort , because of the attrative price.

Impressive by Emmanuel on 10/13/2016

The watch arrived in 14 days, to the other side of the planet, tax free and well protected. It's a truly beautiful watch. simple and classy. The only minus is the band. It's leather alright, but it's both very thick and glossy on the surface. Not very comfortable at first because it's a bit difficult to bend around the wrist. Maybe it'll get better in time. I plan to change it anyway, but it is not much considering the beauty of the watch. For the price, I can't imagine any other watch with more quality and style. It looks 3 times more expensive than it is. I hesitated with a Bambino model, but frankly the open heart is fascinating. No regret at all. Thank You Duty Free Island. You're great to do business with. I'll get another Orient probably some day.

Mrs by Kath Cleaver on 10/13/2016

Very good ....I Love it just what i wanted.

Great watch, great service. by YUCATAN on 10/10/2016

Choose, order, pay and you gonna get the greatest service, the best watch and the lowest price. All in a few days.

The best buy by Michael on 10/10/2016

I was a little scared of buying exepensive watches from that far away. But whole transaction went as smooth as possible (except little hold up at customs office). Watches are perfect, running perfectly and are 100% genuine Citizen. Also looking good

Great First Watch! by Matthew on 10/10/2016

I have been shopping for a watch for about 2 months. I actually physically tried on this watch in-store before I bought it online. Seeing the price of 599 in stores really scared me. I went home and searched online for a good price, but also to make sure that it was genuine. The lowest price was DutyFreeIslandShop and they even had a genuine product gunrantee which was great. This is my first watch to go with my navy suit and it works out perfectly. I needed a watch going into a corporate career and this watch had all the details i needed for everyday work. It had features such as the date which is very important in my line of work. But another added feature was being able to calculate the time in a different country by using the rotating bezel. The rose gold colour suited me for both formal and casual events. I can wear it during weekends and weekdays during work. Another great feature is I don't have to go to the shops to adjust or get holes punched in my leather band. It is a collaspable leather band - which i didnt even know existed. You're able to adjust it on the spot! As for the seller - DutyFreeIslandShop offered express delivery and I couldn't wait so I had to purchase that too. It actually came a lot quicker than anticipated with no problems at all - in the original box with internation warranty. They offered the lowest price and will definitely look to purchase with them again when I need another watch.

Seiko Premier Kinetic Moon Phase SRX011P2 by MARIA on 10/08/2016

Прежде всего большое спасибо за ваш магазин! Цены самые низкие, а товары 100% оригинальные! Часы пришли за 10 дней. Упаковка , как и заказал в мешочке. Я давно хотел часы с функцией фазы луны. У других фирм цены раз в 10 выше. Я счастлив! Спасибо еще раз!

생일선물로 선물했는데 너무 좋아요 by 다은 on 10/08/2016

딱 처음보는 순간 이쁜데 시계가 엄청 크지 않을까.. 걱정을 많이 했습니다.. 남자친구가 손목이 가늘어서 걱정을 많이 했지만 너무 이뻐요!!! 도착하자마자 바로 개봉해서 시계줄 줄이고 이니셜 새겼어요!!! 생각보다 작아서 너무 좋고, 사진보다 실제로 착용해보니 더 이쁩니다. 그리고 생일 선물이라서 배송기간도 걱정을 많이했는데 빨리 도착해서 너무 좋았습니다!!!! 그리고 마지막으로 사장님의 정성어린 편지 잘 읽었습니다!! 앞으로 번창하시고 또 시계 구매할때 오도록 하겠습니다!!

The Perfect Gift by Xandra on 10/06/2016

I had been looking for this type of watch for a long period already. My husband is addicted to the Citizen brand (eco style) and surfing the internet we came across this beautiful watch. At first a bit hesitant as you hear and read a lot of stories of fake watch sites, especially if it is a deal that looks to good to be true! We thought lets give it a try, ordered it as a gift and duty free island turns out to be the perfect partner if your in for a great deal. Within the timeframe mentioned, the watch arrived in perfect working order and now I am wearing it every day and it is my favorite. Duty free Island, you are highly recommended!! Greetings from the Netherlands.

My first Citizen! by Lukas on 10/05/2016

Hell yeah! This was my first purchase from dutyfreeisland and I am very satisfied, I was a bit afraid as the shipping was to Slovakia, but it was without any problems, (for Slovak buyers it will come to you probably via GLS - use the number which you will get from DFI). I was searching for Citizen Nighthawk watch for some time, and by coincidence I found this shop. The prices are the best. I was also pleased with the possibility to not pay extra taxes. These two factors convinced me to make my purchase via this shop. The watch is simple great, you can find very detailed reviews on youtube, therefore I gonna skip it, just check it by yourself and buy it :D!

mr by yoav weisman on 10/04/2016

The watch I ordered arrived on the exact time frame which was originally promised. The price is more the fair (much cheaper then amazon….) Bottom line – I recommend this supplier.

Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium 100m Sapphire Chronograph Watch CA0201-51B by Russell on 10/03/2016

I love the item...Quick & Fast..Brand New Item as described... dutyfreeisland = Highly recommended!

My dream watch by R.M. Udaya Kumara Gunarathne on 10/03/2016

I am writing this review about dutyfreeisland shop to explain my story about buying my dream watch from them. I wanted to buy a simple, elegant as well as a durable Japan made watch. I tried to search a watch which meets the above mentioned criteria in the local market in Sri Lanka but, it was not successful. Then, I searched many web sites to see whether such kinds of watches are available there. I went through many sellers who sell watches but I was unable to find a seller fit with my necessities. Finally, I stopped at a fantastic web site, that is, dutyfreeisland shop. I was amazed as I found the right place to buy my dream watch. I saw several differences of dutyfreeisland shop when comparing with the most of other watch sellers in the international market. Firstly, it has a great collection of different varieties of modern and elegant watches which are belonging to reputed brands. Secondly, it sells many Japanese watch brands which are not sold by many of the other sellers. Thirdly, the other important factor, dutyfreeisland shop sells watches at competitive prices when comparing with the most of other sellers in the international market. Moreover, this shop gives some hot offers for some selected watch modals. Then I was trying to find my watch. It was a difficult task to me as many watches were well suited with my preferences. However, finally I selected my watch. It is CITIZEN ECO-DRIVE, the modal of AW1251-51E. This watch works on green power. That means, the power needed to work the watch is generated by solar radiations. It is one of the latest technologies developed by Citizen. The whole watch dial acts as a solar cell. Another fantastic but more realistic feature of this watch is, its capacity to store electrical power in a secondary cell for a longer period of time and after a full charge, the watch can be used for about 8 months without charging. As Citizen says, watches come with eco-drive technology do not need regular battery replacements. I am much happy about this technology because, it reduces the use of changeable batteries which could greatly contribute to increase e-wastes around the globe. As an ecologist, I greatly concern about the environmental pollution thus, by using this watch I can somehow give my contribution to protect the environment. Another special feature of this watch is the bracelet and watch case is made up of super Titanium with iron plating technology. As Citizen says Titanium watches are 40% lighter and 5% harder than stainless steel watches. Thanks to citizen, I can wear this watch without the fear of scratching. The glass is made up of synthetic sapphire which is highly scratch resistant. Most of the watch glasses are made up of either mineral glasses or inorganic glasses which can scratch moderately. Also, the anti reflective coating applied on the glass is much helpful to see the dial even under the conditions of strong sunlight. The above features were well suited with my requirements and thus I ordered my watch from dutyfreeisland shop in e-bay. Just after made the payment via pay pal, they shipped my watch quickly without any delay. Also, they provided me a tracking number. The important thing is the tracking information is updated quickly with respect to the place where the watch is reached. Though most of the other e-bay sellers provide tracking numbers for their items, these are not updated even after reaching the item to the customer. Also, the delivery of my watch was fast, it reached to me within two weeks after made the payment. I trust them greatly as they sell original watches imported from Japan. These days it is very hard to purchase original branded watches as there are many fake or replica modals available in the market these are identical with the original watches. Moreover, my watch is as similar as the photograph presented in the website. Therefore, I am highly satisfied about my Citizen watch as well as being a customer of dutyfreeisland shop. Meanwhile, I must say, that I have introduced this website to several of my friends and I am certain that they too will purchase watches from you in the near future. Finally, I can recommend dutyfreeisland shop with utmost confidence to anyone who is willing to buy a high quality, durable and brand new watch. Last, but not least, I greatly appreciate their customer care and wish them to be one of the remarkable watch sellers in the international market.

best of best! by yongjun on 10/01/2016

Terrific watch, great price, excellent customer service, fast shipping, well done!

Great watch and great service dutyfreeislandshop by Jose on 09/30/2016

Very happy. The watch arrived in less than 20 days. Much nicer than the picture, great clock. I hope it lasts for years

Citizen ca4011-55l by Daniel Horvath on 09/29/2016

I have this watch from 3 weeks. I'm very satisfied with it, very precise, and not even one scratch on it due this period. The weight cannot be better, and looks goergous. The shipping was 3 weeks, without any tax. Thank you dutyfreeisland !

BL5540-53A by Игорь on 09/26/2016

Good afternoon. So I got a clock and the time has come to take stock of a store ... Select the hours, I make payment .. I dress for a day off, as soon as the time came 1 store immediately made a shipment of goods to the address tracker sent to the post office. Problems with the tracking no. It's only 7 days and delivered goods from Hong Kong to Russia, in Siberia. Perfectly. So I quickly my online shopping has not yet been delivered. Hours exceeded expectations. Packed in foil completely: and housing, and a bracelet. Warranty card, instruction available .. no external defects there. Finally, the final touch - clock parcel are fully customized: perpetual calendar, date, time ... enjoy it immediately, no instructions readings and settings. is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 762 user reviews.