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Mr by David on 10/10/2018

As soon as I heard about the existence of a satellite wave/GPS watch, I took it upon myself to spear myself through the watch market in search to own one and that lead me to stumble upon the Seiko Astron Solar GPS and Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F150. But then lo and behold to what I found on the dutyfreeislandshop website but none other than the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Satellite Wave F150 World Time GPS (CC3067-11L) and I knew at an instant, this baby is gotta be a part of the family. However just like any new "toy", there's always the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly but no ugly aspects for this beauty so here's my thoughts for the piece. The Pros 1. Citizen is known for the revolutionary Eco-Drive system that powers its Japan movement and this no sheer small feat but worth hats off to which in short has hassle-free maintenance as you would not need a battery change for the next 10 years as any light source will do the charging for you 2. Satellite Time Signal Reception Function and the Satellite Timekeeping System was just "wow" as I was recently in Australia a weekend ago and it was as simple as 1 2 3 and the watch changed to the Australia time zone, in a few seconds I might add 3. Coincidentally, I encountered daylight savings when I was in Australia and the Daylight Savings Time Function of the watch definitely pulled through and when I got back home, it can be easily reset back to normal 4. Works well as a dress watch and casual wear as the sleekness of its dark disposition goes well with just about any outfit and if you ever play dress up as James Bond, well you got a pretty nifty piece on your wrist to compliment you 5. The hour hands, numbers and even luminosity of the watch definitely pops as it is large enough to be seen during the day or night but not too overwhelming 6. Love the idea that although when the watch is kept in the dark and not in used, as soon as it is exposed to light, it will automatically be set to the current timezone 7. Width of the case is just right at 44mm and those with smaller wrists like myself, well it sits pretty much perfectly 8. Overall the watch built is pretty sturdy and with the variation of colours it does make it stand out The Cons 1. The leather strap was a tad bit disappointing as although it is stated genuine leather but it felt rough like it was made from PVC and has an annoying "squeaking sound" whenever the strap moves so it is definitely distracting especially when it is worn cause your wrist moves 2. There is a slight tendency for marks or stains to stick onto the watch glass and pretty tough to remove at times but I discovered if you have wet tissues at hand that generally solves the problem 3. The respective country initials and timezones are pretty small as they are compressed within the bezel so it does get tedious trying to look at them as at first glance it will look pretty messy but it is just some getting used to 4. Just a small peeve as the colours a pretty flat unlike the shining metallic appearance of the other F150 lines In conclusion, the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Satellite Wave F150 World Time GPS has not made me regret my decision. Of course, nothing is perfect, but what downside it may have, the benefits and practicality of this piece, makes up for any of it. So if you were like me looking at getting your first watch or just shopping around, look no further. This piece is the one for you cause it basically is a more durable and timeless piece you would want on your wrist. Granted you may have your mobile phone to tell you the correct time anywhere in the world but you would need the Internet to do so, this doesn't. And if you ever wondered if the legitimacy of Duty Free Island Shop comes into question, well I tell you now, they are as legit as they can get and definitely my next stop for more watches to be included in my arsenal ( as soon as they come back in stock that is ;) ). Anyhoos, if you sat through this lengthy review, kudos to you but I hope I have at least addressed any initial doubts you might have for this watch piece and may you find joy in it at the end of the day as much as I do. Only Time Will Tell! (geddit?)

Mắt kính by Nguyễn Phương on 10/07/2018

Bạn có thay mắt kính ko

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Swarovski Crystal Sapphire Pink Dial Ladies Watch - FB1310-52W by Aliaksei on 10/04/2018

Данные часики я покупал для своей жены в подарок. Это уже вторые часы с этого сайта. Часы выбирал долго. Основными критериями были: зарядка от солнца, металлический браслет, стекло - сапфир, размер - ближе к 40мм, круглые. Заказ сделал 19.09.18, сразу же подтвердили заказ, оплатил, а 20.09. уже выслали номер трека. Т.к. в Беларуси существуют ограничения по стоимости посылок ввозимых в страну(22евро), пришлось воспользоваться услугами посредников из России. 25.09. часы были в Смоленске, а 03.10.18 я забрал часы в Минске. Часы покупал в мешочке и с ними все в порядке. Часы для жены были сюрпризом. Я ей и подарил их в почтовом конверте))). Наверное, самое приятно вскрывать конверт, не зная, что внутри). И жене и мне часики очень понравились. Очень качественно изготовлены. Очень красивы! Вживую смотрятся очень круто! Супер браслет(очень качественно исполнен), розовый циферблат, камешки Сваровски, хорошая читаемость циферблата, также прекрасная отделка циферблата. Стрелки попадают в метки, все исполнено на высшем уровне! Совершенство! А для меня сюрпризом стало то, что данные часы изготовлены в Японии, хотя на сайте написано, что только механизм сделан в Японии. На задней крышке и циферблате написано Made in Japan! Супер! Стоимость часов US$149.95. На самом деле для таких часов это очень приятная цена). О магазине могу написать только хорошие слова. Я уже писал, что это вторая покупка здесь. Меня все устраивает на 100%. Если вы выбрали часы, то заказывайте смело и не сомневайтесь ни в чем. Спасибо за их цены, сервис и порядочность. За все 5 звезд!

Cool Shades by Charlie on 10/03/2018

Great pair of cool shades. Wife sat on so will keep these although not perfect and get another pair. Italian design and Japanese design Ray and are their best. Also, classic Wayfarers are my choice. Don't hide....Stand out in the crowd!

Mr. by Brian Truax on 09/24/2018

Great watch, great price thanks for the excellent service. First time shopper but definitely come back again!

Citizen automatic by Petar Babic on 09/21/2018

What a great looking watch. Feels much more exspensive than it is . illumination at night is amaizing. I have to mention the service.i ordered on friday evening recived an confirmation email right a way . it was shipped following monday and by next friday i had the watch on my hand. And did not pay any import duty. I could track the watch the whole way from Hongkong to Canada. And most amaizing thing is that the shipping is free. Great job. I am already looking in to my next watch.thank you

Sleek, Modern, and Comfortable by Ivan on 09/20/2018

Duty Free Island Shop has excellent customer service and quick delivery. They always replied to my questions the same day and I received the watch in about 5 business/working days (Mon-Fri) with the free registered mail even with Typhoon Mankhut hitting Hon Kong couple of days after I placed the order. They actually emailed me when the watch arrived and the tracking was helpful. This is my first Citizen watch. It is modern, low-key, and comfortable with the canvas strap. It is well designed for black on black design. The dials and numbers are easy to read with natural light or with overhead artificial light on the streets. It is made with different textures and and shade of black so you can easily reatell the time if you angle the watch slightly. BUT, the luminous handsand numbers are not glowing bright enoug in the dark. It seems to need direct light to charge the luminescence. I’ve placed it directly under a desk lamp for 30 minutes and it glows for 5 minute and then it completely loses the glow. Hopefully, after longer exposure to direct light the glow will last longer. Not sure how long you need to expose the watch to direct light to recharge the glow, and how long the luminous dials will be readable in the dark. Also the days of the week are in Arabic and English. I can’t read Arabic so I’m assuming the watch will skip the Arabic and jump to the English. The store should let you know what the language the days of the week are shown in. I would prefer Spanish and English, since I can read both. But that’s a minor detail! The important detail is that the dials and numbers will properly luminate in the dark. I don’t know the mechanics behind the luminescence. I wish Citizen had more information regarding reading the time in the dark. Otherwise, so far, I only had the watch for a day and it looks classy and modern. It matches rugged and causal fashion and also a minimalistic look for dressing up with suits or collared shirts. The price seems to be affordable and discounted at DFI for the Citizen brand.

Recomendadíssimo! Sem dúvida é o meu relógio definitivo. by Leonardo on 09/17/2018

Sou um grande apaixonado por relógios. Não tiro nem pra tomar banho ou para dormir. Fiz a compra agora em agosto, depois de escolher muito, achei esse modelo o mais bonito, a prova d'água e com a tecnologia Eco-Drive., confesso que busquei no googlle fotos e vídeo e fiquei encantado com o relógio. A diferença no valor é absurdamente para relógios comprados no Brasil. E a confiança no site é 100% eles postam no dia seguinte após a confirmação de pagamento. Já indiquei ao meu pai que comprou 2 relógios e aos amigos do trabalho. Estou em lua de mel com o relógio, obrigado por fornecer tal sentimento.

Fantastic quality and reliable seller by Janice on 09/12/2018

I have been wearing Rayban sunglasses for the best part of 20 years...about 7 years ago I purchased the same style as this pair of sun glasses (without the Ferrari insignia and silver lenses) and they have been a part of my daily wardrobe I take them wherever I go as they are so comfortable and lightweight....when my beloved frame broke I decided it was time for a new pair but was horrified at the replacement cost until I found this much cheaper for exactly the same item. I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend them to anyone considering buying

Awesome watch at handsome price by Anil on 09/10/2018

Thanks Dutyfreeisland for this incredible watch,ordered 1 year earlier going strong as good as new.The functionalities and looks are killers ,it fits snugly to my wrist I am 28 years Indian male for reference it would fit all perfectly.Ia was reserved before for ordering such a nice and costly watch through online means but I was proved wrong by dutyfreeisland.Thanks and keep up the good work.. Certainly wont be my only watch from dutyfreeisland.cheers.

Precio inmejorable by on 09/07/2018

La experiencia de compra en Duty Free Island, sencillamente excelente. No solamente el precio era de derribo como os comentaba al principio. Un envío rápido desde el Reino Unido, y si en vez del transporte gratuito elegimos el rápido por 20€ más, lo tenemos garantizado sin gastos de impuestos extra, que tal y como yo lo veo es el mayor atractivo de este comercio online.

Классные часы. by Андрей on 09/07/2018

Часы выглядят потрясающе. Очень классные. Полностью соответствуют описанию. Оригинальная упаковка, вся необходимая документация в комплекте. Заказ отправили оперативно. С момента заказа до доставки прошло две недели с учетом того, что посылка шла из Гонконга через Москву на Дальний Восток. Это очень быстро. Я очень доволен. Обязательно закажу в этом магазине ещё что-нибудь.

Awesome timepiece! by Jose on 09/04/2018

This watch arrived today , really like this one. It's not as big as everybody says, wears smaller than my Citizen 46mm. Not too thick either, the dial is awesome and so is the bezel. Mines actually pretty smooth, and it has a sapphire overlay which is really cool. The leather band it comes with is also very well made, hugs your wrist. Overall, very happy with it. Thanks for the great service.

BN0190-82E a legend in the making. by Anoop p m on 09/04/2018

Hello fellow watch lovers, myself from India and its a delight to say that Duty free island is doing wonders in terms of delivering authentic watches .I would say this from my personal experience as i had learnt from youtube site that citizen dive watch was available for a discount price here at DFI store. To my amusement it was a steal at 12,500 INR plus 2,500 INR towards import taxes i paid for my brand new citizen Promaster black diver. It actually vosts around 24,000INR in indian retail or online store ,and trust me the packaging was good.Only crib for me was that the watch details need to be filled in the warranty card ,but they have their stamp on it. The watch in itself is a master peice,it sits perfectly on my wrist at 44mm case width ,the unidirectional bezel is smooth, case is polished as well as brushed in a beautiful way that is pleasing. No rough edges anywhere that could hurt ur skin, the metal bracelet is of good quality as it has secure lock clasp. The highlight fpr me was the screw down crown which is tapering and very easy to wind and pull which is a bonus when compared to many high emd watches which are difficult to screw open. Firm grip is acheivable on evey turn. The lume on this diver is exceptionally bright( not boasting), the diver dot indicator om bezel at 12'oo clock is of the older radium color as to the indices inside dial which are a bit modern illuminated color. 5 stars fpr the lume on this diver. The watch hands are sword shaped and classic, it can easily give a run for money to watches like the seiko samurai ( not kidding), in many ways this promaster black diver will surely beat many old rivalled dive watches in the coming days. Its a perfect diver, can be used on formal dress and casual sports use equally, its appalling, loud. My first impression was its sophisticated look and beastly prescence on my wrist. Agree or not ,this BN0190-82E is a beauty beast combo,citizen has striked the cords rightly .....and kudos to DFI store to bring me this legendary watch in the making for a affordable price . Thank you DFI

A modern classic. Will get stares, and questions. by Jayanth on 09/03/2018

Orient makes their movements in-house. Keeping that in mind, making a watch so artistically unique, was stunning to me, when i opened the packaging from Dutyfreeisland. The people at Dutyfreeisland shipped the product very soon, but the draconian postal system took 1 month (a good scenario) to deliver. Glad this watch made it. The first thing that will surprise you, is how functionally thought out the dial is. The markings are all accurate, and the seconds-hand sweep ensures that you can use it as a casual precision timekeeper. The domed crystal ensures the dial to look compact inspite of the 40.5 mm case-width. the Roman numerals look crazy in pictures, but it is also quite functional. It is a very shiny dome, so this watch WILL get you noticed. The reflective roman numerals will also aid that endeavor. But it won't scream out. It will subtly call out to fellow watch enthusiasts, to take a quick glance at this beauty. The domed crystal makes this a premium watch. There is a classical sunburst kind of a feel to the dial color. It gives off a slightly mesmerising feeling when looking at the dial - just broken up by the date window, but the font styling should have been more in line with the dial markings. That was a slight slip up in design. The dial numbers stick out, but i guess that is by-design. The next thing that will hit you are the brilliant blue hands of the watch. The long-sweeping seconds hand, and the sharp lines of the hour and minutes hands. At the correct angles, this watch is a stunner and an ideal dress companion. Although many may find the size rather odd. You will understand only when you purchase the watch or hold it in your hand and try it on with formal dresses and suits. The size is a tad bit odd, but not too much. The Leather strap is a slightly dark-brown, almost patent-leather kind of a strap. It just does the job of looking high quality, and feeling high quality. It is comfortable and doesn't give you issues but after a few years (since this watch may last a lifetime, based on the build quality) - i would switch out the strap to something nice and luxurious. The crown is big. The movement is noisy and may sound garish to some, but this watch screams for attention, and so does the movement. It hacks. Hand-winds. Hand-winding is quite noisy too. I've often times found myself raising my wrist just to stare at the watch. I realize why it fits well now. The watch is quite thin, inspite of a sizeable domed crystal. This is ingenuity and attention to detail from the Japanese watchmakers at Orient. Put a swiss name on this watch, and people would gladly pay 1000 USD+ for this beauty. Consider this for the quality, and the pricing.

excelente reloj by Gustavo on 08/30/2018

Excelente reloj me lo comprè en Panamà en un viaje de Familia hace 5 años y està en perfectas condiciones, el material excelente solo que tuve que cambiarle la malla o correa, y necesito informacion de donde puedo comprar mallas o correa de repuestos, gracias.

西鐵城AT90系列代表作 by Tingfu on 08/30/2018

西鐵城AT90系列一直都是近年來電波錶代表。最近很想找一隻黑色的手錶,沒想到這邊有最新款式的現貨,讓我毫不猶豫的就買下來。謝謝Dutyfreeislandshop Team帶給我這麼好的購物體驗,會好好珍惜這隻:亞洲限量海中晨曦AT9039經典美錶!

Citizen Sapphire Super Titanium AW1251-51A by chris on 08/29/2018

Excellent service.Watch arrived in less than 2 weeks to England,perfect condition completely genuine with everything except the box (took your advice re minimising charges).No customs charge only £11 handling fee from our Post Office.Watch is superb.I have a Citizen Titanium which is over 15 years old and worn every day with absolutely no problem.The new one is more modern looking and will be great for special events and I am sure will last many years.Thank you for your brilliant service and in particular for an excellent deal--less than half the price I have seen elsewhere.

Обзор кварцевых часов фирмы ORIENT, модель FUNG8003D0. by Artur on 08/27/2018

Обзор кварцевых часов фирмы ORIENT, модель FUNG8003D0. Часы были заказаны по рекомендациям с форума Часы выбирались в классическом стиле, для выхода на работу, под рубашку или костюм. Главное требование, которое предъявлялось к часам: классический стиль, стальной ремешок и сапфировое стекло. Доставка оказалась одной из самых быстрых - 10 дней до Уфы. Посылка была отправлена с южного побережья Китая, города Гонгконг. Посылка была хорошо упакована, каждый элемент посылки, был упакован индивидуально в пузырчатую пленку. Часы были заказаны без коробки, так как коробка прибавляет к размерам посылки и стоимости доставки. Часы были получены в полной сохранности, без внешних повреждений, я снял с них транспортировочную пленку и проверил работу всех механизмов (замок ремешка, механизм настройки времени и даты). Так же подобрал необходимую длину ремешка под запястье, исключив четыре звена. Особенность браслетов ORIENT, в том, что исключить можно только те звенья браслета, на которых с обратной стороны браслета указана стрелочка. Основные характеристики: Модель: FUNG8003D0 Коллекция: Standart Quarz Механизм: Кварцевый Экран: Аналоговые Калибр: HT711(UN) Размер корпуса: 41 мм Толщина: 7 мм Материал корпуса/ремешка: Нержавеющая сталь 316L Стекло: Сапфировое Циферблат: Синий Точность хода: не хуже +/- 15 сек/мес Элемент питания: SR920SW Формат времени (12/24): 12 часов Календарь: Отображение даты Водостойкость 50 м (5 атм) Производитель: Orient Watch Co.LTD Страна: Япония Часы произвели очень приятное впечатление, японские дизайнеры постарались и к классическому виду часов добавили изюминку - синий циферблат, прибавляем не царапающееся сапфировое стекло, водозащиту и получаем отличное соотношение цена/качество. Какие же плюсы у сапфирового стекла: 1. Устойчивость к царапинам, поцарапать сапфировое стекло можно, разве что, алмазом. Минеральное, в случае не глубоких царапин, можно заполировать. 2. Прозрачность, здесь несомненным лидером является сапфировое стекло, сапфир будет сохранять свою прозрачность очень долго. Недостатки: 1. Стоимость, минеральное стекло гораздо дешевле чем сапфировое, за счет простоты производства и обработки. 2. При ударах и падениях, минеральные стекла являются более прочными. Коммуникабельность продавца на высшем уровне, быстро и грамотно отвечает на все сообщения. Быстрая и бесплатная доставка с функцией отслеживания. Так же, можете посмотреть мой видеообзор. Ссылка на видео:

적극추천합니다 by 동준 on 08/25/2018

시티즌 시계중에 이만한 가성비는 없을듯합니다. 실물을 처음 본 순간 청판의 위대함을 느꼈습니다. 슈퍼티타늄이라 그런지 스크레치가 나긴 해도 적게 나는거 같네요 야광은 다이버워치처럼 밝게 잘나와요 이제 잘때 폰켜서 시간 볼 일은 없을 듯 해요. 사용법이 복잡하긴 한데 설명서보면서 외워가니 그만한 재미도 없네요 단점이 있다면 용두가 미끄럽고,줄질이 힘들다는점 정도예요 제 블로그에 리뷰 할테니 이 모델에 관심있으시면 보고 궁금한 점 물어보세요^^

còn hàng không? by cường on 08/24/2018

Đồng Hồ Orient Class Japan Sapphire Nam Elegant SGW01006W0 mẫu đồng hồ này còn không? mong nhận phản hồi

Dual Tone - это красиво! by Denis on 08/24/2018

Изысканные, изящные, да и просто очень красивые, привлекающие взгляд часы. Кристальная прозрачность сапфирового стекла, легкость титана, легкость считывания времени и остальных показаний. Оптимальный размер 42 мм подойдет на любое запястье. Неприхотливый, надежный и очень точный калибр H800, зарекомендовавший себя в кругах любителей часов Citizen только с хорошей стороны. Ну а вечный календарь в связке с радиоконтролем и системой Eco-Drive делают эти часы абсолютно независимыми. Один раз все настроил и забыл. Идеально подходящий к часам, по цвету и фактуре, ремень со стандартным размером крепления 22 мм. Купив эти часы, про остальные, если у вас их несколько, можно надолго забыть. Если кратко - замечательные часы! Во всех смыслах. Их, действительно, замечают. Спасибо, DutyFreeIsland! Спасибо, Citizen! С уважением, Денис.

at0490-54e by 홍득 on 08/21/2018

배송도 빠르고 첫 충전이 귀찮지만 햇빛에두면 상당히 좋다.

You can trust to this shop! by ivvitan on 08/21/2018

I'm from Russia. I received my order recently. Delivery took ten days. I checked everything, the wristwatch works in all modes. Inside the parcel is a watch, user manual and international guarantee. All tags and protective stickers are in their places. I only had to reduce the length of the bracelet by myself, but it's easy. I would strongly recommend this store to everyone.

My first Automatic watch, 10 of 10. by Miron on 08/18/2018

It's my first Automatic watch and as my first A watch, I was looking for Seiko 5 or Orient Bambino. Luckily did find this watch, a better mechanism (theoretically), way more good looking, way more expensive looking, clearly very good materials, battery reserve indicator, second hand, date, all of beyond for some extra $. Bought the watch at a very good offer so it was for me the best first automatic purchase ever! Super happy. This watch looks very expensive, at least $500 watch, at least. Now some objective opinion: + It recharges very rapidly to maximum and yes I think it handles 40h power reserve ; + Very good materials (at least from enthusiast expertise level) + Looks expensive ; + Very nice ticket to enter in the world of automatic watch enthusiasts; + Saphire glass; - Just for my case, not critical, the deviation is around of +50s per day, this mechanism has stated in manuals and in perfect conditions the +25s / -15s , had some discussions with friends and was assured for this pricing category is perfectly fine, I'll ask in 3 years on first maintenance check to slightly adjust mechanism; - Shipping, yes shipping, opted for $20 shipping where was stated 6 to 10 business days, I got the watch in Romania in around 20 business days. + Shipping, opted for $20 option, confirm free tax part; + Shipping, consider 4-5 days to get the tracking number, it's ok. 5 stars for all aspects. Thank you, Constantin.

You've GOT to see this in person ! by Scott Powell on 08/14/2018

Beautiful! Such a nice watch and a sapphire crystal, which is a must for me. That combined with my strong preference for automatics used to make it hard for me to find affordable watches that I like. No longer! Duty Free Island has a very nice selection of Citens that meet my requirements, and at the best prices I've found. I see another purchase (or two? Three?) from them in my future!

beautiful watch by kitty on 08/13/2018

just received my parcel today and i’m very happy to see what i’ve purchased. With duty free island, you need to believe the saying “what you see is what you get”. i was happy and my partner was super happy and satisfied. This is what she wanted and wished for. Thank you duty free island! Till our next transaction!

Citizen Eco-Drive Swarovski Crystal Elegant Ladies Watch FE1140-51X by Prakas shah on 08/13/2018

I wanted to buy something for my wife birthday and while we were shopping we saw this watch in one of the jewellery shop called prouds jewellers in sydney and she had first look and said its beautiful and i got birthday idea for her. They had it for sale on $375 thought its fare price. still i did some research about watch reviews and price and i loved the results and i also came across which is cheapest among all the store and online shops including shipping cost me only AU$157.35 including shipping and box. so surprissing straight away i bought it . Promptly i purchased conformation email with tracking in number which kept me up to date. It only took 10 days and now its in my wife hand she is so surprised and happy with the watch.Watch is beautiful. Came in perfect package. It would have been much better if the watch had been put in box since i asked including box, it came like all separate watch,box and manual all in one package. Thank you team dutyfree for making my purchase happy. Never been so happy about my purchase online. Kind regards Prakas shah Sydney Australia.

Nice Watch by Alex Elton de Moura on 08/12/2018

Arrived so fast!! Nice price, Citizen watch are very high quality. Thanks Duty Free Island Shop Team!

Amazed by the Watch and service of DFI by Ashish on 08/11/2018

Hi There, I like Citizen from my College time. I am a big FAN of Citizen watches. I saw the Dual Dial Citizen during my college time but can't but it because of the Price, as Belong to Middle Class Family not much money to bought the watch in the year 2008. I started working from 2009 and I started Saving money for the Watch and finally on 2011 I manage to buy the watch at a price 10,000 INR. Since then I was looking around for Citizen eco drive watch. All the Shop in Malaysia (I am now working in Malaysia) are so expensive for Sieko and Citizen watches. The I started searching online for Citizen watches and Come across I can't believe the price they are offering and all 100% Authentic. Firstly I had doubt about the authenticity of the watches, then I started reading the reviews and get confident about their Authenticity. I order this Watch and it is really amazing. I received it in one week from the day I ordered, I keep on receiving of the status of shipment which is what I like most about DFI. I don't even have to check the status and the status come to my mail box in ever route. This was my first buy form DFI and I am Going to order more from them watches for My Wife, Dad and Mom. I will order some Sunglasses as well. All the Best DFI and Keep it going, This help us a lot who looks to buy authentic watches with budgetary price. ******, 6 star for you. One extra for the wonderful status update.

I'm looking for this strap by on 08/08/2018

I have this watch for several years, and still running smooth. I'm looking for a new strap. I want the same strap, is this for sale somewhere? It's a butterfly strap. Thanks, Christian

MR by HAKAN on 08/05/2018

Great product. Very well design watch. Happy with service provided by DFI Quick and reliable services.

Reliable seller-highly recommended by Zocky on 08/02/2018

This is my second buy from Dutyfree Island Shop and I am a happy customer. This watch was my daughter choice,very good quality,nice design,She like it very much and I hope that black color of watch and band will last long. It was fast delivery,but unfortunately I had to wait some ten days in my country, because of Customs procedure.They did not accept value from the seller Custom declaration,so They made estimation to the real value,so I had to pay additional 25$ for customs duty+tax. Now I am in dilemma because my plan was to buy same type of watch (silver one) for my wife,but now with these taxes it is not so price attractive. Anyway,this seller is well recommended for his business qualities and high quality products!

MR by HAKAN on 08/02/2018

This is the best seller of version 2. While keeping its antique-inspired design, version 1 has been upgraded with the F6722 movement, allowing it to be automatic, hand-winding and hacking. It is classy on the outside, freak on the inside. It features modest Roman Numeral markers, thin hands, and a train track chapter ring. And since it is paired with an onion crown and a domed crystal it’s easy to forget that it is built in a modern size of 40.5mm. The addition of a movement that can be hand-wound really drives the classic feeling of the watch.Are you a “less-is-more” kinda person? Then this is for you.

Первый заказ в этом магазине by Юрий on 08/02/2018

Заказал данные часы. В РФ на alltime стоят 30 к. Цены в данном магазине удивили. Из Гонконга доехали в Самарскую область за 11 дней, что удивительно. Отличный магазин. Секундная стрелка в метки попадает. Часы своих денег стоят однозначно.

What a watch by A J Mastrobuono on 07/30/2018

Just received my watch. Right out of the box it jumps out at you in all its beauty. The weight and balance are spot on. At first this watch looks busy but was so simple to adjust to my time zone. Now this watch came with 50% power reserve so all items worked, right out of the box. This watch will go on my wrist whenever I wear a suit or go out to dinner. It’s just that good. Guess my Rolex goes in the safety deposit box once again.

Great watch by A J Mastrobuono on 07/30/2018

Right out of the box this watch was perfect. One adjustment to EST and it was perfect. This watch will now replace my Rolex that will now go back in the safety deposit box. This will be my watch to wear when in a suit or just out to dinner and drinks.

Classy Citizen packed full of features for a great price. by Chris on 07/30/2018

I have recently caught the watch collecting bug. I have owned several watches before but always quartz fashion watches. Now I have sunk my teeth into the "proper" watch category, with not 1, not 2... but 3 recent new purchases. I started where many beginner automatic watch enthusiasts do - The mighty Seiko 5. I found this to be a great watch, very good looking and excellent value for money. Then I treat myself to a real gem of a watch - A Seiko "Turtle" SRP775. WOW what an amazing watch! Thats all I need to say. Obviously as you can see I am now a big Seiko fan, however I still yearned to try another watch brand. I felt the seiko 5 was just a tad to small for me after wearing the turtle, and the bracelet was not very good at all. This watch has now been put on a lovely black leather starp and will be used as my dressier watch. I Also found that the turtle itself was almost a tad too big and cumbersome for some everyday activities and was a bit too sporty styled for some occasions. So I started my search for a good middle ground everyday watch - It needed to be Automatic, be around 40mm diameter, have a nice solid bracelet and be the right mix of smart but casual. During my search I was recommened Dutyfreeisland for well priced Seiko and Citizens, and thats where I stumbled upon this beautiful Citizen NH 7520 - It was the perfect size, had the veteran, well regarded Miyota 8200 movement, had solid link bracelet (Not folded steel like the Seiko 5) and was a perfect mix of smart with a hint of sporty. Not to mention it has a sapphire crystal! Amazing for a watch costing around £80! After reading a few reviews online regarding dutyfreeisland I soon ordered the watch, and was amazed to find it took only around 4 days from Hong Kong to my door using the free shipping method. There were no tax or customs issues and the watch arrived perfect! It is now my everyday wear and the Seikos struggle to get much wrist time. It seems to be slightly better quality than my Seiko 5, but not much, however the bracelet and clasp is miles ahead. And whilst it is nowhere near the chunky expensive feeling heft of the turtle, it manages to feel quality yet lightweight at the same time, making it very comfortable. As many other have said before the Miyota movement can seem a bit rattly and noisey but that doesnt bother me, the main thing is that it manages to get about +/- 5 seconds per day, which ia very good in my eyes. All in all I have mo problems to report with this watch at all. I wonder what watch I will add to my collection next... I can honestly say I would highly recommend both this watch and dutyfreeisland.

Orient Ray2, black dial by Mateja on 07/28/2018

Nice watch. Perfect delivery. Fast and with no complications. 5* service.

Orient Ray2, black dial by Mateja on 07/28/2018

Nice watch. Perfect delivery. Fast and with no complications. 5* service.

Really cool by Minhan on 07/25/2018

One of the good decision I have made in this year. Thank you for quick delivery and well package, too.

ORIENT FAG00001S0 by Kübra on 07/21/2018

General Hello for everyone. Today, I am going to review ORIENT FAG00001S0 which is called ‘Envoy’ and included Orient’s classic collection. I hope this review will be useful for thinking to buy this model. Let's start to review this timepiece without losing more time. Glass It has mineral crystal which is slightly domed. It provides a light show on the dial because of its shape. Dial It has brushed silver dial and Roman numeral hour markers. Railway type chapter ring minute indices are on it. The vintage-styled Breguet type black hands look very nice. The watching sunburst effect is very enjoyable. But of course, the open heart aperture which you can watch the working of the movement is the star of dial. The part of the movement which is seen from the aperture, polished very well. Movement The watch has F6T22 movement which is new caliber of the Orient. I mentioned that the watch is powered by the automatic, hand-winding and second hacking movement which is also viewable through an exhibition case back. It works at 3Hz frequency (21600 bph) and has engraved rotor. It’s power reserve is approximately 40 hours when it fully wound. Case It’s diameter is 43mm without crown and thickness is 11.47mm. The case is stainless steel which is plated rose gold and fully polished. It features onion-styled and Orient logo stamped crown. The lug width is 22mm and water resistance is 50m. The watch is mounted on an embassed leather strap with a matching buckle. Pros In my opinion Envoy is the best watch in this price range for who is looking for a watch with open heart and dressy look. It is not only vintage look but only modern look classic watch. The movement is very accuracy. It gains 8 seconds in a day for now. Cons The crystal is mineral. It may be saphire crystal. The strap is a little hard and is not soft adequately. The case diameter is big for a dress watch. I think it should be 38-41 mm. Last word All in all, Envoy is one of the best watch for this price. Let me thank DFI team for attention before and after shopping. Their price is very low and shipment is very fast. Sincerely.

Необычные часы by Oleg on 07/20/2018

Часы необычны своим весом - ожидал, что будут тяжелее. Но если выбирать из них и стального аналога, то лучше титановые. На порядок. Поскольку это первые мои часы на калибре F900, а остальные видел только со стороны, был сильно огорчен, что мировое время работает некорректно. Какие только манипуляции не делал, вплоть до танцев с бубном. И полный сброс, и полная синхронизация, и ручная корректировка високосной секунды... Не хотят, с.у.ки, работать как надо... В России международная гарантия Citizen не работает, обзвонил все сервисы. Уже начал морально готовиться отправлять в магазин, представляя все прелести общения с нашей таможней... Но вдруг осенило - мировое время, а точнее часовая его стрелка работает в формате 24 часа, а не 12, как более привычно. Кстати, в инструкции как-то на это внимание особо не обращается. В общем, всё хорошо. Просто надо было повнимательнее рассмотреть циферблат.

ШИК by Roman on 07/20/2018

Жене понравились, доставка 10 дней! цена супер!

시티즌 전파시계 EC1030 by seonghui on 07/17/2018

우선 배송부터 이야기 하자면 주문부터 수령까지 일주일 정도 걸렸습니다. 해외구매이기 때문에 넉넉한 마음으로 기다렸는데 생각보다 빨랐고 가장 좋았던 점은 별다른 절차없이 주소입력후 결제만 하면 직배송이 이루어진다는 점입니다. 각설하고 시계를 처음 받았을 때 느낀점은 "가볍다" 였습니다. 티타늄 재질이 아님에도 50그램 근처로 상당히 가벼워 여성 손목에도 부담없이 착용할 수 있다는 점이 상당히 매력적입니다. 다음으로 외관을 보면 깔끔한 흰판 색상에 전파시계 특유의 디자인이라고 할 수 있는 삼지창 모양의 초침과 베젤의 도시명들이 적혀 있습니다. 인덱스는 로마자이며 중간중간에 작은 다이아로 포인트를 준 것이 특징입니다. 기능은 전파수신과 퍼페추얼 캘린더 기능으로 시간과 월말날짜 수정이 필요없고 측면의 버튼으로 전파수신여부와 배터리 잔량을 알 수 있습니다. 마감은 듀라텍이 적용되었고 유무광이 혼합되어 있어 한층 더 고급스럽습니다. 지금까지 이야기한 것만 하면 상당히 만족스러운 시계이자 가성비가 좋은 모델이라고 할 수 있습니다. 그래서 몇가지 단점이라고 볼 수도 있는 점을 말해보자면 사진상으로 자세히 보이는지는 모르겠지만 날짜가 오후10시가 넘어가면 삐딱하게 넘어가는 것을 볼 수 있는데 12시에 정확하게 넘어가는 퀵체인지 기능이 적용되지 않아 아쉽다고 느껴집니다. 또 한가지 단점으로는 가죽줄로 변경시 일반적인 구조가 아니기 때문에 가죽줄을 따로 제작하거나 정품가죽줄만 이용해야 된다는 점입니다. 사실 방금 이야기한 두가지 단점들은 개인에 따라서 그다지 상관없는 부분이기도 하고 워낙 여러가지 장점들이 많은 모델이기 때문에 여성용 시계를 고민하고 있는 분이라면 구매하신다면 후회없는 선택이 될 것이라고 생각됩니다~ (아래는 영어권 구매자들을 위한 영문리뷰인데 대략적으로 번역한거라 다소 어색할 수 있습니다) First of all, it took about a week from order to receive delivery. As it is an overseas purchase, I waited with all my heart, but it was faster than I expected, and the best thing about it is that if I fill out the address without any special procedure, I can send it directly. When I first received the watch, it was light. Even though they are not titanium materials, they are fairly light at close to 50 grams, making them easy to wear on a woman's wrist. Next on the exterior are clear white plate colors with three-pane-shaped window handles and bezel door names. The index is Roman, and it features a small diamond in the middle. The function includes radio reception and full perpetual calendar, which eliminates the need to modify the date of time and month, and allows the side buttons to indicate whether the wave is received and how much battery charge remains. The finish is even more luxurious with Duratech and a mixture of flashlights. So far, this is a very satisfying watch and a good model for comfort. So let's talk about some of the weaknesses. I don't know if you can see the picture in detail, but when the date is over 10 p.m., you can see it goes awry, and it's a pity that it doesn't have the Quick-Change function. Another disadvantage is that the leather straps have to be manufactured separately or used only as a genuine leather strap, as they are not generally structural when changing to leather straps. In fact, two of the disadvantages I've just talked about are things that don't really matter to the someone or individual, and they have so many advantages that if you're thinking about buying woman watch one, you don't have any regrets.

Обманутые ожиб by Александр on 07/12/2018

Часы красивые, удобные, хорошо читаемые. Пришли очень быстро. Но есть одно "но" - регулярно останавливаются сами собой. Несколько часов держал под лампой для полной зарядки, через ТРОЕ суток остановились, когда находились не на руке. Взял в руку - пошли. Непонятно, что происходит. Это непорядок, когда все время посматриваешь на часы, ожидая, что вот они остановятся. Мертвый аккумулятор?

Обманутые ожидания. by Александр on 07/12/2018

Все было хорошо, но вот уже третий раз останавливаются. Несколько часов держал под включенной лампой для полного заряда, и они через трое суток снова остановились. Мертвый аккумулятор?

Citizen AT8124-09H - нравятся by Ilya on 07/12/2018

Купил эти часы здесь, так как у нас за такие деньги найти ничего схожего нельзя в принципе. Часы получил через 12 дней в полной сохранности и с гарантийным талоном. Выбрал их в первую очередь из за дизайна, сапфирового стекла и радиосинхронизации. Также на дисплее кроме индикации даты есть указатель дня недели(что для моей памяти крайне необходимо), шкалы хронографа - минутная и миллисекундная, 24часовой маленький циферблат, указатели заряда батареи и системных функций, интегрированные в шкалы хронографа. При всей этой нагроможденности указателей дисплей, по моему мнению, не выглядит информационно перегруженным. Также отмечу, что секундная стрелка не мёртвая, как на многих современных хроногравах - то есть постоянно находится в движении. С момента получения никакая ручная настройка времени не понадобилась - часы успешно синхронизируются. После 45 дней ношения претензий к стеклу и покрытию нет, появилось только несколько мелких царапин на задней крышке. Ремешок, который на первый взгляд показался не очень качественным тоже держится хорошо. Люм достаточно яркий, но светит очень не долго - в темноте стрелки хорошо разлечимы только около часа, но для меня это мелочь. В общем хочу сказать, что очень доволен как выбранной моделью так и магазином.

The best dress watch with Fabulous quality. by Sumit Mukhopadhyay on 07/11/2018

Sometimes buying a gift for yourself is the toughest task. If it's a Special Dress Watch, then, it's furthermore complicated because no one wants to burn the hard earn money. On the contrary, compromise with the quality is also not palatable. My budget was around 150 USD and at this price, it's tough to get a stunning looking, high-quality automatic dress watch. I was hunting the e-shops and finally found dutyfreeisland. Then and there, I had written a mail to Kevin and got the reply regarding the zero shipping cost with tracking!!!! That certainly surprised me. When I was searching for my choice, I got another surprise...The price, It's rock bottom and the brands are fabulous Seiko, Orient, Citizen, Rythm and so on. Decided to go for "Orient Sun & Moon FET0P002W0" and bought the same. The watch got delivered on the 12th day of purchase at Kolkata, India without any customs duty. It was nicely packed with lots of bubbles wrap and in the pouch, the watch, manual & international warranty card was securely kept. I opened the pouch and got speechless, I have never seen such a beautiful watch in my life. The make is rock solid with stainless steel case, which is carrying a glossy finish on the bezel and brushed finish in surrounds. Weight is around 145gms, powered by “Orient in-house calibre 46B46 self-winding 21 jewels movement with an accuracy rate of + - 10 to 25 seconds per day but according to my experience, it’s gaining just 5 seconds per day. Which is fantastic accuracy! Vibrations rate 21600 per hour. The rotor is silent and due to the advanced ball bearing system, the rotor is getting a smooth and fast movement resulting into fast powering off the mainspring. Eight hours of active wearing can result in full power and the power reserve is about 40 hours. It’s neither hackable nor hand windable. A highly textured champagne coloured dial with striking blue hands exhibits a posh look. The Sun and Moon complication displays AM & PM by an attractive disc-shaped dial. The subdial with day indicator and the date complication, complete the face which is protected by sapphire crystal glass. The back is "see-through, screw type" with a glass, that gives a complete look at the 46B46 movement. The crown is having a posh retro look with no logo. The diameter is 41.5 mm and thickness is 13.29mm. The water resistance is three bar. The size, shape, dial, day subdial, date window and striking AM PM (Sun and Moon) indicator has made it a perfect, posh looking dress watch. The watch is fitted with a glossy black genuine leather band and Orient logo display on the buckle. It would be better to have a clasp deployment rather than a buckle. The look is a "Class of its own". The make is rock solid. The performance is comparable with a Swiss made watch with 10 times price tag. I will strongly recommend the same from dutyfreeisland because of their fantastic service and collections with rock bottom price.

Thankfully I ordered the box by Gary on 07/09/2018

Great watch. Citizen builds these to last. I didn’t know if the gold would be too garish like on other goldtone watches but it’s perfect, almost a bronze tone. Thankfully I ordered the box. The package was crushed with little to support it but even though the box was destroyed, the watch wasn’t impacted. Arrived very fast too. Buy the box! I would say these folks were remiss in packaging the watch box too lightly, should have been in a small outer box with bubble wrap. is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 1365 user reviews.