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Past Contest Winners

May 2017 Winner

Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Outdoor Sapphire GPS Watch - SS022469000
Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Outdoor Sapphire GPS Watch - Review by Muhammad Habibih Al-Kuya from Malaysia

Awesome watch! I have studied many different models of GPS watches before purchasing this one. In fact I was going to purchase the Suunto Traverse a few weeks ago which is the older model.

I came across Suunto's website and saw that they had a new version coming out April 2016. I decided to wait and get this one, the Traverse Alpha. It has a few extra features that the older model doesn't like the hunting and fishing modes for the GPS.

The textile band, textured bezel, and Sapphire Crystal are other things added to the watch that contribute to the increased cost compared to the older model which is totally worth it. The smooth bezel on the older model would show scratches more when they happen. The textured bezel gives it a more rugged look and will show less signs of wear over time.

The sapphire crystal gives you more scratch resistance and more clarity on the screen, and the textile band feels nicer on your wrist than the silicon band on the older model. I tried on the older model at an REI for comparison.

This watch is worth the money. From all my research through reviews on various websites a lot of people have said the GPS on this watch is reliable. Whereas I was also looking into the Garmin Fenix watches and everyone loved the watch for the most part, but many said the GPS on it wasn't accurate.

That their runs with the breadcrumb trail on the Garmin Fenix would show them going way off trail making their total distance ran further than they actually ran. I have friends and family with Suunto watches and they have all been happy with them. One has the Suunto Ambit Peak 3 and told me the GPS function worked great.

I felt so much more confidence buying the Suunto Alpha over any other GPS watch out there. I am not a watch person since I just use my phone to check time, so I am not going to buy a watch just to check the time. I bought this because it is very functional with the GPS for when I go hiking in the backcountry and it even will vibrate when I receive a text or call.

I used the Apple Watch for a couple weeks when it was released and thought the notification features were useful, but it didn't justify the $400 cost of the watch. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is everything I wanted the Apple Watch to be. I wanted it to be a smart watch with a good battery life and with functional features that my phone cannot do off the grid.

This watch does everything I liked about the Apple Watch which was really only notifications since I keep my phone on silent and I don't always feel it in my pocket. I always feel the vibration on my wrist so now I never miss a text or call. This watch doesn't need your phone to get a GPS location, altitude, compass, or barometer measurement. It functions like any standard GPS. The battery life on the Apple watch was like 1.5 days. I've tinkered with this watch for a couple days now after a full charge 2 days ago it is only at 93% now. Seems like I could easily go a week or longer without charging this. Of course using the GPS function will drain it faster, but I don't need the GPS all the time.

I sold my Apple Watch soon after I bought it because it only did everything that my phone could do. Most of the time in the watch apps it would even tell me to open up the app on my iPhone to use more features since the watch couldn't do it all. It was an expensive gadget that didn't provide me with any extra function.

I now wear the Suunto Traverse Alpha since it can do things that my phone can't do and it has a lot of useful features when paired with your phone for everyday use. It is worth every penny.

Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS watch offers a ton of options for hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts, including such versatile outdoor functions such as the electronic compass with tilt compensation and a bread crumb trail navigational system to help while exploring through any new and unknown environments.

Perfect for a long and arduous journey, the rechargeable battery lasts for hours at full intensity with the GPS function on. During testing, the battery lasted well over 3 days while the GPS and other functions were active.

The watch even produces a sound in order to alert the user of a low battery, and stays on for quite some time at a 1% charge (even at 0% charge it was still active for a couple hours), allowing the user more than enough time to trek it back to camp base to charge the device.

Overall Opinion of the GPS function - This is definitely a rugged useful watch for hiking in the back country. The Movescount App adds plenty of function for this watch as well. I was really impressed with the Suunto Movie option. The Movescount App will tell you some things that the watch itself won't show like how elevation or temperature changed throughout the time you recorded your route. Lots of useful information from the App.

To say the least, the Traverse Alpha is not only one of the most comfortable watches I've ever had the pleasure of wearing, but it's one of the most fully featured piece of outdoor equipment I have had my hands on and I highly recommend it to any outdoor enthusiast who's in need of a small and powerful device such as this.



April 2017 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium 100m Sapphire Chronograph Japan Watch - CA4021-51E
My first wristwatch from internet store was a success - Review by Talgat from Kazakhstan

Hello, everyone!

A bit of pre-story - My 25th birthday was looming and I decided to spoil myself by adding another wristwatch to my collection. Surprisingly enough, despite living in 2017 I have never ordered a piece of jewelry online. We all know that fear of unknown, but do not worry this shop has a great reputation for being reliable and has been around for ages.

After browsing the store for days, I have finally settled on this Citizen model and ordered the watch. The shipment took roughly two weeks, which is not bad considering that it was stuck in my country for 3-4 days. The seller also wrote a much lower price on the packaging to decrease the chances of the watch being stolen.

Overall, after three weeks of using the watch I have nothing to complain about, the watch keeps a good time with +10 seconds in three weeks and all the features of the chronometer are working. For just 150 USD you can buy a full-fledged Japanese watch with a heritage that rivals that of the Swiss watches, do not pass up on this opportunity!

I can confidently recommend this site to everyone who is on the lookout for a new watch and is not snobbish about the Japanese ones. Definitely going to buy from them again, all five stars.

Regards, Talgat

March 2017 Winner

Seiko 5 21 Jewels Automatic Ladies Watch - SNK880K1
Часы для любимой жены. - Review by Ivan from Russia

Долго искал подходящий подарок на годовщину для любимой жены. Поскольку мы с ней очень любим часы, было решено остановить свой выбор на хороших механических часах, с японским механизмом. Моделей с подобными характеристиками на просторах интернета оказалось немало, однако цена везде была практически в два раза выше. Я так же являюсь постоянным читателем российского часового форума, поэтому за советом отправился туда. Прочитав отзывы про Dutyfreeisland от постоянных покупателей решил первый раз купить часы не в салоне, а через интернет. И не прогадал. Доставка довольно быстрая( правда по территории России шла посылка дольше чем из Гонконга, многие догадаются из-за какой организации). Сегодня получил часы и очень счастлив. Среднего размера корпус, для женских часов 34 мм. Превосходно обработан и корпус и браслет. Полировка и сатин выполнены на отлично. Приятный золотистый оттенок у безеля и элементов браслета. Циферблат простой, но очень информативный. Хорошо читается и время и день недели и дата. Окошко даты имеет золотую рамочку, что прекрасно дополняет картину.Накладные метки исполнены очень качественно, под метками и на стрелках имеется люминофор, который в лучших традициях Seiko, довольно яркий.Все стрелки чётко совпадают с метками. Внутри простой, но очень надёжный механизм 7S26 на 21 камне. Механика с автоподзаводом работу которой можно наблюдать через прозрачное заднее стекло. Водозащита 50 м. была проверена пока только в душе. В общем за такую цену обладает характеристиками которые у нас в магазинах стоят больше в разы. К покупке часы рекомендую однозначно. И сам магазин соотвественно тоже теперь у меня в любимчиках. Сервис выше всяких ожиданий. Поддержка и быстрота работы лучшая из тех, что я видел в интернет-магазинах. Присмотрел ещё пару дайверов на автомате, которых пока нет в наличии, к сожалению. Подписался на них, буду ждать как появятся. Спасибо команде Dutyfreeisland за такую работу. Удачи Вам в работе.

February 2017 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Sapphire Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch - BL5540-53E
Citizen Eco-Drive Sapphire Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch BL5540-53E - Review by Ivan from Russia

Всем доброго времени суток! В данном отзыве я хочу поделиться впечатлениями не только о часах, но и самой процедуре покупки (о магазине).

Начну, пожалуй, с процедуры покупки. Про сам магазин я случайно узнал от своего знакомого. Оказывается, он уже давно приобрел здесь часы и вполне ими доволен. Когда я узнал о сайте, начал смотреть часы, но все равно оставались сомнения об их оригинальности (боялся купить подделку). После посещения различных форумов о данном сайте (магазине) и увиденных только положительных отзывах, сомнения были отброшены! Зарегистрировался и оформил заказ. И вот неприятность - я вспомнил, что правилами Почты России в своих данных необходимо также указывать отчество. Следующим же утром я связался с сервисом поддержки покупателей и сообщил о своей проблеме. Специалист очень быстро ответил и смог внести соответствующие поправки. Буквально через пару часов после этого мне на почту пришло сообщение, что заказ отправлен!!! Еще через 3 недели часы пришли в почтовое отделение! Теперь о часах!))

Основной функцией, интересующей меня в часах, является вечный календарь. Ранее рассматривались модели только марки Seiko. Но, увидев разнообразие моделей Citizen и их функционал, решил остановить внимание на модели Citizen Eco-Drive BL5540-53E. Часы имеют красивый циферблат с римскими цифрами, сапфировое стекло, обладают функций вечного календаря, будильника, хронографа. Также удобно наличие отдельного циферблата для 24-х часового формата времени. Заряд аккумулятора, как и у многих моделей Citizen, происходит благодаря солнечной батарее. В темноте стрелки и метки под цифрами на циферблате подсвечиваются. Когда часы пришли, на них было установлено время, соответствующее Гонконгу, поэтому пришлось настраивать на Московское (перевести назад). Здесь тоже всё не так просто, как у обычных часов. Пришлось прочитать инструкцию. Инструкция международная, но отсутствует описание на русском языке, отчего, конечно, печально, так как дольше приходится разбираться. При наборе определенной комбинации можно посмотреть какой сейчас месяц и год (цифры на большом циферблате соответствуют месяцу, а на маленьком справа - году). В общем, можно долго описывать выбор функций, в инструкции все написано, поэтому двигаемся дальше. По указанным характеристикам погрешность составляет +-15 сек/месяц. На момент написания отзыва часы носились в течение недели, погрешность составила 0 секунд (результаты проверялись онлайн через интернет). Браслет довольно длинный, пришлось убавлять 3 звена.

Ну и что в итоге?

Сервис произвел только положительные эмоции, при возникающих вопросах специалисты очень быстро откликаются и стараются помочь! Цены также приятно удивляют!!!))

Вообще часы марки Citizen стали для меня открытием, раньше и не подозревал о таком количестве моделей. Данной моделью очень доволен, часы красивые, материал изготовления отличного качества (и корпус и браслет - сталь), на руке выглядят очень и очень солидно, приковывают взгляды окружающих!))

January 2017 Winner

Citizen Automatic Sapphire Japan 100m Gents Watch - NJ0070-53E
CITIZEN “Alpine Explorer” - Review by Don from New Zealand

I first discovered the true depth and value of Japanese horology after 14 years collecting Swiss, and only Swiss, watches. As many of you who have been in that situation before would recall, it was a big wake-up call and a challenge to everything I thought I knew and understood at the time. Now in my third decade of being a watch enthusiast, Citizen has been a permanent mainstay in my box, and a Citizen of some type has always been part of my weekly rotation. Over the last decade, I have owned a large number of Citizen, ranging from early-1970s 0200 Manual-wind and Leopard 28800s to modern Cal 2100 Mecaquartz and Eco-Zilla Ti.

What drew me to Citizen was their sheer ability (both movement and case technology)—but one that is paired with humbleness, devoid of boastful pretension—genuine honest value, and accessibility. As a Manufacture, their integrity can be felt through their products, and though I have a preference for traditional mechanical watches, I admire their relentless focus on using the latest technology to optimizing timekeeping, whether it be quartz or Eco-Drive—the latter undoubtedly the heart and soul of modern Citizen.

A decade ago, I had a different set of eye balls… not literally speaking, and but does feel that way. If I were to somehow peer into the case back of this Citizen NJ0070-53E, which I would like to be the first to nickname the “Alpine Explorer”, I would dismiss what I see as being just a plain run-of-the-mill Citizen Miyota 8200 Series—nothing special, nor desirable. I merely saw what it was, and not how it fits into the grand scale of things not only to Citizen, but to the entire watch industry. I lacked the understanding and reverence of this mechanical caliber, now in its 42nd year of continuous production—probably the longest movement production run among all current watch calibers.

First introduced in 1975, the modern Citizen 82xx is virtually unchanged from its original design, a testament to the level of engineering at the time in perfectly balancing performance, precision, and durability with economy of production. The 8200, of which the NJ0070-53E’s Cal 8210 is a family member of, is a living horological history. One that has not only served Citizen well, but brought life to many small independent brands that many enthusiasts love. Even the ubiquitous Swiss ETA 2824-2, released in 1982, has years to catch up to the service history of this humble 8210.

For many, it is relatively easy to admire the horological prowess of vintage Citizen high-grade calibers, such as those powering the Leopards, or the pure magic found in mechanical Grand Seiko. It takes a greater effort, only achieved by some, to appreciate a robust well-engineered workhorse movement like the Citizen 8200 series. So, despite the fact that I really do prefer watches with a solid, non-exhibition case back, every time I look inside the case of my “Alpine Explorer”, I am proud to own a Citizen Automatic 8210. While there are now newer alternatives in the form of the new Cal 4150, which I believe to be a rework of the 82xx with improved aesthetics on the movement (and does look very nice), the good old 8210 has solid, basic, and honest vibe to it that, for me, reflects a lot of Citizen’s values.

For those who have not experience mechanical Citizen in this price range, the quality of material and assembly is “very good”, comparable to say, a Seiko SKX diver, i.e. not perfect and unbeatable for the price. I name this watch the “Alpine Explorer” as I believe both the design influence and the spirit that this timepiece embodies are those of outdoor high-resistance watches like the original 1970s Rolex Explorer and Seiko Alpinist. The dial has an Explorer air to it, while the internal rotating chapter ring echoes those of the Alpinist 2nd Generation onward. Water-resistance of 100 m is the same as specified for the 70s Rolex Explorer.

While the role of watches like the Explorer and the Alpinist is now carried out by even tougher dive watches, the romanticism of the gene is undeniable, and in this respect, the Citizen Alpine Explorer is no less of a watch. Unlike Seiko 5, which constantly reminds you of its value-range status, this Citizen spares you from cost-saving things like mineral glass and folded-steel link bracelets. Made in Japan, the Alpine Explorer features sapphire crystal and solid links bracelet, though the latter is merely okay in quality and construction—still very much a bonus at this price, IMO.

Although the specification states a case diameter of 43 mm, it is around 45 mm with the crown guards, but excluding the crown. The piece does wear large due to its all-dial nature, though still very comfortable on my 18.3 cm wrist. I find it to be the perfect watch for a casual Friday at the office—restrained enough to wear under a shirt cuff and bold enough to wear with a T-shirt—or perhaps a weekend watch that works well in most situations. The icing on the cake is the relative rarity of the Alpine Explorer, surprising many watch enthusiasts who had not known of its existence.

In conclusion, if you are considering purchasing a gents or sports watch from the likes of Certina, Hamilton, Tissot or even Seiko Cal 4R36 range, I would very much recommend looking into this NJ0070-53E “Alpine Explorer”.

December 2016 Winner

Citizen Luxury Automatic Sapphire 50m Gents Elegant Watch - NY4053-05A
Citizen NY4053-05A Watch short review - Review by CHUAN CONG from Singapore

Citizen watch review

Imagine seeing a watch being sold here for nearly half the retail price. It’s a good deal, but some doubts about whether it is a genuine Citizen product floated around my mind even after I bought it. So I went to my local Citizen service centre to check for its authenticity.

The good news was the watch is indeed genuine and the international warranty that came with it will be honoured. However I do have a suggestion which is to have the product details and purchase date written on the blank warranty card.

The shipping was reasonably quick and its updates were prompt.

The actual watch is much more beautiful than its model pictures, and looks new compared to the ones in retail shops. One of my first thoughts upon unboxing the watch was how exquisite it is. The design of this watch consists of a white dial with the area around the hour markings having some pattern. Together with the rose-gold metal case and hour markings, the watch exudes fineness.

Though the only complication it has is a day-date window, to me this lends a touch of elegance to this simple yet classy-looking watch. Having worn it to formal and casual events, I grew to appreciate the watch’s versatility in both situations. The clear case back allows a peek into the inner mechanism of the watch. As I see the gears turning and the spring winding, it gave me a small sense of wonder that in this digital age there is this small and complicated device which is not powered by any electricity at all.

For my first automatic watch I’m satisfied with my purchase. I did not own any Citizen watch before this but now I have confidence in their capability to design and build a solid, quality watch.

November 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Pilots Mens Watch - BJ7071-54E
Un gran reloj a un precio muy ajustado (A great watch at a very low price) - Review by Fernando from Spain

Cuando me decidí a buscar un sustituto para mi antiguo CITIZEN, pensé en un SEIKO u otro CITIZEN puesto que he tenido anteriormentente modelos de ambas marcas y siempre he estado muy contento con su resultado.

Tras analizar varios modelos, me decanté por el CITIZEN BJ 7071-54E por su tamaño (46,5 mm sin corona) y por su aspecto de reloj de piloto con un bisel dotado de regla de cálculo. Además es resistente al agua hasta 20 bar (200 m).

El reloj me llegó perfectamente empaquetado, con una caja oficial CITIZEN (así lo había escogido), la garantía internacional de un año y su manual de instrucciones en varios idiomas. El plazo de entrega se realizó en el tiempo indicado en la web y no tuve problema alguno en cuanto a tasas de aduanas o impuestos.

Tras usar el reloj durante varios días, estoy muy satisfecho con su compra. Buscaba un reloj de un tamaño superior a los 42-43 mm puesto que la tendencia actual son los relojes grandes pero, a pesar de su tamaño, no resulta excesivo en la muñeca. Por su aspecto, se puede utilizar tanto con ropa elegante como más deportiva. Me encanta el aspecto del reloj con la manecilla del segundero en color rojo.

El CITIZEN BJ 7071-54E es un reloj GMT; es decir, posee una cuarta manecilla que a simple vista parece inexistente salvo por su extremo en color rojo. Esta manecilla permite indicar la hora de otro país o la hora AM/PM (24 h) si está sincronizada con la hora local. En la oscuridad, las manecillas de la hora y los minutos y los índices horarios se iluminan en un llamativo color azul, con una buena intensidad y duración (fácilmente puede aguantar toda la noche si se ha expuesto suficientemente a la luz).

Lleva un cristal mineral endurecido con un tratamiento antireflejante, lo que ayuda a tener una buena visibilidad de la hora. No tiene la misma resistencia frente a los arañazos que un cristal de zafiro pero yo jamás he tenido demasiado problemas en eso puesto que suelo cuidar los relojes bastante. La caja tiene un acabado pulido pero mate, no brillante.

El bisel es interno, lo que ayuda a su conservación frente a las rozaduras y a que mantenga siempre un buen aspecto. Esta característica la veo como una gran ventaja, puesto que es más fácil solucionar una rozadura en el cristal que en un bisel, ya sea puliéndolo o sustituyéndolo si fuera necesario en un futuro. Permite hacer los cálculos típicos de los relojes de piloto (conversiones entre unidades, cálculos de consumo, etc...) y se opera mediante una corona situada en la posición de las 4, algo poco usual en relojes con bisel interno, permitiendo su accionamiento sin necesidad de quitarse el reloj.

La correa es muy sólida, de acero inoxidable, siendo los eslabones de una sola pieza aunque visualmente puedan parecer 5 piezas pequeñas en cada eslabón. A pesar de esto, no considero este reloj excesivamente pesado (unos 160 g) y no noto incomodidad alguna al llevarlo puesto, aúnque estaba acostumbrado a utilizar relojes mucho más ligeros. Además, su cierre lleva un sistema de seguridad que impide su apertura accidental.

El reloj funciona mediante carga solar, con un calibre de cuarzo B877. Este mecanismo ya lo utilizaban modelos anteriores por lo que su eficacia y durabilidad está más que probada. El manual incluye una tabla orientativa sobre las condiciones de carga de la batería y sus tiempos estimados. La batería es de Manganeso-Titanio Litio y su duración indicada sin recibir luz es de 6 meses, una vez que se ha cargado completamente. En caso de carga insuficiente, el segundero pasa a moverse cada dos segundos, lo que indica una reserva de carga de 3 días, aproximadamente. Los relojes Eco-Drive pueden cargarse con cualquier tipo de luz (natural o artificial) aunque he de indicar por mi propia experiencia que la carga mediante luz natural es superior a la realizada mediante luz artificial, incluso en días nublados (comprobado utilizando un luxómetro).

Como punto negativo resaltaría que su corona no es roscada, como en los Nighthawk, aunque de momento no he tenido ningún problema en ese sentido.

En definitiva, un gran reloj a un precio muy ajustado. En mi país puede costar hasta 100 euros más que el precio ofrecido por Por tanto, muy satisfecho con su compra y con la web de

English translation:

When I decided to look for a substitute for my old CITIZEN, I thought of a SEIKO or another CITIZEN since I have previously had models from both brands and I have always been very happy with their result.

After analyzing several models, I opted for the CITIZEN BJ 7071-54E for its size (46.5 mm without crown) and for its aspect of pilot watch with a bezel equipped with slide rule for calculations. It is also water resistant to 20 bar (200 m).

The watch arrived perfectly packed, with an official CITIZEN box (so I had chosen it), the one-year international warranty and its instruction manual in several languages. The delivery time was made in the time indicated on the website and I had no problem whatsoever in terms of customs or taxes.

After using the watch for several days, I am very satisfied with the purchase. I was looking for a watch size bigger than 42-43 mm since the current trend are big watches but, despite their size, is not excessive at the wrist. Because of its appearance, it can be used with both elegant and sportier clothes. I love the look of the watch with the red second hand.

The CITIZEN BJ 7071-54E is a GMT watch; in other words, it has a fourth hand that at first sight seems non-existent except for its end in red color. This hand allows you to indicate the time in another country or the AM / PM time (24 h) if it is synchronized with the local time. In the dark, hour and minute hands and markers glow in a striking blue color, with good intensity and durability (visible all night long if you have been sufficiently exposed to light).

It has a hardened mineral crystal with an anti-reflective treatment, which helps to have good visibility of the hour. It does not have the same scratch resistance as a sapphire crystal but I've never had too much trouble with it since I tend to care my watches. The case has a polished finish but matte, no glossy.

The bezel is internal, which helps to preserve it against scratches and keeps it always looking good. This characteristic is seen as a great advantage, since it is easier to solve a scratch in the glass than in a bezel, either polishing or replacing it if necessary in the future. It allows to make the typical calculations of the pilot watches (conversions between units, calculations of consumption, etc ...) and is operated by a crown located at the 4 o'clock position, something unusual in watches with internal bezel, allowing its operation without need to remove the watch.

The strap is very solid, made of stainless steel, the links being in one piece although visually they may look like 5 small pieces in each link. Despite this, I do not consider this watch too heavy (about 160 g) and I do not notice any discomfort when wearing it, although I was accustomed to use much lighter watches. In addition, it has a security deployant clasp that prevents its accidental opening.

The watch works by solar charge, with a quartz caliber B877. This movement was already used by previous models so its effectiveness and durability is more than proven. The instruction manual includes an orientation table on the conditions of charge of the battery and its estimated times. The indicated duration of the Manganese-Titanium Lithium battery without receiving light is about 6 months, once it has been fully charged. In case of insufficient load, the second hand moves every two seconds, indicating a load reserve of approximately 3 days. Eco-Drive watches can be charged with any type of light (sunlight or artificial) although I have to indicate from my own experience that the load using sunlight is superior to that made by artificial light, even on cloudy days (checked using a lux meter) .

As a negative point would emphasize that CITIZEN BJ7071-54E it's not a screw-down crown watch, as the Nighthawk, although at the moment I have had no problem in that sense.

Definitely, a great watch at a very low price. In my country it can cost up to 100 euros more than the price offered by Therefore, very satisfied with the purchase and with the website.

October 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand Chronograph Divers Japan Watch - BJ2110-01E
The right choice for a depth sensor watch - Review by Konstantinos from Greece

I used to had a C900 series old Citizen but I lost after a resettlement and I decided to look for a new watch in the market. I used to be a frequent scuba diver and now I dive every summer.
I had two choices. One is this watch and the second choice was BN-2024 or BN-2021. I guess I've made the right choice as those two are bulky and perform almost the same functions as BJ2110.
The only trouble was I had to perform "All reset / Adjust hands" procedure upon arrival. This is normal but the manual was not mention it as a start step. Without read it in the manual the watch could not start and I though the watch was broke or something. So please read the manual carefully before first time usage.
Thanks DFI for the watch !

September 2016 Winner

Citizen Promaster Radio Controlled Super Titanium Sapphire Watch - AS4035-04E
from work to snorkeling trips - Review by Łukasz from Poland

Poszukiwałem zegarka przez długi czas. Kryteria jakie miałem to analog, ciemna koperta, synchronizacja radiowa, wodoszczelność min 10 bar, skórzany pasek, szafirowe szkło, funkcja stopera, wieczny kalendarz i kompas;) Wszystkiego mieć nie można ale ten zegarek w zupełności spełnia wygórowane oczekiwania a dodatkowo jest z tytanu czyli jest lekki i trwały oraz posiada baterie solarną. Kompasu oczywiście brak;)

Przesyłka pojawiła się u mnie bez dodatkowych opłat w czasie zgodnym z opisem sklepu około 12 dni bez uszkodzeń i innych przygód. Wszystko w najlepszym porządku.

Obawiałem się dwóch rzeczy:
Zegarek ten synchronizuje się wyłącznie z nadajnikiem w Niemczech czyli funkcja ta działa na terenie środkowej Europy. Zastanawiałem się do jakiego czasu się synchronizuje UTC czy UTC+1. Okazało się że jest to czas niemiecki UTC+1 czyli również moja strefa czasowa. Oczywiście można ustawić zegar na Local Time gdzie również działa synchronizacja. Funkcja działa prawidłowo najlepiej w godzinach nocnych i poza budynkiem.

Druga sprawa to bateria solarna która długo nie widziała słońca leżąc w magazynie. Zegarek był całkowicie rozładowany dopiero po 2 godzinach pod sztucznym światłem wskazówki ruszyły. Teraz wszystko działa jak należy zegarek zatrzymuje sekundnik w ciemności aby nie marnować energii lecz niestety nie posiada wskazania stopnia naładowania baterii.

Aby uruchomić stoper należy odciągnąć koronkę co jest kłopotliwe. Jeśli często używamy tej funkcji ten model nie jest najlepszy.

Aby pasek szybko się ułożył polecam nawilżyć go olejkiem do ciała. Już po kilku dniach będzie dokładnie leżał na nadgarstku tam gdzie chcemy.

Ten model jest dość gruby 15mm ale wielkość mi odpowiada jest bardzo przejrzysty, lekki 75g, trwały i robi wrażenie na moich znajomych:) Szafirowe szkło jest bardzo odporne na zarysowania ale należy je chronić przed mocnymi uderzeniami gdyż może popękać.

Cena tego modelu jest wysoka i taki zakup powinien być przemyślany, w moim przypadku wszystko się udało.

Spełniłem marzenie za rozsądną cenę jak na tego typy zegarek. Żona niestety ma odmienne zdanie na ten temat ale to już inna historia ;)

Polecam dutyfreeisland i zegarki Citizena jestem mega zadowolony!!

August 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive My First 3.0 Black IP 100m Gents Sports Watch - AW1354-07H
我的第一支 Citizen Eco Drive - Review by 吳宇沛 from Taiwan

戴了多年的SEIKO 石英錶在無預警的情況下停止在下午兩點三十五分。拿去錶店,拆開背蓋後,師傅先換上一個新電池,手表沒有反應,頓時我心頭涼了一半。師傅仔細一看,說是電池漏液,具腐蝕性的電池液波及到電路板。師傅又說,這款電路板已經停產了,沒法子修。我對著師傅苦笑說,看來是換新手錶的時候了。

我鎖定CITIZEN 的 ECO DRIVE 系列,不需要定期更換電池的特點也意味著為地球的環境盡一份心力, 前一支SEIKO的表殼與表帶都是不銹鋼的,重量因素使我只有上班時配戴,下班後與週末都留在抽屜裡。多年前佩戴皮質表帶手表的經驗是鼻子不時都會聞到表帶散發的汗臭味。這兩項考量使我更進一步聚焦在橡膠表帶的手錶上。很快的,我在 eBay 上就發現了CITIZEN 型號 AW1354-07H的這款男士休閒表。比較了台灣拍賣網站的價格後,我立即下標購買。

我選擇了最經濟的免運費,大約六個工作天我就收到包裹了。打開CITIZEN 原廠表盒,映入眼簾的手表正面有膠模保護著,拿出手錶,表帶上的吊牌還在。除了保證書與使用說明以外,還有DutyFree Island 印製的的感謝語與退貨說明小單張。仔細端詳手表,黑色處理的表殼與黑色的橡膠表帶搭配的天衣無縫,咋看之下會以為它是支CASIO的塑膠表,但表殼上的光澤是塑膠表所沒有的。香檳金色的面盤增添了活潑感,時針與分針的白色外框讓時間很容易讀取,日期是以扇形的方式在三點鐘位置呈現,在六點鐘與十二點鐘的大數字我個人不很欣賞,覺得太大了,不過對老人家會很方便。05、25、35、45、 55 這些數字我覺得有些多餘,表冠上的白色條紋與面盤二、四、八、十 點鐘位置的白色條紋相互輝映,有畫龍點睛的效果。表冠兩側的凸起可以避免表冠直接受到碰撞。也許是成本考量,鎖上的不銹鋼背蓋並沒有黑色處理,上頭說明的是日本機芯和10 Bar 的防水能力。

手錶出廠時表冠是在時間調整的位置。換句話說,手表並不會因為在存放時持續運作而消耗電能。把時間與日期調整妥之後手表開始行走,沒有半點電力不足的現象。戴上手錶調整表帶扣在第二孔的位置,對於16 cm 手腕圍的我感覺稍緊。42 mm 直徑大小的表殼在我手腕上剛好,正是我要的尺寸。使用一陣子以後我發現,調整表帶扣在第三孔的位置讓表殼表帶與手之間留些空間通風,讓正值盛夏的手腕更加舒適。固定多餘表帶的膠圈也很稱職,不會過大而自行移位。

第二天上午,我發現手表的日期在前一個午夜並沒有切換,有些困擾。回想當初調整日期時已經避開了會造成日期切換紊亂的時段。到了第三天傍晚,我把時間調快12 小時,欺騙手表已經過了12個鐘頭,隔日起床發現日期於午夜順利切換,這招果然奏效。

戴了兩個星期,發現它完全符合我的需求。特別在重量上,只有我前一支SEIKO的三分之二,左手腕上不再有個笨重的感覺,讓我即使下班後與週末時光也都樂意配戴。DutyFree Island 具競爭力的的價格,在我下一次選購手表時,一定會再考慮它。

July 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Marine 200m ISO Cert. Divers Watch - BN0150-10E
from work to snorkeling trips - Review by Hadi from Malaysia

Been using this watch for the last 5 months and doubtless to say i'm a very happy customer.

been using it everywhere from work to snorkeling trips. just requires a change of strap from rubber to leather or nato. its very versatile and has a good lume.

i would recommend this watch to any interested buyers. i got some compliments on how simple yet good looking the watch is.

the watch timing is perfect and suffice to say i dont have any complaints.

this is my first diver style watch and i have to say that i have no regrets in buying it.

June 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Sapphire Stiletto Ultra Thin Japan Watch - AR3010-65E
Amazing Watch! Amazing Service! Phenomenal Price! - Review by Joshua from Canada

I recently was in the market for a watch, since my eight or nine-year-old Fossil watch had gone missing, and I had a little spending money. I had been looking for a slim watch that would sit well on my very slim wrist and look classy without being like a nuclear warhead sitting on my arm, weighing it down.

Through google searches, I stumbled across the Citizen Stiletto Eco-Drive. However, none were sold in my area, and those nearby retailed for close to $600.00. I liked the watch but that was a little steep.

Enter, via eBay, via google searches. What a find! They had the watch listed for my viewing at about $265.00 Canadian dollars. That blew me away. So I started looking at reviews, because I assumed that at this price it had to be a fake. But Trustpilot, eBay, and other places consistently rated the site well and as providing excellent customer service. I decided to purchase through eBay because I could use my PayPal where I had a refund sitting, plus an eBay discount. All in all, it ended up costing about $240.00. WOW!!!

After the order, kept in contact, sending shipping updates, giving me the tracking number, and providing a constant source of communication, assuaging the fears of even one of the most careful internet purchasers (this was my first eBay purches!). When I received this watch, I was not disappointed.

It is sleek, refined, classy and only about 5mm thick. I have attached a picture of it on my wrist, freckles and all. Since I work in the accounting field and deal with business client’s day in and out, I wanted something dressy, but muted, that would say, ‘I appreciate fine watches’ without screaming it. This watch does it.

The face is simple but elegant. It is almost completely silent due to the solar powered mechanisms. And even my wife thought it was a considerable step up from the Fossil watch that I had for many, many years.



May 2016 Winner

Citizen Promaster Metric Altichron JDM Duratect Titanium Japan Watch - BN4021-02E
Good watch and good service. - Review by Homin from South Korea

시티즌 프로마스터 알티크론 (BN4021-02E) 구매후기입니다. 예전부터 눈여겨오던 시계인데 리테일가가 비싸서 아쉽게도 계속 못사던 시계를 dutyfreeisland 통해서 훨씬 저렴하게 잘 구입했네요.ㅎ
우선 시계의 특징에 대해 말씀드리면 고도측정(10,000m~-200m), 나침반기능, 에코드라이브 파워리저브 정도가 되겠네요.
크기는 50mm인데 생각보다 많이 커보이지는 않습니다. 제 손목둘레는 16.5cm 정도 되니 참고하세요. 재질은 듀라텍 티타늄입니다. 매우 가볍고 튼튼해 보입니다.
글라스는 미네랄글라스라서 조금 아쉬움이 있지만 충격이나 파손에 강하다는 점이 오히려 장점이 될수도 있겠네요. 무브먼트는 에코드라이브 쿼츠입니다. 에코드라이브 제품은 처음 사용해보는데 매우 편할것 같습니다.
배터리 교체할 필요도 없고 기계식 시계처럼 용두를 감거나 계속 착용하고있어야 할 필요도 없습니다.
그리고 파워리저브 창이 있어서 에코드라이브 충전 정도를 알수 있는데 이게 은근 편한것 같습니다.ㅎ 디자인은 개인취향이지만 제눈에는 매우 이쁩니다. 다른색상(오렌지,노랑)도 있지만 가장 무난하면서도 옷입기 편한건 이 모델이 아닐까 싶네요.
여름에 반팔티셔츠에 이거 하나면 코디 끝날것 같습니다.ㅋ
아주 만족스럽네요~
이제는 dutyfreeisland에 대해 얘기해보겠습니다.
처음 구입해보는데 일단 live chat이 꽤나 좋습니다. 한국이랑 시간차이도 별로 안나서 궁금한것 그때그때 물어봤는데
매우 친절하게 응대해줬습니다.
가격도 다른곳에 비해 매우 저렴했고 dutyfreeisland 답게 구입하면서 혜택도 봤습니다.
배송은 FAST SHIPPING으로 했는데 정말 놀랍게 빨랐습니다.ㅋ
지금까지 직구 직배송하면서 받은 가장 빠른 시간이 아니었나 싶습니다.ㅋ 주문하고 3일인가 4일만에 받았으니까요.ㅎ
급하게 필요하신분들은 FAST SHIPPING 추천드립니다.ㅎ
그리고 저는 박스옵션을 선택하지 않아서 파우치에 받게 되었는데요.. 이게 일단 쉬핑되면 박스를 추가할수 없다고 하니.
주문할때 신중히 주문하는게 좋겠네요~
Dutyfreeisland..첫구매부터 좋은 인상을 받아서 앞으로 자주 들르게 될것 같네요~
제품, 서비스 모두 만족합니다. 추천드려요~
I wrote the review by KOREAN.
This watch is great.
The funtions are awesome and the design of this one very good for men.
The size is little bit big(50mm) but It still fits me.
Thanks for reading my review.

April 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Attesa Satellite Wave World Time Titanium DLC Sapphire Japan Watch - CC9015-54E
Review by Simon Wu from Australia

I am a bit of a tech geek and value functionality over aesthetics anytime. I am also a big fan of the Citizen Eco drive watches; I have had two other Eco drive watches for 7+ years and have never had any problems or replaced the batteries. The citizen CC9015 is both very functional and stylish. This Satellite Wave from the F900 family is particularly cool, this watch is able to actually use GPS signals to help it determine the time zone it is currently in and adjusts the time accordingly. This was a missing feature in the previous satellite wave watches, as you needed to tell the watch what time zone you were in and then it was able to update the time using GPS signals.

The CC9015 watch offers a function selector sub dial at 3 o'clock, and added features include a chronograph, alarm, and the ability to view two time zones at once on the dial. This last feature is particularly useful because you not only get a dedicated sub dial at 6 o'clock for the second time zone, but they are also interchangeable, so you can swap the display of local time and home time as you please. This is a big deal to me. With the added functionality in the CC9015, I do feel that Citizen has finally made the "perfect" travel watch that the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave collection needed to compete with the Seiko Astron. More so, I find the three sub dial layout of the CC9015 more visually balanced than that of the other satellite waves. Though not as clean in appearance as some, but more like a "tech /classy dress” watch, much like the Seiko Astron range.

This model is a little bigger and fits well with the current style for watches. Detailing on the modern-style case is really good. A close inspection of the details reveals a high level of finish and polishing. The watch is still considered thin at 13.1mm thick, which looks great on the wrist with the matching bracelet. The CC9015 case is produced from Citizen's Super Titanium (more tech), I got the natural titanium look, I believe they are also available in a DLC-coated black titanium case. This special treatment of the titanium elevates the hardness level of the case and bracelet to 1000+ Hv, thus equates to 5 times more scratch resistance than stainless. Even with the upmost care in the pass week, I have managed to knock it a few times against furniture, door frames and metal gates, yaks! And let me tell you not a scratch.

One negative though, the function selector is operated by the crown. You have to pull out the crown to position 1 to change function mode, and to position 2 to set the time zone (if required). This really annoys me about this watch. As every watch wearer will tell you, adjusting the crown whilst wearing the watch is an almost impossible task. To change function mode, I constantly find myself pulling the crown out fully to position 2 and missing position 1, and pushing it back in fully instead of stopping at position 1. And if you eventually manage to get it to position 1, you have to turn the crown to select the mode. In which case I almost always accidently push the crown back in while trying to turn it. And all this whilst bending my hand down fully to maximise the space between the watch crown and my wrist and supporting the watch against my stomach so as the watch doesn’t spin on my wrist as I try to change function mode. The watch would have been much better designed, if a dedicating side button was used to select the function mode (like every other watch I own).

Putting all this into context, a timepiece that never needs a battery change, updates your time and location automatically, and offers a range of useful travel features. It also looks pretty cool and has a durable case. For me, this makes the CC9015 not only a competitive timepiece but one that is still very relevant today. Even though Citizen debuted the CC9015 in March 2015, I have only seen the black titanium CC9004 in the shops in Australia. I have not seen the CC9015 in Australia at all. So it was a bit of a leap of faith to purchase this over the internet not having seen it in real life. I had been looking for this watch for over a year. I already know the quality and technology are top-notch because I have been wearing the eco-drive watches for years. When Duty Free Island shop send me an email indicating the CC9015 watches were back in stock and at about half the price of retail, I had to get it. I was a little scared about shipping something of this value by mail, but it arrived as promised and in perfect condition. Duty free island shop is a great place to buy from. They posted my watch the next working day; (though it took 8 days to clear Australian customs), their customer service is excellent and have a great range of watches normally unavailable locally; I will definitely use them again.

March 2016 Winner

Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Nighthawk Euro Mens Pilots Watch - BJ7010-59E
I don't buy many watches but when I do is because I fell in love with them - Review by Simone from Italy

I don't buy many watches but when I do is because I fell in love with them. I own an old Casio G-Shock, a Casio Edifice EF-125, a Citizen Moon Phase BU0011 and now a Citizen Nighthawk BJ7010, and let me tell you, we haven't build an emotional connection yet, but it's already one of my favorite. I never loved crowded dials, but this one can manage to pull it off, it has a lot of information and still it feels clean and organized.

As far as specs:

  • B877 EcoDrive movement which means that the watch will runs solely on the power produced by light from any source by utilizing the mechanism of a solar panel and a charging device.
  • Analog Quartz with 3 Hands.
  • Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal: this it's what makes this watch beautiful to watch and I think that no photograph wil truly show how clean and clear the crystal is. My only worry is that
  • unlike a sapphire glass it will scratch more easly (my moon phase is almost 4 years old and it doesn't have a single scratch).
  • The Nighthawk uses the typical Citizen Natulight lume, which has the signature blue glow which is very good and charges really quickly.
  • 2nd time zone: really usefull. In my case I use it to set the time to the local time of the second office of the company I work for.
  • Case size 42mm: I don't have big wrists but it fits perfectly. It's not too big so it works very well even if you don't dress formal and you usually dress casually
  • Water Resistance WR200/20Bar/666ft
  • Insufficient Charge Warning Function
  • Time Setting Warning Function
  • Overcharge prevention
  • Side roule: to master this you have to read the instructions or watch some videos no way around it, but once you get the hang of it it can be really useful, especially for the moltiplication, division and square root functions
  • Near the 3:00 crown it can be find the Promaster logo

February 2016 Winner

Orient Multi-Year Perpetual Calendar Japan Automatic 100m Men's Watch - SEU07005BX
ORIENTal Story - Review by Nikolay Markovich from Bulgaria

Our ORIENTal Story

We have less than few hours experience with the new ORIENT, but let me tell the story, that makes me sure it will be a great watch: We grew up in the socialist past of Bulgaria. For the people, who have no idea about the socialism, well, it has some advantages, but when we were children, we saw mainly the problems: it was very difficult for our parents to travel abroad, there was no import of western goods, so everything we had was made in Bulgaria or in the other socialist countries around, with neither so bad nor so good quality. The only happy exception were the sailors, international truck drivers and gastarbeiters, who have enough money and what was more important, they had the right to have dollars and to buy international goods. So logically, based on their quality of materials and production, the ORIENT watches soon become a symbol of financial and social success. All these casts of workers proudly demonstrated their touch with the new technologies. For me and my family, even quite well educated and qualified, it was impossible to have this kind of watch, the only thing allowed was to dream about it. We never talked about that with our dad, but as we further understood, it seemed he had the same dream about an ORIENT watch. The whole injustice of the system was focused in a few square centimeters, within Japanese gears and fine mechanics.

And then one summer evening, the miracle happened. Our dad, my brother and I were travelling to the village to visit our grandparents. Suddenly something shined up under the car front lights. What was that, a watch? Nobody believed, so we didn’t stop the car. It was too good to be true. After shortly discussion we agreed, that most probably it was a foil from cigarette box. Few hours later, when we travelled back the same way, we saw the same “foil” and this time stopped the car in order to take a closer look. A classic ORIENT watch, model Y469672-4A, was obviously unintentionally dropped by the window of a fast speed travelling car, and after that rolled over by unknown number of vehicles. Like we well know from the movies, there are now vanished samurai warriors, they are only live or dead, so this samurai was looking like after a long and unequal battle, more dead than alive, with broken glass, one missing arrow and another one badly inclined, laying in the middle of the road and proudly waiting for his fate to come. We took it and with almost no hope of success, went to a father’s friend, whose hobby were watches. This lack of hope represented our pure underestimation of the Japanese quality and of the Bulgarian skills. The amateur watch-master proved once again his patience, fantasy and creativity. The Samurai survived, and with a new, somehow compatible glass and definitely different third arrow started to count the years of his new life on the wrists of our family members. There was a strict schedule which days of week which man will carry the precious watch. If one of the teenagers was meeting a girl, he had the right to overcome the schedule and to carry the watch for that night. Our father was the happiest, finally making his dream come true.

Few years later, we grew up, the socialist system collapsed and at the same time our family went well, soon after that our dad succeed to find on the second hand market two more watches from the same model and colour. Of course, there were new models from different brands on the market, but he needed exactly this one. It was easier to find them, because the people with the good incomes from the past seemed to have problems in those days and needed money urgently, in other words, the wheel of fortune turned around. Speaking of our family, we accepted it as a proof, that the hard days are in the past, and better future is coming.
Now, after many years, we have wives and big kids, and my biggest son is celebrating 18, that strange and fuzzy border between the childhood and the manhood. When we questioned him what he would like for a birthday present, he smiled and asked us for an ORIENT watch, not the latest model, but the most similar to the Y469672-4A, mechanical with automatic winding, dark dial and perpetual calendar. “The tradition is still alive”, my wife and I proudly think. Two days later we understood, that there is a gap between the newest models and the classic ones, so it is not easy to find most similar model. Actually, when we found out the DUTY FREE ISLAND Company, things came to their right places. The model SEU07005BX is exactly what we were looking for. After that, the scheme is straight and clear: Find model - Sign In - Order – Payment – Delivery. The delivery was at 23.02., the very first day of the stated term 23.02-23.03. There were no problems at all.

Wish you all the best!

Nikolay Markovich Varna, Bulgaria

P.S. The photo is from this morning, 10 minutes after the delivery :), at the first possible place for photoshooting (in this case the car)

January 2016 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 GPS Sapphire Japan Watch - CC3007-55E
Citizen CC3007-55E - Review by Minas from Greece

The watch arrived after 9 working days and it was well packaged. It was on power saving mode by the time it arrived and as I opened its box I could see all the hands moving to display the current time (Hong Kong time). The bracelet, case, sapphire crystal, dial and the hands are all excellently made. The watch has a diameter of 43.5mm if you don’t include the crown and weighs 159 grams.

The time zone/time/day/date update took 35 seconds and the time/day/date update took 3-4 seconds to complete. After the time update, I visited to check the time and I found out that the second hand was spot-on. The minute hand moves one click every 10 seconds (at 0,10,20,30,40,50 seconds). The hour hand moves one click every 2 minutes (at 2,4,6,8,10,12 minutes etc.). The watch without receiving the satellite signal gains 1 second per week, which is excellent for a quartz (the average quartz gains/loses 3-4 seconds per week and the average mechanical gains/loses 35 seconds per week).

Other features of the watch: Light-Level Indicator: Indicates current power generation amount in 7 levels. It can be used as a reference for choosing a good charging place.
Perpetual calendar: No need for monthly and leap-year date correction until year 2100.
World time: Indicates the time around the world by manually choosing one of the 40 time zones.
Daylight Saving Time: You can manually adjust the setting on/off every March/October.

I’m really impressed with the watch and very satisfied with my purchase. Duty Free Island has the best prices on the world for any Citizen watch (the Citizen F150 on DFI is €400 cheaper than in my country), the customer service is excellent and I’m sure I will buy again from them.

December 2015 Winner

Seiko Sportura Solar Chronograph Perpetual Sapphire Men's Watch - SSC357P1
SEIKO Sprotura SSC357P1 - Review by Dalibor from Austria

Ich möchte mich für die sehr sehr schnelle Lieferung bedanken. Ich habe meine Uhr innerhalb von 7 Tagen erhalten und bin begeistert vom Preis und von Dutefreeislandshop. Die Uhr ist ein wirklicher hingucker sieht super toll aus, sportilich und gleich zu auch elegant. Kann wirklich jedem diese Uhr empfehelen und diesen Shop natürlich auch. Werde wieder hier eine Uhr kaufen und diesmal wahrscheinlich das Modell Citizen CC3001-01E. Nochmal vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung und super Ware. Liebe Grüße Dalibor

November 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave World Time F150 Sapphire Japan Dual Tone Watch - CC3006-58A
Citizen CC3006-58A - Review by Mark from Australia

It has always been my desire to own a ‘GPS Satellite’ watch but cost wise they have been prohibitive. In February this year I compromised and bought from (DFI) the Citizen ‘Radio Controlled’ BY0106-55H. Why a compromise? Well I live in Australia where the radio signals cannot be picked up. Japan has the closet broadcast tower but the signal stops short of us. I only pick up the radio signals when travelling overseas. However, having said that I must say the Citizen BY0106-55H is a great looking watch, easy to use, lots of functions and has not missed a beat since I acquired it.

Advance to November 2015 and a new range of Citizen ‘GPS Satellite’ watches have been released (Calibre F150) and better still, are now more affordable. I could not contain myself and with the great savings DFI offer (50.16% off RRP) I bought myself the Citizen GPS Wave CC3006-58A. I had no hesitation in buying from DFI again. At least with this watch I can now pickup the satellite signal from anywhere in the world, including here in Australia and aboard ship when cruising between Sydney to Los Angeles (via Tahiti & Hawaii) - YES you still need a watch on a cruise ship; how else would you know its opening time for the ‘Crown & Anchor’ bar on deck 14 or its time for your 8:30pm dinner reservation on deck 5.

The CC3006-58A has two very simple ‘on demand’ search functions: 1. The first will update the watch with time zone/time/day/date. When I did my first search it took 60 seconds to adjust to Sydney (Australia) time zone and set the time - it should be noted that the watch was set to Hong Kong zone/time/day/date on its receipt so day/date were the same as Sydney. Further, I did the search near tall buildings. I understand the search can be as quick as 3-seconds if no obstructions exist.

2. The second search will set time/day/date only.

While the user manual is not very clear on this topic, I assume the first search would be used when you move to a new time zone (e.g. just got off the plane) and the second to ensure continued accuracy within a time zone (e.g. use occasionally to ensure your watch has the most accurate local time and date details as possible).

It is also possible to manually change to a new time zone and this is also a simple operation. I will use this when boarding an aircraft as I like to change my watch to destination time zone in advance of arriving - but that’s me. Oh, there is also an automated search for time/day/date which employs every 6-days or so to ensure time/day/date accuracy. This will not activate if you have conducted an ‘on demand’ or ‘manual’ search etc. within the previous 6-days.

The CC3006-58A also has other great features:
1. It is an eco-drive (any light source will charge the internal battery) and on a full charge can keep the watch operating for up to 7-years without the need to recharge (e.g. if left in a draw).
2. It has a perpetual calendar up to year 2100 (should see me out).
3. Daylight savings time function - the satellite signal only contains standard time for a time zone, but some countries/states in a time zone may have DST. This easy function allows you to manually advance the time by 1-hour and reverse at the end of summer time. For example in Australia the state of NSW and Queensland are in the same time zone. NSW has summer time while Queensland does not.
4. Various functions such as insufficient charge warning; power reserve indicator; light intensity (for battery charging) indicator are all great features
5. Day of week in addition to the date.

I’m 61 years of age and hate having to get out my reading glasses in order to read the time on my watch. With this watch I can read the time easily without the need for readers. It also has luminous hands and markers making it easier to read in poor light.

On the negative side, it will not cook dinner nor wash the clothes. Honestly, it would be great if this watch would automatically set time zones (as it does in the Seiko Astron GPS watch series) rather than having to conduct an ‘on demand’ search and update. However, the Seiko does come at a significantly higher price of which I cannot afford and you have to put the watch into ‘flight’ mode (i.e. turn GPS off) when aboard a plane. Also, it would be good to have an am/pm indicator.

Finally, it is a great looking watch with an uncluttered face and a build quality second to none. Citizen make great watches. There are about 5-models in the range of which only two are available in Australia. The CC3006-58A a two-tone version is stunning with its stainless steel and gold tones and is not available here in Australia. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Back to What a great place to buy a watch from. Amazing prices; excellent customer services (both pre and post sales), great range of watches and brands and quite often has models not normally available in your country of living. It took 5-business days to be delivered via airmail.

October 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled Sapphire Men's Watch - CB0010-02E
CB0010-02E - Review by Aleksey from Russia

В связи с ростом новых технологий захотелось приобрести часы, которые не нужно было бы подводить, менять батарейки, а также держать в боксах с автоподзаводом. Такой эталон времени, в соответствии с которым можно было бы в случае чего подвести все свои остальные часы. В дополнении к этому хотелось часы для постоянной носки, без дополнительных стрелок, с указателем даты, с черным циферблатом и кожаным ремешком.

Смотрел и выбирал значительное количество вариантов. Выбирал часы в магазинах города, но что-то не нравилось. Конечно, есть часы, нравились, но цена была значительно выше той суммы, которую предполагалось потратить. Смотрел часы Интернете в Российских магазинах. Небольшой опыт приобретения товаров через подсказывал посмотреть часы там, особенно если попасть на скидку. Параллельно читал форумы по выбору часов. Неоднократно в отзывах встречалось упоминание о положительном опыте приобретения часов у продавца dutyfreeislandshop. У них также есть интернет-магазин. Признаться, всегда есть шанс попасть на подделку, стараюсь смотреть на количество продаж и рейтинг продавца. В этом случае сомнений не было. Среди всех часов в поиске были выбраны все часы с радиосинхронизацией и солнечной батареей. Из всех представленных очень понравились и подходили под мои пожелания - Citizen Eco-Drive CB0010-02E. Более того, часы продавались со значительной скидкой. Решено было брать. Но взял через Ebay, а не сайт, мало ли что. Признаться, был удивлен поддержкой продавцом своих покупателей. Тут были и различная помощь по работе магазина, разъяснения, отслеживания движения посылки. Молодцы, это было очень приятно! Пришли часы достаточно быстро, примерно за половину ожидаемого срока. Упаковано все отлично. Сама коробка часов достаточно простая, без каких-либо изысков. Внутри толстая инструкция, все подробно описано. Открыв коробку, часы показывали 12:00, когда попал на них свет, стрелки начали вращаться и встали на текущее время. Признаться, я был очень поражен. Такое прямо завораживающее зрелище. Единственное, часовой пояс отличался. По инструкции легко выставил нужный часовой пояс без проблем.

Внешне часы выгладят очень интересно. Не знаю, почему сделано такое их скучное фото на различных сайтах в описании. Время читается отлично. Стрелки часов стоят точно, нет каких-либо сдвигов относительно меток. Часы на руке не смотрятся маленькими, в тоже время нет чувства громоздкости. Визуально часы кажутся более тяжелыми, чем на самом деле. Их вес на руке не сильно заметен.

Люминисцентное покрытие есть на стрелках и больших метках циферблата. В темноте читаются достаточно хорошо. Дату не видно, но, думаю, это совсем не принципиально.

Удобно сделаны дополнительные кнопки в часах. Они не выпирают, как на большинстве хронографов, а просто утоплены и нажимаются острым предметом. В виду нечастого использования кнопок это оптимальный вариант, как кажется. При этом дизайн остается строгим.

Радиосинхронизацию часов, к сожалению, не смог проверить. Часы не смогли синхронизироваться с вышкой Японии. Возможно, нужно поискать правильное место. Пока нашел выход – это синхронизация со смартфоном через специальное приложение. Тоже очень удобно. Сама настройка синхронизации выполняется одной кнопкой. Короткое нажатие – проверка синхронизации (да, нет), длительное нажатие – принудительная синхронизация. Вообще все настройки часов интуитивны, удобны и понятны. Молодцы производители! Без синхронизации часы у меня за две недели от текущего времени не отклонились. Дольше не проверял.

Браслет у часов кожаный, хорошего качества. Носить удобно. Единственное, было бы значительно удобнее с застежкой-бабочкой. При частой носке часов браслет быстрее придет в негодность из-за постоянных его изгибов. Но ведь это всего лишь браслет и его всегда можно легко поменять.

В целом, часы приобретены интересные, ношу их часто и с удовольствием. Можно спокойно одеть их и под костюм, и спортивную одежду. Дома храню их в боксе для часов с прозрачным верхом. При этом, если я их не ношу, они заряжаются и всегда показывают точное время. Всегда вижу по ним, правильно ли идут мои остальные часы. Ко всему прочему я получил тот маленький эталон времени у себя дома. Спасибо за них dutyfreeislandshop.

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In day of new technologies I wanted to buy a watch that would not need to sum up, change the batteries and keep in the box with automatic winding. Such a time reference, whereby it would be possible in that case to bring all of its remaining watches. In addition to the wanted clock for constant wear, no more arrows, with date, black dial and leather strap.

I looked and picked a large number of options. Chose hours in shops in the city, but something did not like. Of course, there is a clock, like, but the price was significantly higher than the amount expected to spend. I watched the clock in the Russian Internet shops. Little experience of the acquisition of goods through prompted see hours there, especially if you get a discount. In parallel, read forums for choosing hours. Repeatedly in a review, mention of the positive experience gained from the seller hours dutyfreeislandshop. They also have an online shop. Frankly, there is always a chance to get a fake, try to look at the number of sales and the top seller. In this case, there was no doubt. Among all hours to find all the clocks were chosen with global radio and solar battery. Of all the liked and fit under my wishes - Citizen Eco-Drive CB0010-02E. Moreover, the watch sold at a substantial discount. It was decided to take. But I am taken by Ebay, but not the site, who knows what. Frankly, the seller was surprised at the support of its customers. There were various kinds of assistance for the store, explanations, tracking parcels. Well done, it was very nice! Came clock fast enough, about half the expected life. Packed everything is fine. The box itself is simple enough hours, without any frills. Inside the thick guide, all described in detail. After opening the box, the clock showed 12:00, when he came to them light, arrows began to spin and got up to the current time. Frankly, I was very impressed. Such straight fascinating spectacle. The only thing different time zone. According to the instructions easy to put the time zone without any problems.

External clock ironed very interesting. I do not know why they make such a boring photo on various sites in the description. Time to read perfectly. The hands are exactly there are no changes with respect to labels. The clock on the arm do not look small, at the same time have no sense of awkwardness. Visually, the clock seem to be more severe than in reality. Their weight in the hand is not very noticeable.

Fluorescent coating has the arrows and large labels dial. In the dark, they read well enough. The date is not visible, but I think it does not matter.

Well-made additional buttons in hours. They do not stick out like in most chronographs, but simply drowned and pressed a sharp object. Due to the infrequent use of buttons is the best option as it seems. This design is strict.

Global radio in watches,, unfortunately, was not able to check. The clock could not be synchronized with the tower in Japan. You may need to look for the right place. So far, found a way out - is to synchronize with a smartphone via a special application. Also very convenient. The very setting of synchronization is performed with one button. Short press - synchronization check (yes, no), long press - forced synchronization. In general, all the clock settings are intuitive, easy to use and understandable. Good for manufacturers! Without synchronization clocks I have two weeks from the current time is not rejected. Longer is not checked.

Bracelet from leather watch, good quality. Wear comfortable. The only thing it would be much easier with a zip tie. If you frequently wear a bracelet watch will come into disrepair due to its constant twists. But it's just a bracelet and it can always be easily changed.

In general, the clock purchased by interesting, I wear them often and with pleasure. You can safely put them under the suit and sportswear. Houses store them in a box for hours with a transparent top. At the same time, if I do not wear them, they are charged, and always shows the exact time. Always I see them, right there are the rest of my watch. On top of that I got a little time standard at home. Thank you for them dutyfreeislandshop.

September 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Sapphire Japan 100m Dual Tone Black Dial Men's Watch - BM7254-55E
Fathers Day Gift! - Review by Damian Borg from Australia

Usually for Fathers Day we would give my father money to spend as he wishes. This year I wanted to do something special and something he would remember. I thought a watch is perfect, but also a very personal choice. Well after much deliberation I decided on the Citizen BM7254-55E. Being a man in his 60's I didn't want to get a watch that was too 'BUSY' or 'BIG'. Although the two tone look is not my style I thought he may like it. My Father has a great eye for quality.

I ordered the watch well in advance from ebay in the expectation that it would take a long time to get to Australia. Low and behold it was at my front door the next week. Well when I opened it up, my opinion of two tone changed rapidly. Wow, what a beautiful simple looking watch. The sapphire crystal glistened in the light amazingly. I was so happy with my choice but would my father be?

Fathers day came around and we handed around our gifts. When it was time to open ours, he was opening it haphazardly as he thought it was just money in a box. When he first set eyes on the watch I saw a face of surprise and pure happiness. He hurriedly removed it from the case and placed on his wrist. He is in love with this watch. I adjusted the band length for him and it hasn't left his wrist. Every minute or so he is checking the time!!!

Thank you so much for a stress free purchase and for making my father's day special !!!

August 2015 Winner

Orient Dignitary Blue Japan Automatic Sapphire Calendar Gent's Elegant Watch - SEV0J003DY
Сокровище из морской пучины. - Review by Ravil from Russia

Review by <span>Ravil</span> from Russia Вступление Чтобы купить Orient SEV0J003DY, мне пришлось ждать несколько месяцев, так как. эта модель довольно редкий гость в интернет-магазинах. На этом сайте есть прекрасная функция "уведомление о наличии товара", которое мне пришло на электронную почту и я тут же оформил заказ. Здорово, что такая функция есть в магазине DFI!

Доставка С момента оплаты до момента получения прошло всего 11 дней. Рекордные сроки! Омрачило доставку лишь то, что продавец не указал на посылке номер дома и квартиры получателя. Он указал лишь улицу. Спасло положение сообщение на электронную почту о прибытии часов. Часы пришли в фирменной коробке. В посылке лежала инструкция, гарантийный талон с печатью и письмо от магазина DFI. Все было упаковано очень хорошо. Итак, часы у меня в руках! На фоне остальных моих часов "работяг" - Seiko Divers Pepsi и Casio Marine Series - Orient кажется аккуратным, презентабельным японским "бизнесменом", строгим и слегка ретро. Часы очень легкие, на руке не чувствуются. После моих больших, тяжелых "дайверов", о том, что Orient на руке, забываешь очень быстро.

Корпус Диаметр корпуса часов 36 мм без головки, с головкой - 38 мм. От ушка до ушка - 44 мм. На моем запястье, окружностью 165 мм, смотрится и чувствуется органично. Размер практически идеален для классических костюмных часов. Немудрено, ведь дизайн и пропорции Orient практически полностью повторяет Rolex President. Корпус изготовлен из нержавеющей стали 316 L. Он имеет толщину 10,5 мм. Стекло возвышается над безелем на 0,5 мм, на стекле есть циклоп (увеличитель даты), расположенный на трех часах. Это безусловно помогает разглядеть дату и делает ее очень читабельной.

Бока корпуса гладко отполированы, лицевая часть - сатинирована. Обработка корпуса - очень точна. Безель - граненный, полированный, напоминает мне мои Seiko Divers, он очень приятно играет на солнце, вписывается в дизайн идеально. Заводная головка завинчивается. Она аккуратная, небольшая, совершенно не мешает при носке. Очень жаль, что на ней нет логотипа Orient. Это, по-моему мнению, добавило бы часам особый шик. Задняя крышка - глухая, завинчивающаяся. Благодаря головке и глухой задней крышке часы имеют водозащиту до 100 м, что является, возможно, лишним для костюмных часов, но я считаю, что это полезный запас прочности, ведь мы все в душе Джеймсы Бонды и жаждем приключений.

Циферблат Циферблат прикрыт сапфировым стеклом. Стеклу не помешало бы антибликовое покрытие. Грех скрывать такой невероятно-красивый глубокий синий циферблат, который играет, переливается на солнце! Под определенным углом появляются ярко-голубые лучи, бьющие из центра, напоминающие свет маяка над ночным спокойным морем. Все надписи выполнены серебристой краской и смотрятся адекватно. Шрифты не вызывают отторжения. Мне особенно нравятся блестящий полированный логотип Orient на 12 часах и железная дорога по кругу. На циферблате и стрелках отсутсвует светонакопитель (люминесцентная краска), возможно, для кого-то это будет неудобством, так как при недостаточной освещенности время разглядеть будет тяжело. Отдельная песня - это метки часовых индексов, выполненные в виде циркониевых камней в оправках. Они, вроде, и не привлекают повышенного внимания, но при определенном освещении сверкают, словно бриллианты. Стрелки часов - стальные, полированные, ровные, буквально светятся. Это огромный плюс к считываемости времени. Больше всего, лично мне, нравится большая дата под циклопом и день недели без сокращений на 12 часах. В итоге, как я уже говорил, глядя на часы, можно очень быстро определить время, дату и день недели. Механизм

Если душой этих часов является притягательный дизайн, то их сердце - это механизм. Механизм с автоподзаводом. Ротор автоподзавода вращается плавно с отчетливо-слышимым характерным звуком. Ручного завода нет. Секундная стрелка не останавливается ни при настройке времени, ни при настройке даты, но для меня это не является существенным минусом. Запас хода - до 40 часов. За первые сутки часы отстали на 5 секунд, что является хорошим результатом.

Этот калибр Orient - проверенный и надежный. Так что сомнений в ходе часов у меня и не возникало. Не очень нравится алгоритм перевода дня недели и даты. В Seiko, скажем, это реализовано гораздо лучше. Браслет Ширина браслета - 20 мм. Он - в стиле юбилейного. Сатинированные звенья соседствуют с полированными. Все звенья - литые, кроме концевых, они гнутые (концевые звенья немного меньше ушек корпуса и это слегка ухудшает вид часов).

Застежка тройная, на кнопках. Было бы надежнее с предохранительной клипсой, которой, к сожалению, нет. Браслет кажется жиденьким и он очень шумный - застежка даже скрипит, что странно при таком качестве отделки в целом. Он цепляет волосы на руке. Укоротить длину, кстати, вопрос пяти минут, звенья фиксируют стандартные шпильки.

К сожалению, качество браслета не соответствует часам и я всерьез задумываюсь о его замене. Общее впечатление о часах Совокупно Orient создал крайне сильный продукт- сплав классических строгих часов с привлекательным аксессуаром/мужским украшением. Очень высокое качество исполнения корпуса, циферблата, сапфировое стекло, водозащита до 100 м, и надежный японский автоматический калибр, все это по очень демократичной цене. Чего еще желать? Эти часы просто созданы для костюма или просто для классической рубашки. Уместны как на работе, в офисе, так и в ресторане. Вряд ли их можно назвать часами выходного дня, это не кэжуал, скорее, это нарядный аксессуар. Я смотрел на них и через пару секунд ловил себя на мысли, что не столько интересуюсь временем, сколько любуюсь циферблатом. Часы однозначно привлекают внимание и вы очень часто будете слышать комплименты в их адрес. Моя жена, которая никогда не увлекалась часами, с каким-то странным интересом который раз смотрит на них. Спасибо компании Orient за их безотказные механизмы, внушающие доверие, за великолепное качество исполнения и отделки часов, недостижимые в этой ценовой категории для большинства других брендов.

Спасибо магазину DFI за возможность носить эти замечательные часы. С удовольствием буду рекомендовать ваш магазин своим друзьям, так как ваш сервис, цена, скорость доставки - вне конкуренции.

July 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Genuine Diamonds Mother Of Pearl Sapphire Ladies Watch - EM0325-55P
价格公道,绝对真品 - Review by Ngiew Voon Siew from Singapore




June 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive F100 Satellite Wave Air GPS Sapphire Titanium Japan Men's Watch - CC2001-57A
Excellent Daily Wearer! - Review by Adam from Australia

I received this watch in 3 days using DFI’s super fast and efficient EMS Shipping from HK to Australia. The box was well packed and protected all the way to the inside of the standard Citizen box. Kudos to Kevin and the team for such great service. This is my third purchase from them and it has always been a pleasant experience. It’s definitely not going to be my last.

The first thing that catches you as you open the box is the beautiful and highly legible white dial. Up until last year when the first white dial Astron Chronograph was released as a limited edition, there were no white dialed Satellite syncing watches in the market so when this was announced, I was very excited. For me it was the white dial and full duratect coated titanium case and bracelet that had me sold.

DIAL - The dial is actually composed of 2 levels, the top part is layered silver and the section underneath which is shown in the center of the dial is pearly white. That’s where the light passes to charge the Eco Drive powered movement. I personally think it looks fine but after owning the second generation Satellite Wave Air with the crystalline turbine dial, I thought they could have done better on that aspect. The second subdial which serves as a day of the week, DST, and power reserve indicator has a soft hint of orange which gives the watch some much needed contrast. I wish there was more of that though. Unlike the Gen 2 release, the Citizen logo is applied on the dial and not on the inside of the crystal which again makes it look like a pedestrian model than something a bit more special.

HANDS and MARKERS - I like the styling of the 2- toned skeleton handset and the perfectly applied brush silver indices. The only downside really is that for a futuristic themed watch, there is hardly any lume!!! All you get are tiny tips of green lume on the edge of the hour and minute hand and absolutely none on the dial. The second hand is nicely shaped like the Gen 2 Satellite Wave Air which isn’t a bad thing at all but the choice of color fails in my book as it would have been nicer to have made it stand out a bit more with some color as this is the main indicator when you’re syncing. Unlike the previous Satellite Wave models, the bottom trident/ airplane wing shaped pointer on the second hand no longer has any use (it was the main syncing status pointer in the previous models) Instead, the normal tip of the second hand is now used as the syncing status pointer.

CRYSTAL and BEZEL - This watch features an AR coated flat sapphire crystal which is very clear and doesn’t catch smudges easily like my other sapphire crystal watches. It’s so clear that you’ll almost think there’s no crystal there. The 40 time zones are etched around the inside of the crystal and this time the Citizen logo is no longer printed on the crystal. I suspect the design change was influenced by having a flat sapphire on this release. It just wouldn’t look as good as when they had a super domed one in Gen 2. The brushed titanium bezel is very thin and makes the watch face look bigger than it’s suggested size. I’m glad they didn’t opt to go with a polished bezel as that would have been a scratch magnet.

CROWN and PUSHERS - I personally like the crowns shape but based on actual use I found it too small and hard to grip when you’re trying to pull it out. Good thing you won’t have to use it too often. The skeleton shaped pushers are a perfect compliment to the case shape and feels nice and clicky. I tried to tap them lightly to see how much wobble they had and they seem firm and stable enough. No rattle.

CASE and BRACELET - First of all let me just say that the case shape is one of my favorite features of the watch. It’s cushioned type which has a good balance between retro and techie. At 12.5mm thickness, it is the thinnest Satellite syncing watch in the market today. The case size is 45.4mm. A bit too big for some people. I thought if Seiko could fit a chronograph into a 44mm cased Astron, a normal 3-hander like this would have been better suited around that size or even 42mm would have been perfect. As you would expect from a top tier Japanese watch company, the finishing is superb. No rough edges and the brushing is precise. The integrated bracelet tapers from 30mm down to 20mm, it has a real retro feel to it like the ones from calculator watches of the 80’s. The minimal polishing inside the links makes it subtle and less blingy. The push release clasp is the same style they used in the Gen 2 model and is just a perfect match for the bracelet. There are 2 removable micro links on each side of the bracelet near the clasp so getting a precise fit should be easy. Unlike the chronograph model F800, this version doesn’t use super titanium but I find that Citizen used a better grade of Ti anyway compared to the lower end Ti models of Seiko and Orient. The verdict is still out on the Duratect coating as I managed to put a hairline scratch on one of the links while resizing the bracelet. Oh while we’re on that topic, as much as I love the bracelet design, it’s a PITA to resize!!! It uses the usual pin and collar system which is ok by me but I found that the links were easy to remove on one side and extremely frustrating on the other side like someone has used locktite on the pins. I ended up with 2 bent pins because I just couldn’t pull them out.

MOVEMENT - I don’t understand all the hype Citizen was putting on the F100 movement being the fastest. Satellite sync in as fast as 3 seconds…well, it’s never happened. Well at least not yet. I usually get a successful sync in 7-10 seconds just like my older Gen 2. Comparing the sync speed of this watch to an Astron is a bit unfair since it only does half the job of the Astron. It only syncs time and not location reference and that is why it will always sync faster. Looking at the GPW1000 from G Shock that also has a “time only” sync option (apart from having time and location) the speeds don’t vary at all. The lack of feature of this movement helps with the speed of syncing. No secret formula there to boast about. On the bright side, there was one big surprise with this movement and that is the standalone accuracy when it is not syncing. I’ve had an Astron, the GPW1000 G Shock, and both the standard and DLC version of the Gen 2 Wave Air models and this is the first time I have seen a watch still spot on against atomic time after 2 full days of not syncing. The Astron consistently went 1 second fast 2-3 hours after a satellite sync (which made me wonder what’s the point if it can’t stay accurate before the following day) and the two Wave Air models I had took 24 hours before they went 1 second fast so in that regard the F100 does really well holding accurate time until your next sync. It also has a light level indicator which tells you how good the exposure is to charge the watch any any given time. Pretty useless unless you drain the battery by wearing the watch once every 7 years (that’s how long it can go in the dark before needing to charge again)

CONCLUSION - Well overall I’m happy with my purchase. For the price DFI is selling the F100 for, it can’t get any better. Of course it’s not a perfect watch but there’s no such thing as a perfect watch anyway. The lack of time zone syncing is a bit of a letdown specially since everyone including G Shock already has that feature but I guess if they had it, it wouldn’t be the fastest to sync in the world right…good thing I don’t travel much so I really don’t mind.

PROS: - Price - Beautiful Case and Bracelet - Sync Speed - Second hand hits the markers perfectly (maybe just luck of the draw) - Lightweight - White dials are still rare in the Satellite syncing range of watches

CONS: - Limited Syncing Feature – Location and DST has to be set manually - Integrated bracelet style – You’ll have to customize straps if you want to change the bracelet - Size – At close to 46mm you’d expect more features built in than a normal 3 hander - Crown too small and hard to grip

May 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk Chrono Aviator Euro Radio Sapphire Leather Watch - AS4020-44B
Кремовый Гражданин AS4020 - Review by regdef from Ukraine

Проходила весна, наступало лето. А вместе с летом с новой силой приходило желание светлых и легких одежд, чего-то теплого, светлого и позволяющего совсем-совсем забыть про офисные будни ;)

Словом, было принято решение искать пилот в бежевом цифере, производящий "теплое и ламповое впечатление", как сказала одна девушка.

После некоторых раздумий и "смотрин живьем" оказалось, что часы-flieger мне будут скучны, опыт владения Seiko SSA003 показал - есть что-то очень притягательное в логарифмической линейке + иногда удобно выполнить какое-то несложное действие, по типу перевода цен в валюты. Прикинув, как буду носить и где - пришел к выводу - нужен кварц, но с полностью аналоговой индикацией, весь ana-digi вызывал какие-то футуристические ассоциации... И, просматривая обзоры на YouTube, стало понятно - наибольшее количество пилотов по доступным ценам предлагает именно CITIZEN, что стало просто отличным известием - японский часопром оставил только положительные отзывы.

Увидев в одном из обзоров гражданина AS4020 в сером цвете пришло понимание - стилистика подходит просто отлично. Эдакий Найтхок, но с хроном, синхрой, днем недели, будильником а главное - сапфиром. Помня систему нумерации моделей - модель должна быть не только серой. Пару минут гугла и вуаля: AS4020-44X (расцветка как у Найтхок BJ7017-17W 'Гаванна Эдишн') и сам виновник обзора - AS4020-44B.

Алгоритм простой: понравилось - взять паузу в пару недель и подумать - все еще нравится - надо брать. Из всех приметных интернет-магазинов - лучшую цену предоставил - $313 со скидкой по коду watchru превращались во вполне бюджетные $295 с бесплатной доставкой. Оплата и пересылка прошла без каких-либо особенностей, доставка заняла 14 суток - из них 3е суток Укрпоштой - попала на майские праздники. Посылка пришла без коробки, дабы не привлекать лишнего внимания к бандерольке, отлично упакованная во много слоев пленки с воздушными прослойками и мешочек DFI. Часы шли, что несколько успокоило от "глубокого разряда аккума". Если попробовать расшифровать серийник как "первая цифра год, вторая месяц" получается произведены в январе 2014.

Итак, пленки сняты, часы настроены, надеты, прошли неделю повседневной носки и можно наконец-то спокойно пройтись по основным примечательным деталям

Калибр E670

Eco-Drive, аккумулятор CTL920 с коннектором ' Citizen Capacitor 295-69'. Радиосинхронизация с европейской вышкой DCF77 - абсолютно достаточно для жителя Украины, хотя хотелось бы мультибенд. Точность хода 15 с/месяц без синхронизации. Вечный календарь, день недели, DST, 24ч циферблат. Местное время - выставляется с инкрементом 1 час от UTC. Хронограф 60 минут, по 1/20с. Будильник Reference position (подстройка нуля - к сожалению, с инкрементом в 1с, если будет непопадание стрелки в деления - откорректировать не всегда удастся) Power Save - обещают резерв хода в 1год в темноте.

Корпус Сапфир - по ощущениям с двойным антибликом - стекла практически не видно под любыми углами. Водозащита - 200 гражданских метров, без резьбы на головках и с захлопывающейся задней крышкой - впрочем, кто ныряет в пилотах, а кратковременный заплыв должны выдержать.

Размеры: корпус без головок - 45мм, толщина 14мм, посадочное место ремня 23мм, диагональ от головки на 8ч до пушера - 50мм.

Ремень достаточно мягкий и очень толстый у корпуса, около 4.5мм, 23мм шириной, переходит 2мм толщины и 16мм ширины у застежки. Застежка-бабочка, к сожалению, штамповка, хоть и толстой стали, скорее всего буду менять вместе с ремнем - хочется попробовать более темный и на бакле.

Обработка мелких деталей на высоте, под солнечными лучами вспыхивают маленькими зайчиками разные риски и окантовки субциферов. Заводная головка имеет приятную насечку для захвата пальцами и значок Promaster, головка логарифмической линейки на 8ч - просто гладкая. Задняя крышка имеет красивую глубокую гравировку. Единственное опасение вызывают кнопки, зазор между пушером и гильзой явно располагает к попаданию туда грязи и пыли. Безель - полировка, стекло на одном с ним уровне и занимает визуально всю поверхность. Как по мне - удачное решение, часы смотрятся миниатюрнее своих размеров, но полировка неизбежно соберет паутинку мелких царапинок.

Читаемость - выше всяких похвал, люм имеет приятный голубоватый оттенок. Есть мысль, что ее обеспечивает прежде всего форма стрелок, которые визуально очень легко выделяются на фоне перегруженного цифера. Нюанс - на 2ч и на 4ч люма нет, поначалу несколько непривычно в темноте. По яркости, конечно, не дайвер, но под утро все еще различимо светится.

Процесс настройки не очевиден вначале, но после вдумчивого чтения мануала кажется вполне логичным. Главное при настройке - выставлять местное время от мирового, если поставить мировое как местное - собьется при синхре. Синхронизация более чувствительна к помехам, синхра проходит реже чем в лежащих рядом Жи-шоках, окна выходят на северо-запад.

В целом, впечатления наилучшие от часов, единственным минусом для меня стал ремень, но, надеюсь, вскоре подберу другой.

Благодарю за прочтение, возможно, мой обзор поможет кому-то определиться с нелегким выбором :)

April 2015 Winner

Citizen Eco-Drive Aviator Pilots Black 100m Gents Sports Leather Watch - AW1360-04E
Superb watch - Review by Tomasz from Poland

For starters I must say that the package arrived very quickly (8 days) and it was packed good (I've bought version without the box so I was worried a little knowing how postmans handles packages sometimes). Also the tracking service is really accurate and when delivery has failed (no one was home at that time) I did get additional e-mail from DFI instructing me to go to my post-office. That's really cool!

The price difference between DFI and local boutiques in my country is quite big - I've paid about 40% less! That must count for something and it's definitely worth the wait.

Let's move to the watch itself. Build quality is great, everything fits perfectly, dial is big, but not heavy, numbers are very easy to read. Crown is proportional and easy to operate. Leather strap is thick and very well crafted. I did change it to Zulu, but it's my personal preference for the summer to come. Watch is not too heavy (in terms of weight) nor too light (so it doesn't feel cheap) and quite comfortable for it's size (45 mm case + crown is no joke!). The only con I've found is lume - it's only applied on hands, so it's harder to read dial in low-light.

Overall it's a great watch for great price. Perfect for everyday usage. And you will never have to worry about the batteries.

Here you can see how it looks on my wrist -

March 2015 Winner

Orient Conductor White Power Reserve Sapphire Japan Automatic Men's Watch - SFM01002W0
Nice watch! - Review by Arthur

When I decided to get this watch I wanted the white, but it was sold out. So I bought the black version on eBay and thought I could live with it. Turns out I couldn't, so I sold it after a month and bought this watch from dutyfreeislandshop. First off- for coming from Hong Kong, it arrived spectacularly quickly, and was also well packaged. Very pleased with the shipping.

On to the watch. As far as the looks go, I strongly prefer the white version to the black, but that's just my preference. The case is a healthy diameter, so if you're looking for a smaller watch, you might want to skip this one. If you like a mid-large to large watch, you'd like this one. The screw-down crown is smoothly integrated with the case and does not draw attention away from the face. The thickness is a bit more than I prefer usually, but only by a tiny bit, and is far more noticeable (to me) on the black version than the white. The white looks both more classic and more understated. Proudly displayed at the 3 o'clock position is the orient logo, which is not gaudy or intrusive at all. "Windows" in the hour and minute hands allow you to see the date wheel and power reserve indicator dial when they would normally be blocked, and the hands are very attractive and easy to read, despite being silver on white. The lume on the hands and dial lasts at least as long and is just as bright as the lume on my Seiko Kinetic, though it doesn't last quite as long as my Citizen watch. There is also lume on the power reserve indicator, which is a pleasant surprise, though it is virtually impossible to read the date indicator in the dark. The sapphire crystal glistens like a gemstone in the sunlight with a very slight prism effect, and looks much better on the white version than the black. The solid stainless steel bracelet is very comfortable, and has a great weight to it. In fact, the whole watch has a prefect weight for a watch of its size, without being obnoxiously heavy. It feels very high quality, well built, and hints that it will last for many years to come. With all links installed, this watch will fit a very large wrist. My wrist is nearly 7.5 inches, and I removed 3 links to get a comfortable fit. There are 3 micro-adjustment positions, making it easy to adapt for things like temperature or small variations in wrist size. The latch closes with a satisfying click, and feels very strong.

As far as function, I am very impressed. Orient is known for its high quality in-house movements, and the reputation is well deserved. The watch winds very efficiently--about 20 seconds of "swirling" the watch around got me about 10 hours of power reserve. The power reserve indicator is a useful feature that works very well. While the power reserve is rated for 40 hours, both the black version and this one last about 45+ hours before the second hand stops moving. The indicator usually moves a fair bit below 0 before stopping. The 6bps movement holds more accurate than Orient specifies, both of mine have been within +/- 10 seconds per day, often more like 5-7. The second hand sweep is very smooth. Visible through the exhibition caseback is the movement, which while not especially pretty (compared to much more expensive watches, mind you), the movement is obviously high quality and very nice looking.

All in all, this is a handsome men's sport/casual watch that wears well with most attire and would still be at home in a suit, though I cannot say the same about the black version. Again, that's just my opinion. It is comfortable, high quality, beautiful, and attention-grabbing but without being juvenile or tacky. It functions wonderfully, and I would bet money that it will continue to do so, problem free, for many many years. Thank you dutyfreeislandshop for the great price and quick shipping, and thank you Orient for a great watch!!

February 2015 Winner

Citizen Promaster Automatic 21 Jewels 200m Divers Watch - NY2300-09L
The Citizen Holy Grail! - Review by David Ruiz Ramirez Gomes

I just bought this watch for the second time! The Citizen Promaster NY2300-09L offers all a good quality watch can give you, and most importantly, at a just price! If you are looking for a mechanical watch with a deep history and great features you must buy this citizen, do this favour for yourself!

This watch costs less than US$150.00, and offers an automatic movement, the classic and trusted Miyota 8200 21 jewels. Its accuracy can be compared with watches that are 1.000 plus dollars, also this movement can be hand wound, so if it stays for a long time off your wrist you will be able to fully wind it in just a few seconds, instead of being worried all the time if the watch's charge won't last long - as I often feel while wearing other watches that doesn't have this function!

This particular model features the beloved 'pepsi' dial, so if you are into diver's watches this is a good watch to add into your collection. I am not a professional diver, but do a lot of swimming. I always use this watch because it is 200 metres water resistant, thus you'll only have to worry is about your breath while underwater, because this 'beater' will certainly survive it, every time, after all water is its 'natural environment'! The dial has simple marks, which are perfectly effective while looking at the time in a hurry, you just put your eyes in a second and you'll be able to realize what time it is, unlike other watches with busy and complicated dials, this one is simplicity and functionality itself!

I am 100% confident that this watch will make happy any of its owner, so if you are 'on the fence' as I was for a long time while thinking to buy it, you should 'pull the trigger' on this watch and give to yourself or to someone as a gift!

This watch is Citizen at its best! The finest Japanese technology at an awesome price!

Also, you should always buy with DutyFreeIsland! They are the best! Always offering the best prices on the market and providing an exemplary customer service, all the questions I did they answered me right away, so two thumbs up for the great effort that they do to develop the best customer experience ever!