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Suunto SS022469000 Traverse Alpha Stealth Outdoor Sapphire GPS Watch
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Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Outdoor Sapphire GPS Watch

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Glass Type
SapphireVirtually Scratch Proof
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Strap Material
Canvas / Nylon
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Manufactured In
Made in Finland
GPS and GLONASS for route and POI navigation
Real-time calories
Route navigation
Step counter
Upload exercise data and download training programs from
User Interface Languages - English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Chinese
GPS Tracking & Navigation
Bluetooth Smart
Sunrise/Sunset Digital Display
Compatible with Suunto Movescount App
Weather Conditions Display
Storm alarm
Dial Color
Case Width
Case Depth
Water Resistance
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Famous for their multi-function watches - Suunto continues to deliver us with wristwatches loaded with a variety of functions. Created for those with active outdoors lifestyle, Suunto watches comes with a multitude of uses - compass, altimeter, barometer, GPS Tracking & Navigation, bluetooth and more! Training programs perfect to use for different sports such as swimming, diving, sailing, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, cycling and even golf.

Customer Reviews (2)

Extreamly functionable - Review by from Norway
4.7 out of 5
I bought this watch a couple of weeks ago, and so far i am astounded by the durability and functionality of this watch. A plus, is That it looks sharp and badass.
Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Outdoor Sapphire GPS Watch - Review by from Malaysia
Review by <span>Muhammad Habibih Al-Kuya</span> from Malaysia
4.7 out of 5
Awesome watch! I have studied many different models of GPS watches before purchasing this one. In fact I was going to purchase the Suunto Traverse a few weeks ago which is the older model.

I came across Suunto's website and saw that they had a new version coming out April 2016. I decided to wait and get this one, the Traverse Alpha. It has a few extra features that the older model doesn't like the hunting and fishing modes for the GPS.

The textile band, textured bezel, and Sapphire Crystal are other things added to the watch that contribute to the increased cost compared to the older model which is totally worth it. The smooth bezel on the older model would show scratches more when they happen. The textured bezel gives it a more rugged look and will show less signs of wear over time.

The sapphire crystal gives you more scratch resistance and more clarity on the screen, and the textile band feels nicer on your wrist than the silicon band on the older model. I tried on the older model at an REI for comparison.

This watch is worth the money. From all my research through reviews on various websites a lot of people have said the GPS on this watch is reliable. Whereas I was also looking into the Garmin Fenix watches and everyone loved the watch for the most part, but many said the GPS on it wasn't accurate.

That their runs with the breadcrumb trail on the Garmin Fenix would show them going way off trail making their total distance ran further than they actually ran. I have friends and family with Suunto watches and they have all been happy with them. One has the Suunto Ambit Peak 3 and told me the GPS function worked great.

I felt so much more confidence buying the Suunto Alpha over any other GPS watch out there. I am not a watch person since I just use my phone to check time, so I am not going to buy a watch just to check the time. I bought this because it is very functional with the GPS for when I go hiking in the backcountry and it even will vibrate when I receive a text or call.

I used the Apple Watch for a couple weeks when it was released and thought the notification features were useful, but it didn't justify the $400 cost of the watch. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is everything I wanted the Apple Watch to be. I wanted it to be a smart watch with a good battery life and with functional features that my phone cannot do off the grid.

This watch does everything I liked about the Apple Watch which was really only notifications since I keep my phone on silent and I don't always feel it in my pocket. I always feel the vibration on my wrist so now I never miss a text or call. This watch doesn't need your phone to get a GPS location, altitude, compass, or barometer measurement. It functions like any standard GPS. The battery life on the Apple watch was like 1.5 days. I've tinkered with this watch for a couple days now after a full charge 2 days ago it is only at 93% now. Seems like I could easily go a week or longer without charging this. Of course using the GPS function will drain it faster, but I don't need the GPS all the time.

I sold my Apple Watch soon after I bought it because it only did everything that my phone could do. Most of the time in the watch apps it would even tell me to open up the app on my iPhone to use more features since the watch couldn't do it all. It was an expensive gadget that didn't provide me with any extra function.

I now wear the Suunto Traverse Alpha since it can do things that my phone can't do and it has a lot of useful features when paired with your phone for everyday use. It is worth every penny.

Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS watch offers a ton of options for hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts, including such versatile outdoor functions such as the electronic compass with tilt compensation and a bread crumb trail navigational system to help while exploring through any new and unknown environments.

Perfect for a long and arduous journey, the rechargeable battery lasts for hours at full intensity with the GPS function on. During testing, the battery lasted well over 3 days while the GPS and other functions were active.

The watch even produces a sound in order to alert the user of a low battery, and stays on for quite some time at a 1% charge (even at 0% charge it was still active for a couple hours), allowing the user more than enough time to trek it back to camp base to charge the device.

Overall Opinion of the GPS function - This is definitely a rugged useful watch for hiking in the back country. The Movescount App adds plenty of function for this watch as well. I was really impressed with the Suunto Movie option. The Movescount App will tell you some things that the watch itself won't show like how elevation or temperature changed throughout the time you recorded your route. Lots of useful information from the App.

To say the least, the Traverse Alpha is not only one of the most comfortable watches I've ever had the pleasure of wearing, but it's one of the most fully featured piece of outdoor equipment I have had my hands on and I highly recommend it to any outdoor enthusiast who's in need of a small and powerful device such as this.


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